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  1. I live in York ,which normaly gets hammered when the floods come as its where the foss and ouse join (which you will all know if you listened in your history class), but suprisingly we have just had the normal floods which happens a couple of times a year anyway. Suprisingly theres no flooding yet in the suburbs though. In my job I cover an area from Scarborough to Hull to Sheffield to Leeds to Skipton to York and everything inbetween and have to say that Sheffield has taken a real beating, the pics on telly realy are no exaggaration of the terrible events of the past couple of days.
  2. This isnt realy the place to advertise for commercial services. You need to follow the link in my signature, lots of expert skinners over there. Good luck with your store
  3. This is the code you want: <!-- BEGIN: cat_img --> <img src="{IMG_CURENT_CATEGORY}" alt="{TXT_CURENT_CATEGORY}" border="0" title="{TXT_CURENT_CATEGORY}" /> <!-- END: cat_img --> You need to stick it in your content/ viewprod.tpl file, wherever you want it to show on page.
  4. Dont think theres any need to keep bumping this is there ????? If somebody knows they will reply !! I see your a 'customer', therefore if you have a licence for CC on this store I would advise opening a ticket for it. Burgensteen
  5. You need to fix the catagory text ' silicone breat forms' follow my signature and ask over there for a fix, there is one to fix catagories, it will align them properly if the text is too long. The live help box is hidden behind your page content and latest prod box. The rollover text text size being smaller than the default in catagories is not a nice effect when you get near the bottom of them it makes your live help box judder underneath (the catagory fix should get rid of this though). Other than that, if your happy with it I wish you good luck ith your store.
  6. PM me your layout.css and your styletemplates/ content/ index.tpl files to look at Burgensteen
  7. in your yourskin/ stylesheets/ layout.css at the very bottom you will find the class: .latestProds add to this class: border: 1px solid black; so it looks something like: float: left; text-align: center; width: 161px; height: 300px; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; border: 1px solid black; but your values will probably be different (dont worry about that yet). now adjust the width and height settings to suit your store. (first try 20px added to the height) When your happy with the layout, remove the: border: 1px solid black; from the .latestPods (it was only ever used as a guide to get everything lined up) Hope this helps Burgensteen
  8. Same here Mark. On both my server and local machine. Im running on my local machine. Vista home premium Ravenswood-JS- virtual server I opened a ticket a few days ago, I think some others have added to it with same problem, so I dont think we are alone Burgensteen
  9. Think theres a third party mod for this, follow the link in my signature and ask over there, im sure youll find the answer over there. Burgensteen
  10. open yourskin/ styletemplates/ content/ viewprod.tpl then find <strong>{LANG_PRODINFO}</strong> and put a <br /> beneath it. That should do the trick Burgensteen
  11. Your best following the link in my sig and asking over there as it would be a third party issue, its not part of stock CC. Burgensteen
  12. Nice start............ but pretty stock if you dont mind me saying so Why not give a click on my link and have a look at the skins over there. I think youll be presently suprised Good luck with your venture my friend Burgensteen
  13. The file in question on your server needs its file attribute (CHMOD)changing to the required value, are you using an FTP programme ? You need to get to this file via your cpanel ftp programme or something like filezilla or smart ftp, right click over the file and depepdning on which ftp programme you are using you need to alter the value. It has a video of how to change the values in the cc.com video documentation (I think) or just google for changing CHMOD values. Burgensteen
  14. Go to third party forum in my signature, theres a hack or tweak to do just this Burgensteen
  15. In your root folder do you have a www folder, have a look in there ??? or a recycle bin in your cpanel ftp programme ??? Burgensteen
  16. Open language / en / lang.inc.php about line 1425 change: 'shop_by_cat' => "Shop by Category", to 'shop_by_cat' => "Category", Hope that helps :w00t:
  17. layout.css: #topHeader {text-align: right; height: 115px; margin-bottom: 20px; padding-right: 8px; padding-left: 20px padding-top: 0px; background-image: url(../styleImages/topHeader.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; border-bottom: 3px solid #05731A;} padding-left: 20px has ; missing
  18. Nice clean site, my personal opinion is that I would put the go buttons to the right of the text boxes, but hey thats just me. Well done. B)
  19. For the box color, open skins/legend/stylesheets/style.css look for tdListTitle (line 177) and change background color. You got some serious issues with the tophead image (check firefox) Burgensteen
  20. Dito Mysty, that what I do, its the easiest solution. Burgensteen
  21. In your product options just set stock levels to no
  22. EDITED. sorry done now.
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