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  1. You can have a contact form on your site with a Captcha code, this is what i use and have never had any spam whatsoever !! the only downside to this is that you do not get added to address list of the person sending the email as apposed to opening up their mail client which would (in most cases) automaticaly add you to their address list. You could also use a clickable image to open up their mail client instead of text. The advantage of this is that you wouyd most probably be added to their address list. I think these are the most obvious and at present i have had no need to look any further with regards to my clients or myself. Hope its some help to you.
  2. Your boxes on the left hand side are not aligned correctly + it would be nice to have some rollover effect on the links just to show that they do actualy link to another part of the site. But all in all very nice
  3. Make sure you empty the cache folder in the root directory after making changes.
  4. Why not just put the site docs and catagories in divs ? Then their names can be altered at a later date !
  5. Skins/ styleTemplates/ boxes Open the required file Remove: <div class="boxtitleLeft">WHATEVER TITLE IS</div>
  6. empty the cache folder in your root directory via FTP.
  7. answered at cubecartforums.org
  8. Maybe people dont know the answer, thats why your not getting a response !!!! or maybe its just because its been Xmas & New Year and people are just too busy !! Thats my excuse anyway You say your using a form !! do you mean a contact form or do you mean the tell a friend form ? as cubecart doesnt have a contact form as standard and this would be a third party mod and the best person to speak to would be the author of the mod. If you do a standard install of cubecart and the emails dont send at all whatever you do this is most certainly a host issue.
  9. As far as im aware there is no filesystem.inc.php in 3.0.xx CC. I think you may have some other file on there, maybe its some old zencart stuff ?? try creating a new folder in the root directory and installing a test CC in there and see if it works. If it does then youve got some rouge files knocking about in there somewhere. Let us know how it goes
  10. I dont this can be done. You need to float your div in another new div that is the correct amount larger and give it the background image. Hope you understand what I mean !!!
  11. Do you have links to his site and his new cubecart site so we can see ??
  12. You have a few problems !! Centre column needs adjusting as it aligns slightly to the right. Paypal logo at bottom is not centred for % skin. Header pic is not big enough for a % skin.
  13. http://shopping.1girlzambition.x10hosting.com/admin is your admin login panel (all working fine) To delete your install folder you need to access your files via FTP then delete it from the root
  14. You need to download the config tool HERE. Just follow the instructions and youll be fine.
  15. You realy need to split the pic you want into 3: Top curved bg for boxtitleleft. Thin horizontal line to create boxcontentleft background that allows for dynamic content. Bottom curved bg, this would be a new class for the bottom curve. You need to adopt this practice because if your box is longer than your pic youll run into trouble as it will start to wrap and create another box underneath & if its smaller you wont get the botom curve as it will cut it off.
  16. Which Version of Cubecart are you using + do you have an URL ??
  17. Do you mean you want them to lign up and therefore you need it square or you actually want the image to stretch or squash to square ????
  18. As Stevie so rightly said it is in skins/yourskin/styletemplates/content/viewcat.tpl Just delete or comment out: <div><strong>{LANG_CURRENT_DIR}</strong> {CURRENT_DIR}</div>
  19. You got any mods installed on your store ??
  20. You will probably need to remove them directly from the database via phpmyadmin. You can access it via your host control panel.
  21. Dont worry Brivteck, Ill still be your friend (for a small fee of course) :rolly:
  22. A quick search in the forum which anyone can do (not just moderators) came up with THIS Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you !!
  23. Yeah thats what I meant, sorry if I didnt explain it properly. Like: <a href="index.php?act=viewDoc&docId=2" class="txtSiteDocs">CONTACT US</a> In the TPL file
  24. You make some valid points & I now see why you want the cart box. I think its just a case of perhaps not clogging CC up with what they may believe to be unnecessary code & keeping load times and file size to a minimum but I do undertand what your saying. Glad you got it soted & good luck with your store.
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