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  1. Im thinking along the same lines as you Brivtech. Even down to something as simple as the use of sessions, security or external gateways to integrate third party systems.
  2. Not realy sure Al, The presentation just says a complex web app !! Dont think it means complex for the user, more like a thick/ thin client technology, developement complexity, stuff like that.
  3. Is Cubecart a complex web application or not ?? What is your definition and how do you back your argument. (the more technical the better) I have to do a presentation on a complex web app and was thinking of using Cubecart but not sure if it is appropriate. Any thoughts most welcome. Thanks Jon
  4. Ive designed, set up and maintained sites that only have one product with CC and found it to work very well. The fact that you have multiple gatways, order inventory, site docs, etc makes it very flexible. Its just a matter of getting the flow of the site right for a single product without having to drill down to get to it. Good luck and dont forget to show it off when finished.
  5. Any one else having the same issue: CC.com keeps making me login randomly !! Its realy anoying, there seems to be no pattern to it, sometimes I can be browsing and it logs me out othertimes it when I visit the forum it does the same. It does it on every visit now (ARRGGhhhhhhh!!!!) :dizzy:
  6. Can I ask..why my post was useless. The people in this community are not mind readers, if you are asking which to access you should give as much info as possible. I suppose I could have answered your question as.... You should access cubecartforums.org. Would my answer have been wrong given the question you asked ??? Maybe some other cubecarters can answer whether my post was useless or maybe your post was not discriptive enough. God....I hate rude people. NOTE TO SELF: Be more selective when using my own unpaid time to help the cubecart community.
  7. Access what ?? We cant answer unless we know what it is you want to access ??
  8. You need to look in skins/yourskin/styletemplates/boxes/catagories.tpl and just change the url to the one for your main website. just go to your main page and copy the url from the browser and paste it in place of your cubecat homepage url
  9. No Cubecart V3 doesnt do this. You need to head over to Cubecartforums(link in my signature)
  10. Thanks Brent, Your a star You need to ask Al for a rise :rolleyes:
  11. CC install step 3 just keeps telling me that database passwords dont match ?? I have not done anything other than the above instructions ?? Is there a default password on install of wamp ??
  12. Have you added any mods lately ?? or made any code changes ?? Check your CHMOD settings on the relevant folders for the images.
  13. What happens if you change your skin for a standard CC skin ???? does it work then ??
  14. You just need to remove it from your viewProd.tpl, Just make it invisible as apposed to getting rid of it. Remove: <ul> <li class="bulletLrg"><a href="index.php?act=taf&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtDefault">{LANG_TELLFRIEND}</a></li> </ul>
  15. It depends on what you paid for. If it was just a standard Cubecart upload it is a bit unfair of them to put a designed by link on your site but if they have made any alterations to your site then you need to speak to them about the removal. They should have realy informed you of their copywrite policy but clarification would be needed before anyone can realy help you remove the text. Let us know the specifics of what they actualy did for the money ?
  16. Manualy !!!! Unless you use a third party modification.
  17. In cubecart admin click on gatways in the left hand menu then choose which gateway you want (most use paypal) but just remember you need an acount with whichever merchant you wish to use. Hope thats of some help.
  18. Go over to cubecartforums.org (link in my signature) they have exactly what your after B)
  19. If you can find phpmyadmin in your cpanel youll be able to see a list of db's on the left in a drop down.
  20. You need to check the name of your cubecart DB and change it in global.inc as it seems to be set to 'data' but it obviously doesnt exist !!!!
  21. You cant choose which version. It will give you the version it has and nothing more !! I dont believe you will get V4 from fantastico anyway. Cubecart has moved away from this in its new versons and a manual install is all you can do now. Its personal choice where you put your store but IMO I would always use the root if its available. I have moved so many sites for clients where they have put their store in a sub directory only to find later that they would prefer it in the root. (Just my opinion).
  22. Looks good to me as far as the CSS goes but for the class attributes, thats just a personal design thing.
  23. If you want to separate them its realy very easy, you can just remove the class in question from the one its already in and just give it its own class with attributes. ie. to move a.txtLink to its own class: .txtDefault, a.txtDefault, a.txtLink, a.txtLocation { font-family: "Arial", Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; text-decoration:none; } the class above would become: .txtDefault, a.txtDefault, a.txtLocation { font-family: "Arial", Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; text-decoration:none; } and the new class would be a.txtLink { font-family: "Arial", Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; text-decoration:none; } You can apply this to any class or id in your CSS. This is a standard way of applying CSS and it keeps the file size down & stops the CSS from bloating when some classes have the same attributes.
  24. You got URL for site for us to see as there may be a simpler way if we see the site ??
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