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  1. <div class="boxouter"> <div class="leftbox"> <a href="index.php"> <img src="http://www.WEBSITE.co.uk/skins/Legend/styleImages/backgrounds/topHeader.jpg" alt="WEBSITE" border="0"></a> </div> <div class="rightbox"> {SEARCH_FORM} </div> </div> In layout.css: .boxouter { width: 750px; height: 150px; } .leftbox { float: left; width: 500px; height: 150px; } .rightbox { float: left; width: 250px; height: 150px; }
  2. Disable all other currencies + set the default one to 1. See if it works then reenable the currencies you want. Works for me B)
  3. Just use standard html in the categories.tpl file for the links
  4. If they all weigh the same just use 'per item' shipping module. That would be the easiest way.
  5. Awwww Brivtech, Where is the fun in that If at first you dont succeed try try again......
  6. If all your items are the same weight you can just use the per item shipping. If your items all weight differently then how can cubecart work out the weight by you inputing one value ?? The 'by weight' shipping is the total weight at checkout. So you need to tell it: If the cart value weighs less than xxx shipping cost = xxx, etc Your problem is that you do not have a value set high enough for the total cart value (just the individual weight of a product). There is no calculation that can do the sums for you if the items all weigh differently !! other than using a cart total weight sum.
  7. The problem is if someone buys 2 or more items your cart weight goes over 1kg !! (its the total weight not per item) You need to increase the weight values in the shipping to account for it.
  8. Just go into the edit category screen for the relevant category and adjust in the category drop down to top level.
  9. Is this not because you have two seperate modules enabled. The by price will be over 250 but the by weight is a seperate module that will show no matter what any other module is enabled for.
  10. Are you sure this is for V3. V3 doesnt have a free ship over value ?? it only has a free ship for anything.
  11. Look in the Hacks & Tweaks for V4 over at cubecartforums youll find what your after there :w00t:
  12. Thats why I put practicaly in the brackets. All I meant was that its not just a query alteration or a condition change. The store would need modding as you would only be able to show prods that have a stock value, so any stock with 'use stock levels' set to no would not be show. An extra field would be needed in the DB to define the criteria. Try and get my missus to stop buying cushions (ARGGHHHH!!!) we have millions of scatter cushions..but she keeps buying more... :wacko:
  13. Cant realy be done (practicaly) as what about if you dont use stock levels or some items have stock levels and some dont in the same store ?? the db would fill the stock_level field in as 0 if not using stock levels so there is no where to pull the data from in the where clause.
  14. Cant realy go into details but I realy Realy Realy need pics of a gnome like this from around the world. Come on guys & gals please help out.
  15. Any of you got a gnome axactly the same as the one in the pic. If so I realy need a favour doing. I need pics from all over the world with look a like gnomes (ie, on the beach, in LA) that sort of thing. This realy is urgent. Cant explain too much now but will do so later. Please help out, its a good laugh. Thanks Jon
  16. No probs, glad its working for you now.
  17. You need to make all your links relative. It looks like it may be the header pic thats causing the problem at present I believe its an absolute path your using.
  18. Hi all, Can anyone enlighten me on Sunday opt out laws in UK. I have just handed my sunday working notice in to my employer and have been informed by them that they will make me work more Saturdays to make up for not working Sundays !!! Is this not discrimination as I thought no changes can be made if you opt out ?? Thoughts !! :)
  19. Your boxContentRight div for the banner is missing the > it shows: <div class="boxContentRight" Note the missing > off the end.
  20. Are you having any problems while running at 755 ?? If not then just leave it at that. I have some sites running 755 and all is fine.
  21. If you mean remove the buy buttons, prices and shopping cart then yes it is quite simple if you know what your looking for !
  22. Try Cubecartforums, I believe they have what your after.
  23. Its just text that is held in the lang file, if you look at the button code youll see the sense in it by following the path. Its in root/language/en( or whatever language you are using)/lang.inc.php But be warned its a long file so I would advise using CTRL+F and typing the text your looking for :P
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