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  1. Thank you for help, both of you and bsmither thank you again you great help Back to cubecart Dirty Butter to answer your question i did a cubecart update
  2. Hello i been using cubecart many years today i have big problem Can't log into my site any more can anybody help?
  3. 1 Can you hide products from sitemap 2. Can you hide Category's from sitemap
  4. Hi All I am after price for plugin for inpost Integration Kit for more information some plugins been made for other cms Can somebody give me a price for Cubecart 6 version
  5. Welcome to forum
  6. Hi i am after true plugs for my website
  7. Hi all I am after a sitemap for my users to use on my website but has to be a true plugin only eg like this which was mod for cubecart 4
  8. Thank you to great bsmither for info
  9. Thank you bsmither again for your great help
  10. Hi All I have got few question on Search Engine Settings As if you go to I am trying to get it show this path MobilityCleaning ProductsSandberg 3in1 Touchscreen Cleaning Kitadd category to product URL path?Add subcategories to category URL path? what setting should i been using. Question 2 Settings Social Account (Username or URL)What setting has everybody used here
  11. HI all I was looking at zencart and open cart and came across this plug in for zencart Big Royal Mail Description This module comprises of separate shipping modules and tariffs for the shipping methods available from the post office: Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Large Letter Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Small Parcel Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Medium Parcel Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day service 9am and 1pm and Saturday Royal Mail Airmail Royal Mail Airmail International Signed For Royal Mail Airmail International Tracked Royal Mail Airmail International Tracked & Signed Parcel Force Worldwide UK delivery: 48hr, 24hr, AM, by 10am, by 9am Parcel Force Worldwide International delivery: Express, Value, Priority, Economy, Ireland Express. How hard is it make zencart plugin work cubecaqrt ???
  12. HI Everybody who has upgrade to Cubecart v6. Can i ask which plugin and extra mods have you brought for it. As we are moving from Cubecart v5 like to find out what extras we should go for and installed
  13. Please keep me informed if you made this mod
  14. Thank you for your reply "Custom Product Display Order: Should work, but there are better solutions." Which is ??
  15. HI You moving to cubecart 6 and i do like your new store layout