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  1. That didn't work it just got me a blank page instead of the basket page. But you pointed me to the correct place, so I deleted all of the content inside that 'td' tag and just replaced with the word "Delivery" and that has done exactly what I needed to do. Many thanks
  2. That is ticked now and the same result in the basket. Next to the delivery option dropdown is a link that opens a popup asking to select the country, city and postcode. We do our deliveries ourselves (bulk loads by truck) in the local area and this is confusing customers as they select one of our 5 delivery options zones that we deliver to. but when they follow that Estimate link they can select Aberdeen if they want and we do not deliver to Aberdeen; we are in the East Midlands). We have had this happen and the customer complains that selected zone1 at £10 but then they got an estimate of 10 for a 500-mile delivery for tonnes of product with this feature. Any idea which file to hack to get rid of this?
  3. Hi there, my shipping requirements use custom modules based on a map radius for delivery zones. The basket shows a link inside brackets that says "Estimated"; it is causing problems and I want to remove this link from the basket. Any help appreciated. PS. using Foundation skin
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