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  1. Open skins/ yourskin/ styletemplates/ global/ index.tpl and delete {RANDOM_PROD} Simple as that.
  2. Check to see if your on a windows server, if so you will probably need to ask your host to make the change for you.
  3. Youve posted in V4 forum. ?????? Anyway, there should be some instructions with the skin telling you what to do !!! You need an FTP program and you need to upload the new skin to root/ skins then in cubecart admin you need to go into general settings and alter the skin from the drop down and scroll to bottom of page and press update settings.
  4. The only real way i know of is to put the fils outside the root & there is a mod to manualy allow downloads through admin for security issues that most modders seem to use (including myself), but this obviously needs to be discussed at cubecartforums instead.
  5. As long as the cubecart copywrite agreement is not broken (you need to leave the cubecart links in place) then you can do what you want to customise the store.
  6. Not for the want of repeating myself.......................but: ccjoel712x ..............your absolutely right, i think Zencart is the right choice for you. So dont waste any more time in here, hop along to their forum and get started. See Ya Can somebody end this thread please as i think this person clearly loves it in this forum or else he would have already done as he said he was going to and therefore i see this going on for a while.
  7. Have you sorted this now then ?? Can you get in okay ??
  8. ccjoel712x ..............your absolutely right, i think Zencart is the right choice for you. So dont waste any more time in here, hop along to their forum and get started. See Ya :on2long:
  9. In layout.css. look for: div.latestProds (line 127) and make the height bigger. Also for the subcats look for: #subCats (line 96) and make the width wider; Youve got a lot of layout issues with having the 100% skin, shrink your browser window to aprrox 800px and youll see what i mean.
  10. You just need apply the same method as is in the styletemplates/ content/ index.tpl for the latest products, you dont need to use tables to achieve what your after just use classes with a 4box / 100% - a little for browser compatibility = 24% width setting. (or maybe less dependant on borders and margins between the boxes). Its easier than you think to do.
  11. Excellent, good luck with your store mate, I hope it all goes well for you. :)
  12. These files and folders do exist in V4. Try Re-uploading the sources folder, overwriting the old one. Sound like your upload has missed a few files !!!
  13. Check to make sure all your classic skin files are in place. Maybe re FTP the classic skin files. Try switching to a different skin and seeing what it does first ??
  14. Hi guys Anyone got any good advice for a dvd recorder with built in HD and freeview in UK with a price ??? Looking around but so many to choose from !!!!
  15. Upload the zend & ioncube folders in binary through your FTP
  16. Look in your root/index.php file and youl see things like: include("includes/boxes/categories.inc.php"); $body->assign("CATEGORIES",$box_content); Just copy the ones you require to your root/cart.php file and then add the {whatever} in the appropriate tpl file in you skin folder and it will show !!! There you go, if youd have asked earlier youd have got more sleep Good luck with the store.
  17. I would advise trying to install on your root directory and seeing if it still does it as it is looking at present for index.php/store/index.php, i think its something to do with the redirect myself. Save a copy of the Global.inc.php file on your computer. Try installing a copy in the root (just write down what folder and files are there already) as you dont want to delete them if you need to uninstall. Then upload a new copy of CC4 and adjust the db on the global inc and upload to see if it redirects properly on the root. Thats what i would do, you can always delete it if it doesnt work (JUST BACK UP FIRST). Jon
  18. Webicon. Can you check IE against FF for the latest prod add, it works in FF but not IE7 for me (what V of IE you on ) Cheers mate.
  19. Webicon is right, they do not appear ony any cart.tpl pahe (cart, register, etc). Does this mean your problem is solved or do you actuall want them there ?? Mailing list maybe (dependant on the sort of store you have), but i would definately not put categories there for the reason Webicon has mentioned.
  20. FTP your files and look in includes/ global.inc.php, you should see your details in there to check if their right or not :)
  21. In yourskin/ stylesheets/ layout.css find latestprods. at the bottom and make the 'width' wider until it fits okay, but be warned to check in IE7 + IE6 + Fiefox as they can all be different when viewing in browser.
  22. You done anything at all ??? Any mods installed or setting changed ???
  23. Your Welcome Mysty, It must have been that you needed a fixed size box to put the refreshing graphic in to keep the shape of the template at all times even.
  24. Could you not try creating a complete container in layout.css .helpboxcontainer { height: 60px; width: 102px; background-color: red; } .helpbox { height: 58px; width: 100px; background-color: lime; (I always do this for testing, then remove later) } Then in your index.tpl put the class: <div class="helpboxcontainer"> <div class="helpbox"> xxxxxxxxxxxxx your code here xxxxxxxxxxxxxx </div> </div> hopefully the refresh will go on inside a permenant container and therefore shouldnt effect the rest of the site. Never tried it myself but maybe worth a try !!!! Let me know if it works , id be interested to know !!
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