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  1. These a cool third part addition at cubecartforums.org you may want to consider (follow link in my signature)
  2. This is a V4 thread youve posted in ????????????????????????????
  3. When you create a sub catagory it allows you to assign an image to it !!, just the same as the catagories.
  4. Yes it is possible but you must ask over at cubecartforums.org (link in my sig) as 3rd party mods are not allowed to be discussed in here.
  5. Your beadvine store seems to be working fine ?? Was this the one you were talking about ??
  6. If i remember rightly, the killer uses tables for the centre prod box unlike the others thst just use divs.
  7. What order are you trying to put them in ?? Do you have URL
  8. I dont think people realise how little the skin and mod authors actauly make from there wares. There are a lot of hours work put into developement then testing and creating the instructions and once people start putting multiple mods on their site you get caught up trying to jiggle your mods to fit in which again takes a long time. The skins I beleive are even worse as everyone wants a bespoke skin that is the best out there with your copywrite removed and the goalpost change all the time, it starts with I just want a plain skin to wanting mods added and then more and more elaborate skin and then graphics and a header logo. Then they maon that they can get a pre made skin for less than your asking (well of course you can if you want you store to look like 10 others out there and have a copywrite at the bottom, but you knew that at the begining anyway). Modders do not stay in this for the money as there is very little to be made in relation to man hours worked. You will find modders come and go in this game as alot of them think thet can make a quick buck but its only the ones that do it for the love of it that stay the long term.
  9. Try changimg to a different skin and seeing if it still does it first, then at least you have narrowed it down to the skin files.
  10. Ive got around this on V3 by finding the two pieces of code and at the end of the jutting out bit put </table> then just underneath it put <table> that way it will split the table and line up correctly, or at least it does in V3 Sorry i cant be more specific I dont have V4 to hand to check the code.
  11. There are a few programs that allow you to do this. A quick search on cubecart.com would allow you to find THIS
  12. The links in question dont have any classes associated to them, these are the dynamicaly created links, all the others in the box are hard coded so look in viewcat.tpl and check the class against it in styles.css (or equivelent in V4).
  13. Are you on a windows server ???? If so you may have to ask your host to make the change.
  14. Sorry that was my fault its in root/ includes/ global.inc.php
  15. FTP your store and look in admin/includes/global.inc.php you will see your admin password
  16. Not entirely sure what it is your after as ive just checked my print order form and it doesnt have this ??? But if you want to change it and not upset anything else on your site you could just hard code it ( with it being your store name it is never going to change anyway). Just open: \modules\gateway\Print_Order_Form\ & replace the {whatever your choice} for examlple: <td align="left" valign="top" class="copyText"> <strong>{LANG_INVOICE_TO}</strong> <div style="padding: 10px;"> {VAL_INVOICE_NAME}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_ADD1}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_ADD2}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_TOWN}, {VAL_INVOICE_STATE}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_POSTCODE}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_COUNTRY}</div> </td> to: <td align="left" valign="top" class="copyText"> <strong>{LANG_INVOICE_TO}</strong> <div style="padding: 10px;"> Hard coded text to show on form<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_ADD1}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_ADD2}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_TOWN}, {VAL_INVOICE_STATE}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_POSTCODE}<br/> {VAL_INVOICE_COUNTRY}</div> </td> Like I stated earlier as I dont know what exactly it is you want to change this is only a guide, you will have to find the right peice of code yourself.
  17. How about giving the latest products the same styling as the featured prods, they look a little lost at the bottom. Otherwise, well done !!
  18. burgensteen


    Youve answered your own question !!!! Its the server clock it is going by so one hour is just that one hour. Its not dependant on your timezone it is only dependant on the server timezone. Basicaly it is allowing anyone from anywhere 60 minutes from the time they complete checkout.
  19. Theres no need to remove it completely, just go into your host control panel go into phpmyadmin choose your cubecart db, select all the tables and then click 'drop' at the top. Doing it this way will keep your db name and password therefore allowing you to re-use your root/ includes/ global.inc.php file (if you havent already deleted it). Otherwise in your host control panel there will be a mysql tab somewhere click on it and then somewhere it will allow you to delete the db.
  20. Sorry to hear that mate, If youve learned anything from this, let it be 'Make regular backups'. Good luck with your new skin.
  21. Is this not what Cubecart already does by default with the legend skin ???
  22. If its just layout issues with your store, just replace the skin files that you are using (killer, classic, legend) Then you can start your layout again. :)
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