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  1. Your second link was the answer. I have a new puppy and it is like having a toddler in the house. Little sleep, spinning in circles, getting things done only during naptime and apparently forgetting something simple like force refresh. I knew you would have the answer so a huge thank you! Now for more coffee and to work as fast as I can before the monster pup wakes up from her nap.
  2. I woke up this morning and wanted to add 4 new products to my Cubecart V6.12 and I can add everything but the description. This has never happened. I can load the tab but then can't type anything and the edit boxes are gone. Just says Description and Short Description (optional) and then the rest of the page is blank. My website is http://shoppe.whitewillowstitching.com yes it is one of the dreaded shoppe's lol. Had the subdomain active too many years to want to change it and start over with customers.
  3. Perfect! That is the fix. When I tried to overwrite everything earlier it must not have. I'm betting the same thing happened when I upgraded last too. It now works like a charm. Hopefully that is the last of the glitches I run into. I knew you would have the answer. Thank you so much.
  4. Unless the new file I downloaded is the same then it didn't fix the issue. It's just an annoying issue, nothing major but weird!
  5. I will do that. I haven't done any customizing of the skin. Perhaps when I was still using the beta test version when I started the build it was different but didn't override those files the way it should have. I'll re-upload them as soon as I get home. You were right. It was a permission issue on the files folder as well as one other. Now I can print the receipts as well as finally rebuild the site map and the upgrades through the maintenance features. Three issues fixed at once. Thank you very much!
  6. Thank you! I'll do that right away. I had no problems with v3, v4 or v5 printing and I guess I didn't try printing a receipt when I set up and tested v6 on my test subdomain. I'll pull up my cPanel and see if it is anything I can change on the virtual server before putting in a help ticket with my webhost.
  7. Yep that is exactly what I'm running. the site is https://shoppe.whitewillowstitching.com and half the slide is off the top of the monitor and of course it won't allow you to scroll up. Worse I just got my first order on the new cart and it won't let me print a receipt saying "It has not been made possible to generate the printable file"
  8. So I just migrated a 6.0.8 cart from a test subdomain to my main subdomain. Both from fresh install and the migrated files have the same problem. If you click on the item picture, or any of the alternate pictures it pops up but half the picture is off the top of the page where it can't be seen. If I'm clear as mud bear with me. I'm running on 4 hours of sleep after the migration had issues. I have other problems as well but one at a time is easier for me to handle right now.
  9. So a year ago I moved from v4 to v5. I've exhausted my help tickets and am pretty much giving up that as of version 5.1.1. Today is the last straw. The last one was used having Al fix the backup feature so it would work. 1st I lose all of my search engine rankings. This has been a huge hit to the bank account. 2nd While I managed to move the database over the images didn't transfer. Help ticket fixed this several other issues over the next few months were attacked slowly one at a time and Al and his crew got most fixed. Still to this day my sitemap doesn't work, my upgrades don't work (glad for this at this point seeing the disaster of version .2, .3 and now .4) half the time I only get one page of orders not 50+ same goes for products. the subsequent pages or next button randomly disappear. Customers registered before the v5 upgrade have a 50/50 chance of being able to place an order. The cart randomly blocks users. Easy to fix when they let me know. I just go in and change the name on the account and email so that I don't lose the sale data. This allows them to start a fresh account but not all tell me and I've found out months later, if at all in some cases, about the trouble and lost customers. Yesterday all was the same thing next day. Today becomes even worse. Today I go in to enter an order manually only to find that the admin panel doesn't want to let me manually add an order, something I've done every day for a year. It won't allow me to copy over the billing address to the shipping address, it doesn't want to save any of the items, or even item quantities nothing nada. It took me 30 tries to get one order done over 45 minutes. The last bug i reported took weeks to get a response on and all it said was Fixed in 5.1.2 which I'm not willing to upgrade to. I'm not paying one penny for support on software that hasn't worked right from day one. I haven't done any mods, all files have uploaded correctly every time, no files ever changed. I don't touch coding and won't pay for mods when the basic software doesn't work right. Help tickets that came with the purchase are done and so am I. I'll live with my cart the way it is until I can find something else. If it weren't for another care repair that had to be done today I'd be on the phone with Pinnacle. Jamie
  10. I agree do not do it right now! But before you do it at all, be sure to ask your customer if they are prepared to lose all their search engine rankings? A year after my initial upgrade from v4 to v5 I am still working to get back to where I was and it is very frustrating. Are they prepared to deal with things working fine one day and not another without having made any changes in between? I'm missing v4 more and more every day. I've had a ton of issues in the past year. I'm running 5.1.1 and have no intentions of upgrading further any time soon. I can't afford to be a guinea pig, which is what your customers would be. What makes them want to switch? Weigh those reasons for upgrading carefully. When it works right v5 will be worth it. This has been my mantra for a year and counting.
  11. I've had these problems since day one of using v5. I know it has to do with the database but I am not good enough with coding to fix it. I just go in and delete the address, and change the email so that I don't lose the order, yet it is no longer tied to the custommer. This allows the customer to reorder. I'm ONLY having these issues with customers who registered before I upgraded to v5. The last time I emailed Al about it no one could find what was wrong either and it isn't one that I can get to reproduce consistently.
  12. It worked for me until I upgraded to 5.1 then only the slide on the side worked. Upgrading to 5.1 made the slide so sensitive it is driving me bonkers. I used to have to click on it to get it to slide out. Now if my mouse gets anywhere near it out it comes and half the time when I slide the mouse over it again it goes back in and comes out before I can move my mouse off of it.
  13. I run into the same problem and if it was only 20 spam I'd be happy. Try 200+ a day. My customers call and ask for help and I end up taking their orders over the phone, at least the ones in the USA and Canada. I can't read the dang things either and the sound is bad too so that doesn't help.
  14. Sitemap hasn't worked since day one for me. I use a different program to build mine. It would be GREAT if the v5 one worked!
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