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  1. Sorry to hear of your bad experience, but glad to hear you found a solution your happy with and wish you well with your store. Good luck.
  2. The reason for not putting these on the cat pages is not to distract the user from checking out. The checkout process in general needs to be a clean easily navigatable process with no distractions. With some stores I can see why you may want some extra boxes but you have listed the shopping cart box ??? there realy is no reason for this to be there. You would need to alter the code in some files to have them appear, theres no way around that. You need to alter includes/ global/ cart.inc.php just under '## START CONTENT BOXES'
  3. Hi Antz, The way you have done it is perfectly valid and probably the way I would use myself. Well done for finding a solution for your store for a FF/ IE problem. I applaude you for taking the time to do things correctly and learning.
  4. If your going to go to the trouble of naming the doc id individualy why not just enter the doc name aswell in your line of code ??
  5. An URL to your site would probably be more useful !!
  6. Note the background-position: top; body { margin: 5px; background-color: #000013; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/pageBg.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: top; }
  7. I dont understand this thread at all. Al has provided an option for customers who just want to purchase cubecart and leave 'powered by cubecart' at a lower cost. (good on yer Al) or................... pay more and have it removed The choice is there for anybody to make. If you dont like it then pay to have it removed ?????? If you dont mind it or dont want to pay then leave it there ???? Im with you Brivteck on this one. Im lost with this thread completely But hey thats what the forum is for. Just cos I cant understand it doesnt mean im right....
  8. I think in your layout.css you need to change the background position to 'top' for the body class at the very top of the page.????
  9. Can you not just click into the line above the table and use the backspace ???
  10. No problem mate, good luck with ypour new skin.
  11. Create another class in layout.css with the width settings and picture you want and wrap txtContentTitle in the tpl file in this div. Basicaly it will show it behind the text that the txtContentTitle is assigned to.
  12. Problem sorted. It was the sub cat number in brackets that was displaying behind the text. :)
  13. Which text ????. Could you be a bit more specific to narrow down the problem a bit.
  14. Youve got a few skin problems mate in IE7 The items in cart bar on main/ catagory and product page is half hidden behind the site docs bar as it is wrapping onto next line. buy button at bottom of product page is too long for page content as it is floating on right on price instead of underneath. Most of site doc links dont work (FF too) (but i see from your scource that they are not configured yet, so you probably know about this) I see this is a third party skin, I would contact the author.
  15. First thing id suggest is reset your computer. Sounds stupid but ive had similiar problems on a couple of client sites and it worked on most of them(Not all, but most). Give it a go and let us know !!
  16. Have you installed any mods ?? or made any adjustments to your site lately, or is it just a standard cubecart installation.
  17. Brivteck, Did you have chilli sauce on the kebab or yogurt, personaly I go for both, I feel they complement each other, ones hot and spicy while the other has a cool taste. Yum Yum, your making me feel hungry just thinking about it.
  18. No problem, im glad you got it sorted. Good luck with your site :unsure:
  19. The only documentation of any sort at present (as far as im aware) is HERE
  20. They should be in the lang.inc.php file !!!! unless your using a custom skin then they may actualy be in the skins/ yourskin/ styletemplates/ boxes/ whichever box title your looking for. Let us know how you get on with it !!
  21. Just look in the mod instructions for the else if statement as described above to find which file its in (assuming you have the instructions for the mod !!!)
  22. Its in your core files. you need to use an FTP program to access your files then look in your root directory you will see folders like admin, includes, images, language & skins then look in the skins folder you will see the skin you are using go into this folder and you will see styletemplates then global then index.tpl
  23. This is standard in cubecart, just go to your view product list and there is a column named Master category and in this column for every product there is a link for manage catagories, just add the product to whicjever you require from the list that appears.
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