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  1. Sorry chaps, jumped the gun a bit there. Just dug out one of my old HTML books. If I use the align="" it does not work on its own but if I put clear="" after the text aswell it seems to work okay. Well thanks for the help anyway, as I know from past experience everybody is willing to delve in and give a hand. Im waffling now arent I !!!!!!! Burgensteen
  2. Hello all, I am after putting text on the right and a pic on the left in my main centre box on home page, but whenever i do this using the homepage text editor and using the align="" it just shows the pic. I have also noticed that if a pic is put in this centre box then my scrolling 'most popular' pics do not work in FF but are okay in IE. Any ideas chaps??????? Burgensteen
  3. Thanks Roban, Much appreciated. :rolly:
  4. Hi, I have searched .com & .org and cannot find what I am after.... I want a contact us form with required fields (email & name) and possibly a drop down subject with a comment box(obviously) Anybody seen one and got a link Burgensteen
  5. Thanks Roban, Much appreciated. Burgensteen
  6. Hi all, I am after moving the drop down options from underneath an item to putting them at the side and moving the image to the left hand margin. ie. IMAGE options to IMAGE options any ideas? thanks Burgensteen
  7. The search box background colour is in styles.css. Look for .searchBox Not sure what you mean about the border around your main page, it looks white to me and I can't see a border??? Burgensteen
  8. I also have AOL (groan, yes yes I know, i will be changing when the 12 month term runs out ). AOL does not seem to work very well with CubeCart. My AOL browser cuts out when going through admin. so I use Firefox browser and all seems well. When checking out in cubecart, postal order will not work in AOL browser, just goes back to empty shopping cart. (I see there are some threads on this, but I dont think anybody has solved it yet). The add to favourites code that is going around works great in all other browsers but not in AOL browser. No fix here, but maybe some consolation knowing that other AOL users are going through the same thing. Burgensteen :w00t:
  9. Thanks for that Roban. Much appreciated. Burgensteen
  10. Hello, I thought I saw a post some time ago about how to make the window bigger in the FCK editor. Anybody know how to do this or where the post is. Thanks Burgensteen
  11. Hi I have the same probs as all the rest of these posts. Anybody come up with a fix Im on 3.0.10 Cheers Burgensteen
  12. You have to use styles. Cheers Convict. I shall give it a go Burgensteen
  13. Hi, I am getting this error when getting to final stage of checkout (Payment/postal orderform then press continue). was wondering if anbody has any ideas + is there the option for a printable order form if customers want to send cheque.? Not Found The requested URL /store/modules/gateway/Print_Order_Form/offLine.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Thankyou all
  14. Cheers guys, and sorry for the late response. Mobo blew and had to do the re-activation thing. Thanks again for the help. burgensteen
  15. Thanks Mark I will. (and by the way. cool home site/ excellent mods) I think I will be paying a visit soon. Dont suppose you could point me toward the right folders could you :)
  16. Hi, Does anybody know (silly question really) how to make the side boxes (catagories, Featured product, etc) boxes + the boxes that the products are displayed in more rounded at the corners ? Thankyou Burgensteen
  17. Hi all, Just wondering how you get that mouse over effect: All catagories are in seperate boxes and when you mouse over them they change colour. Any help would be most gratefully received Thanks Burgensteen
  18. Hi all, I haev installed the S.E.O 5.2 search engine mod, but now when loading my home page it keeps comming up with: Warning: main(includes/sef_urls.inc.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/p15tghe/public_html/store/index.php on line 59 Warning: main(): Failed opening 'includes/sef_urls.inc.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/p15tghe/public_html/store/index.php on line 59 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sef_script_name() in /home/p15tghe/public_html/store/index.php on line 60 even if the mod is switched off in the Amin panel !! Any help would be most gratefully welcome. Burgensteen.
  19. The images for the tabs are in the images folder of the skin, you will need to make new ones to replace them. The text 'homepage' is located in killer/styletemplates/boxes/categories and is called 'lang home', simply change that to whatever you wish. The text 'test category' is managed in your admin CP under 'categories'. You really need to play around in your admin CP and read the pinned posts in the forum Thankyou. I feel so stupid now........ :rolly:
  20. Hi, Could anybody tell me how to change the appearance of the tabs along the top on killer, how to add more and how to alter the text aswell (homepage, test-catagory). Thankyou and sorry for being stupid, only just started with Cubecart (but looks fantastic) Burgensteen
  21. Hello, Sorry for being so stuuupppiiiddd . I have installed Cubecart and started altering my site but when I type my URL it just keeps showing the default site. I can only see my new site through admin panel. Again I appologise for being an idoit, but any help would be most welcome. Thanks Burgensteen
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