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  1. Follow the link in my signature to cubecartforums, its in the commercial mod section, sorry we cant discuss this in cubecart.com its against the rules.
  2. Fistly the big gap at the bottom may just be in admin/ homepage (get rid of the page returns after the pictue in the RTE editor). Secondly, This isnt a Cubecart page, its just your root index page, so this is gonna be hard coded and youll need to alter the text in your root/ index.html page for that. Thirdly You need a modification for that and these cannot be discussed in this forum, so follow the link in my signature to cubecartforms.org and ask again over there. :D
  3. Have you altered your GD settings in admin general settings ??
  4. This is just a simple matter of your images being too big. You either need to alter the setting in admin general settings (but remember this will only apply to new images, so you would need to delete these and start again) Or look in the pinned posts on how to make the popup box bigger.
  5. You also need to get rid of 'boxcontentleft' or boxcontentright' (can never remember which it is) from yourskin/ styletemplates/ boxes/ shoppingcart.tpl & remember if you want the cart there you need to get rid of the dynamic part of it (items added) as it will expand below the topheader when too many items are added and throw everything out, this is also in the file above.
  6. Good luck with the store, remember to post it in the show of for us to see when its finished :unsure:
  7. Try THIS tutorial over at cubecartforums.org. Its realy easy to install.
  8. Yourskin/ stylesheets/ layout.css #subCats (line 239) alter the width setting
  9. After she made payment was she directed back to your shop with the thankyou message or given the transaction failed message ?? If she was given the transaction failed message the contents of her cart will still be there or if she didnt come back to your store after payment at paypal it would do the same and assume its the same transaction when she re visits, check your payment is set up correctly.
  10. If you send me your FTP details ill take a look. Cant promise anything though, the pic you gave is a little vague !! I wont be able to get to my computer till about 6pm UK time today, but send the details and ill take a look. Burgensteen(Jon)
  11. Open : includes/global.inc.php: Look for something like this: $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.youronlinestore.com'; If it looks like this: $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://youronlinestore.com'; you should put a www. in it. (like the top example).
  12. Check in your main store folder is there a file called cart.php ?? there should be one.
  13. Do you have url to your store ?
  14. Ahh right , sorry. ITs probably in your styletemplates/ global/ cart.tpl file or styletemplates/ content/ cart.tpl depending on how you went about it.
  15. Hhhhmmmmm. Arent you supposed to upgrade version by version till you get to the one you are after. Dont quote me on this, but this is how ive always done it. Is your store well established, could you just upload 3.0.16 and import your products or have you got mods etc.. I think the first step is to re check youve upgraded properly.
  16. When you say upgrade, what do you mean. how did you upgrade ? from what version ?
  17. The code your looking for will probably be in yourskin/ styletemplates/ boxes/ cartnavi.tpl To get an idea of the file sytem and what they do have a look at the document section at cubecartforums.org.
  18. Check out cubecartforums.org (link in my signature) there may be a mod over there to do this.
  19. THere are a few mods for this (I think) over at cubecartforums.org, as its a third party matter I cannot discuss it here, just follow the link in my signature, they will sort you out over there.
  20. Copywrite style is in yourskin/ stylesheets/ style.css at the very bottom. Its the .copywrite class + Try pasting with CTRL + V
  21. You need to contact your host.
  22. As far as i am aware clearing your cache should fix this. Ive had something similiar before and it worked for me.
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