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  1. That didn't work it just got me a blank page instead of the basket page. But you pointed me to the correct place, so I deleted all of the content inside that 'td' tag and just replaced with the word "Delivery" and that has done exactly what I needed to do. Many thanks
  2. That is ticked now and the same result in the basket. Next to the delivery option dropdown is a link that opens a popup asking to select the country, city and postcode. We do our deliveries ourselves (bulk loads by truck) in the local area and this is confusing customers as they select one of our 5 delivery options zones that we deliver to. but when they follow that Estimate link they can select Aberdeen if they want and we do not deliver to Aberdeen; we are in the East Midlands). We have had this happen and the customer complains that selected zone1 at £10 but then they got an estimate of 10 for a 500-mile delivery for tonnes of product with this feature. Any idea which file to hack to get rid of this?
  3. Hi there, my shipping requirements use custom modules based on a map radius for delivery zones. The basket shows a link inside brackets that says "Estimated"; it is causing problems and I want to remove this link from the basket. Any help appreciated. PS. using Foundation skin
  4. Glad it has helped you out and got your options working again.
  5. @ fantastichearts. We do understand what is causing the issue. it is the inventory edit tab not listing a products options that were ordered; that means the options will be overwritten with null if the order is saved in Admin Orders; this includes adding notes, delivery date, tracking info or changing an orders status (anything). I did a dirty fix by removing the content of the inventory tab altogether (SEE ABOVE); it wasn't an issue for my client. bsmither has since posted a code hack on GitHub (see link in his post above); I have not tried that hack, as I had already performed my dirty fix workaround and my client was happy; I'll wait for an updated version of CC and upgrade then.
  6. I have done a dirty fix for my clients cart to get it working. I've discussed with my client and as he does not and doesn't intent to, use the Inventory tab, I have removed the content of the inventory tab and now the order keeps its options when saved. admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php Deleted block starting around line 300 (mines hacked, so it may vary) beginning: <div id="order_inventory" class="tab_content"> <h3>{$LANG.orders.title_order_inventory}</h3> <div style="display: none;"> <span class="actions"> <i class="fa fa-trash" title="{$LANG.common.delete}"></i> </span> </div> and ending around line 451; to just above <div id="order_notes" class="tab_content"> <h3>{$LANG.orders.title_order_notes}</h3> {if isset($LIST_NOTES)}{foreach from=$LIST_NOTES item=note} <div class="note">
  7. I really need this one put to bed soon, as it is the last piece of the store to get sorted and I can get it signed off.
  8. Any update on this? As I see it.... The data does already exist and displays on the general tab and the printout at the point prior to you clicking the save button, it is just not being displayed in the inventory items option list,, so once save is clicked the option is overwritten and nulled out. can the same data that is being listed in the general tab be included as the default value in the select list on the inventory tab? If the select list was to display the item option if isset else 'please select'.
  9. I think I may have found the culprit: admin/skins/default/templates/element.product_options.php select list starting at line 18 <select name="inv[{$product.id}][productOptions][{$option.option_id}]" id="option_{$option.option_id}" class="nomarg options_calc"> <option value="">{$LANG.form.please_select}</option> {foreach from=$option.values item=value} <option value="{$value.assign_id}"{if $value.selected} selected="selected"{/if} rel="{$value.symbol}{$value.decimal_price}">{$value.value_name}{if $value.price} ({$value.symbol}{$value.price}){/if}</option> {/foreach} </select> If I'm not wrong, the first option value should be the option variable of the inventory item?
  10. Yes I see that too, now I look at the inventory tab. This would most definately be related to that issue.
  11. Have now upgraded to version 6.0.2 and the issue persists. 1. a new order comes in and the order summary displays the items order complete with any options selected (1) 2. do anything on the 'Delivery' tab and hit 'Save' or Save and reload'; even do nothing and just hit save (2) 3. back on the 'General tab the options have disappeared (3)
  12. It is on line 1466 of classes/cubecart.class in CC6.0.1 was: foreach ($shipping_values as $value) { now: foreach ($shipping_values as $value) { break; Edited the warning to be more of a notice and that works well. "Please note the following: No Delivery Zone is currently selected. Please select the delivery option below. Be sure to check which delivery zone you fall into and select the appropriate option to be able to continue to the Checkout" Will update to 6.0.2 most likely tonight as the site is live: www.topsoil4u.co.uk
  13. Previously I had it so that none of the shipping methods were selected, so the customer had to actively select the shipping method rather than the cheapest be selected by default. CC 6.0.1 Is the script we are working with still classes/cart.class.php ? I ask because I am unable to find: if (!empty($cheapest)) {
  14. This is a weird one. Ok when an order is placed the order summary displays the products purchased and includes any options selected for that product At this point, if you click the print icon, you get the docket and it displays both the product description and the options that were selected as well. This is where It gets weird However, if you hit 'Save' on on any of the tabs pages, the product options are wiped out and no longer display on the order summary or the printed docket. v6.0.1
  15. This hack no longer works in version 6.0.1 and the script is completely different now. Is there a hook we can use to make this work? If not, would you have a suggestion for a new hack? TIA
  16. Hello Dev. When you select Print Order Form and it displays the order form on screen to print or close. When I hit close it navigates to the home screen. In the next release could this be made to navigate to the order history page if the user is registered and the home page if not? TIA
  17. No add-on is in use. In Version 3.x that my client was using up until this upgrade; the cart did not do automatic processing functions as such, it was done manually with notes you could send to the customer (or not; by checkbox). when you changed the status of an order. Do you know of an add-on that will do what's needed in this case? The status is simply a flag to admin on the state of C.O.D orders. so 'Processing COD' (order complete and ready for shipping [the completed email is sent to the customer), and 'COD Completed' (Delivery and COD payment signed off). TIA
  18. Applied that alteration to the table and I quite understand that will stop the duplicate occurring. Thnaks
  19. Hello there. I need to add additional order state options to the select list and the default ones are found in Languages. Is there a way to add new options into a language for such. In version 3 i remember hacking the language file (PHP).
  20. Hi There. Don't know for sure what is the cause of this, but, since upgrading to v6 we are getting (randomly it seems) multiple instances (duplicates) of the same order with identical order numbers in the database 'order_summary' table and subsequently in the orders list in the back-end of CC. It also wants to print off multiple pages (one foe each instance) when you hit Print from the order summary on any one of the listed orders. Also; if you delete any one of them from the list, it deletes every instance of that order number and you are left with none of them. Following a little feedback today, it might be due to the 'print order form' button being pressed multiple times in the checkout; it being due to nothing happening on screen to indicate the button press is accepted after the customer presses the button. An older gentleman says this is what happened for him today. A bug to fix methinks
  21. Thanks bsmither. But it was sorted eventually by re-uploading the CC files and folders; they must have got corrupted the first time.
  22. Thanks bsmither. Sorted using >this method and editing the language phases to adjust the error message that subsequently appeared on entering the basket due to no shipping method currently selected.
  23. I would like to have the shippings method option list default to the 'Please select' option (no shipping method currently selected). This way the customer cannot proceed until they have looked through and actively selected one of the available shipping options. TIA David
  24. Sorry to re-open an old thread, but my issue is along similar lines. currently upgrading an old 3.0.17 cart, to latest stable version 5.2.16 and a feature that my client used in the previous version seems to be missing. This client does not use a delivery service as they have their own tipper trucks to deliver topsoil, sands and aggregates within a certain range of their depot. They need to send email updates to their customers so that they can provide delivery day and time of their order. In the old version, when updating the status of an order, you could type a note and check a box to have that note emailed to the customer; his is missing in the new version, and I'm getting a lot of ear bashing about it being essential to their operation from my client. Can you help?
  25. Hi, I am receiving these errors when I run the staging site I have just set up, prior to testing an upgrade and am having a problem finding the cause of the issue. Can anyone help? Warning: include(language/_/config.inc.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sites/letmehostu.net/public_html/cart/includes/boxes/language.inc.phpon line 49 Warning: include(language/_/config.inc.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sites/letmehostu.net/public_html/cart/includes/boxes/language.inc.phpon line 49 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'language/_/config.inc.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear5:/usr/share/ZendFramework') in/home/sites/letmehostu.net/public_html/cart/includes/boxes/language.inc.php on line 49
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