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  1. Look in yourkskin/stylesheets/ layout.css. At the bottom there is .latestprods class Adjust the width (lower it by 1px at a time till you get the right affect)
  2. Have you done anything lately. Added any mods ?? SSL cert ?? Changed any settings ??
  3. burgensteen

    Opinions please

    You seem to have some comment code '>' in some of your laterstprod descriptions ?? + in your home page pic the writing is being cut off top & bottom because of the banners in there. The search box is at the top of style.css
  4. burgensteen

    Opinions please

    HHHmmmm !!! Something tells me, thats not the look you were going for !!!!!! :pirate:
  5. I hate the killer skin. Lots of people want it for their stores but when you try designing they realise that its not for them as they want everything in a certain place and it aint gonna happen with Killer. NOTE TO AL: Thanks for getting rid of killer in CC4 (you just made my life a whole lot easier YIPEEEE!!!!)
  6. I think Al has gone for a broad spectrum of users to test V4 to its full potential and get as much unbiased feedback as possilbe. It probably just looks like the modders got the V4 cos they are most vocal in the forum with regards to CC issues and for bug testing purposes it needs to be tested fully both front end, backend & in the code itself. If you look at the support tickets raised during the early testing phase there are not too many modders posting in there compared to standard users. Its all a trick of the mind (waves hands around spookily) :(
  7. Did you never make a backup of the store or the database before. Has it completely disapeared ?? what is there if you try to go to the website ?? or admin ??
  8. You need to address this over at Cubecartforums.org as its a third party mod and these things cant be discussed in here.
  9. Go over to cubecatforums.org, they have a freebie just for this. Follow the link in my signature.
  10. Do you not wake up sometimes & think......Why do I bother Ahhhhh.... Thats better You are welcome my friend
  11. In layout.css put: background-color: yellow; (or whatever your color) in pageSurround or subSurround id.
  12. Use an FTP program to look in yourskin/ styleImages/ backgrounds: Create an image the same dimensions as the topHeader.gif in this folder and replace.
  13. Use the config tool HERE to put back your ssl and retry. :)
  14. I think theres a mod for this over at cubecartforums.org, follow the link in my signature
  15. this is quite tricky to do due to the css involved
  16. You need to make your latestprods class in layout.css (at the bottom) longer by increasing the height. But with long descriptions like that you mght want to consider having a 2 row layout and increasing the width aswell to even it up a little.
  17. You need to adjust the padding or margins on the relevant classes in layout.css. ie. the actual class youve created or maybe the boxes underneath or above. For example if you have a boxTitleleft you may meed to get rid of the padding on the boxcontent to get it to work correctly. Also the left and right padding need adjustment sometimes, but you would need to adjust the width relevant to your changes. Hope that helps
  18. Personaly If your ready to go, I would get it done now. If you expect to make money then start earning ASAP and if you feel the need for more functionality later then spend some of your profit from the V3 CC and convert to V4. Just my opinion though, ultimately its down to you my friend Not sure why I used that smiley ??, I think its cos nobody seems to use that one.
  19. Create a class in layout.css to cater for image. Add the class at the top and bottom of col left or right in yourskin/ styletemplates/ global/ index.tpl. Simple as that :ninja:
  20. Maybe some sort of bare bones system for commercial CCer for modding or skinning as having a lot of skins with core file changes or mods with similiar to show customers means a lot of licences to purchase :)
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