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  1. Hi Guys


    Thanks for the response.


    Basically I would like to remove the ability of the customer to see the "status" of their order in the Customer Account and Orders Overview pages.

    The problem we are having is that we are currently unable to update the status of orders fast enough, and as a result customers are chasing us complaining that orders are only showing as processing, when in reality they have actually been dispatched. 


    I would just like to temporarily disable this function until we can update the status' of orders so its actually a benefit to customers.


    Is this possible.


    (have updated the signature as have upgraded CC to 5.22)


    Thanks in advance, 

  2. Hi Smither 


    Subject Line of the Order is:-


    New Order #130521-163207-5859


    Essentially some customers like to add their own PO numbers/Comments and we would like to include these on the order confirmations to Admin and to the Customer.


    (I added the macro at the very bottom of the template if thats any help as well)

  3. Hi bsmither


    By chance, I was looking at trying to add the same functionality this morning and saw this post. 

    I have tried adding the {$DATA.customer_comments} to the order recieved template and then tested but it didnt appear to pull through the Customer Comments. Any advice?


    (timovanham, apologies for jumping onto your post)





  4. Hi All


    I'm having two issues with my order confirmation emails.


    1)When i originally set the store up I set my personal email address for admin emails. It has since been changed to the correct company email address , however I am still receiving order confirmations to my private email address as well as the company one. Can someone advise how i remove my personal email address from the Cubecart system.


    2)Order confirmations to admin are not pulling through the product codes. Is there a way to ensure the product codes are included on the admin emails.



  5. Hi


    Looking for some advice from you guys. Hope you can help.

    I have a group of customers who have credit terms arranged with us.


    Is there a way that I can allow these customers to place orders via the site, that will skip a payment gateway.

    We essentially just want them to be able to place orders on the website, and we worry about payment at a later stage.


    Hopefully someone can help me,


    Thanks in advance 

  6. Hi


    Quite simply ensure you always take a back up, however although its obvious now, the permissions on the includes/global.inc.php need changing to writable in order for you to be able to amend the file and change the password for the database that is in there.


    It's actually a simple fix, but very scary when it appears all your hard work is gone.


    This can be classed as Resolved now.



  7. Hi Hopefully someone can help me out. I'm currently in the process of changing hosting provider, and would like to transfer my site simply and quickly if at all possible. I'm currently using CC5.2, and I've followed a guide that explains how to do it for CC4, however all I'm seeing is a blank page on the new URL. Is there anything different for CC5 that may be causing this. Don't fancy having to go through a whole rebuild if at all possible. Thanks

  8. UPDATE:


    I have noticed that if the First Option is showing as stock 0 (Small 0) then the stock level when you initially land on the  a page shows "Out of Stock" 


    Then when you change option (medium) although it allows you to place an order for it, The "Out of Stock" still shows.


    Is there a fix for this that will solve this problem and only shows "In Stock" , "Out of Stock" when an option is selected.



  9. Hi All


    Hopefully someone can help me understand where I'm going wrong.


    I have managed to utilise the Stock Levels Matrix and entered quantites for each particular option (size) and saved without any errors.


    However when I log in as a customer I am able to add to my cart an item that is showing a stock level of 0 in the matrix.


    Are there any other settings that i need to adjust in order to have this function working correctly.


    Once this is working correctly, will I be able to display the amount I have for each size?


    Thanks in advance.


  10. Hi All

    I want my customers to be able to order multiple size options on the product page itself.

    For example a customer might want:-

    Small x 4

    Large x 10

    XXL x 2

    Also if possible on hovering your curse over the size box, could it display how many of that size are available.

    I've attached an image of how i would ideally like the option to look.

    Does anyone know if this is possible.

    Thanks in advance

  11. hi

    I am having an issue whenever i try to create a subfolder in the IMAGE FILEMANAGER.

    Any image that i upload to these folders is unable to be displayed. As soon as i have saved the image and then try to click on it for a preview the message i see in the pop up window is "image could not be loaded"

    Any idea what i may have done wrong as i have installed the software.

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hello,

    I am doing something similar but I am moving an old store (3.015) to a new domain and store (3.016)

    I have backed up my old store files and databases but I am unsure what steps to try next.

    I have tried a copying the old cubecart files to new domain. Then creating a new database and importing the old database to that.

    I have then edited the Global.inc.php file to reflect the new database user and password but it still is erroring out.

    Is this the wrong way?

    I was going to try installing 3.016 as a fresh on the new domain then creating the new db, importing the old db and then ftp'ing the old cubecart files up. But I dunno how to do it.

    Would I just drag them all up and copy over the old files??


  13. Hi guys,

    I am testing at the moment and I have installed the cart onto my webspace provided by my host.

    If i go direct to this website, the cart functions correctly ie. Items go into the basket when you add them.

    If I use my website address, that is redirected to the hosting webpage. 'Add to basket' doesn't add to basket.

    I noticed that the when i move around the site from the redirect nothing follows the .co.uk/

    ie no .co.uk/site/forums etc. but this is all visible when I access the site from the direct host web address.

    Anyone help??


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