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  1. ok i am using CC5217 i upgraded from CC5212, does CC5217 fix the recaptcha? I dont mind upgrading to 6
  2. ok i was using 5.1.12 i am now on 5.1.17 but my licence key has an issue and says i need a new one
  3. OK i have gone back to my old version i can login into admin and see the site all fine, whats the best process to upgrade
  4. it is just admin admin, i have deleted all files and uploaded fressh files for 6.2.1 and kept the database the site works but still admin does nothing Your store has already been upgraded. No further action is required. Admin Control Panel Please save this as a bookmark in your browser. Store Front
  5. upgraded to 6.1.15 and everything worked fine then i upgraded to 6.2.1 and the site is fine seems to work less the images but there still uploading but admin login just will not login me at all.
  6. I have also just upgraded to 6.2.0 and i can not login at all, I have been into the database set up a new user that did not work, changed my password using md5 that did not work. requested forgotten password just says the key or email is invalid what ever i do does not work. now i am realy stuck
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