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  1. Thanks @Dirty Butter. I will mess around and see what I will do. It worked @bsmither ! It has a little scroll button which is nice, the message looks funny and cropped but at least is closer to what matters, the field itself (Screenshot attached). I believe I have to do the same thing to categories view and latest products.
  2. Hey @Dirty Butter , I originally put the min. qty on the item's name, but then on checkout it got weird with 10 X ITEM X 10. Now I will go with the product description plus Brian's code. Thanks @bsmither ! And there goes my last chance to keep my latest store code untouched I will get back with news.
  3. Hi @Dirty Butter ! Yes, it works fine. I just thought it would be a good thing to have the field pre-filled with the minimum quantity instead of "1". Does that make sense?
  4. Hello there, Is there an easy way to have the product quantity field filled with minimum quantity? I have attached an image to make it clear. The field would come with a 10 instead of 1 in this example. Thanks.
  5. Thanks to @bsmither it is solved. It ended up being just the country code "BR" instead of "Brazil" on the Fedex plugin settings.
  6. Thanks @bsmither ! I had the same error with a 5 digit zip code: [05-Jan-2016 23:11:40] PHP Fatal error: FedEx Error: No shipping quotes could be obtained for 81612, US in /home1/bribeiro/public_html/lumi/store/modules/shipping/FedEx/shipping.class.php on line 217
  7. Hi there, I read a couple of posts about similar issues, but still, I can't get it to work. From the error_log: [06-Jan-2016 21:48:18] PHP Fatal error: FedEx Error: No shipping quotes could be obtained for 33173-3512, US in /home1/bribeiro/public_html/lumi/store/modules/shipping/FedEx/shipping.class.php on line 217 Line 217: trigger_error('FedEx Error: No shipping quotes could be obtained for '.$this->_basket['delivery_address']['postcode'].', '.$this->_basket['delivery_address']['country_iso'], E_USER_ERROR); I am in touch with Fedex here in Brazil and my account is good to go. I tried a couple of ZIP codes from Colorado and Florida but no change so far. I am shipping from Brazil and I have enabled only International options from the Fedex settings page. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @Dirty Butter and @bsmither, It is just the "Title" (eg "Mr.") field that I renamed to CPF (Brazilian social security number). I think I did a decent job of documenting my changes, so I guess I will just get used to update the store and re-apply my changes to the code. I will let you know of the results Cheers!
  9. Thanks @bsmither ! Do you know what happens to a field that I added or a field that I changed the name ?
  10. Thanks a lot Al !! Upgrade will not change database structure, right?
  11. Hello there, I need to upgrade my store from v6.0.4 to v6.0.8. I did a lot of changes and I can't do an automatic upgrade. Is it possible to do a manual one? Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I need to do the exact same thing from v6.0.4 to v6.0.8. A manual upgrade. Is there a list of the files? Thanks! And hi @bsmither ! Always good to hear from you. I got an error on your link above. Screenshot attached. All the best!
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