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  1. Hi acematti. Did you ever resolve this problem, as I have a customer that requires the exact same thing. 5 zones as set radius distances at different rates but per delivery not per product. Per product would be easy as you could create product options for each zone but if they order 2 or more of something it would be added twice or more and this is not what is required. I need to be able to add the delivery cost per order for the user selected zone.
  2. You could always set up a product option on each item for COD, Visa and Paypal, which would then add the Apropriate extra cost to the item being purchased.
  3. I am surprised that V4 came out without HSBC support. We can't upgrade without HSBC support. The HSBC support was the deciding factor in going with Cubecart. So, please add me to the support for the HSBC module. Could anyone from Cubecart comment officially on this? Ed
  4. I had the same request from a client today and this is what i did. edited a couple of php's which will add an extra field in the settings page. Add your additional email addresses to this new field seperated by comma for each address. 1. Open: admin/includes/settings/index.php Find: ***************************************************************************** <tr> <td width="30%" class="tdText"><strong><?php echo $lang['admin']['settings']['email_address'];?></strong><br /> <?php echo $lang['admin']['settings']['email_address_desc'];?></td> <td align="left"><input type="text" size="35" class="textbox" name="config[masterEmail]" value="<?php echo $config['masterEmail']; ?>" /></td> </tr> ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Add after: ***************************************************************************** // added by anynet to email orders to list. <tr> <td width="30%" class="tdText"><strong>Optional Sendto emails</strong><br /> (This is used to add additional email addresses to send order info to) Comma seperated.</td> <td align="left"><input type="text" size="35" class="textbox" name="config[masterEmailTo]" value="<?php echo $config['masterEmailTo']; ?>" /></td> </tr> ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Save file. 2. Open: includes/content/gateway.inc.php Find: ***************************************************************************** $send = $mail->send(array($config['masterEmail']), $config['mailMethod']); ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Add after: ***************************************************************************** // added by anynet to email orders to list. $send = $mail->send(array($config['masterEmailTo']), $config['mailMethod']); ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Save file. EOF Hope this helps
  5. I have got this working now. I am the developer not the account holder, but i'm pretty sure that my client hasn't had to pay the amounts your talking about. They already had a terminal account with the HSBC and didn't have to pay anything more to use this feature. Bear in mind that the credit card details are not stored on the cubecart server, all card details are passed over to HSBC but not stored locally. Regards Dave.
  6. Is there an idiot guide available for the HSBC module? Including how to test and get HSBC to set everything up? We have a merchant account with API enabled but getting any meaningful info from HSBC is impossible ;)
  7. Did you have any joy? We're trying to get the HSBC (using API) up and running. It's as though it's a black art and no one including HSBC know exactly what to do.
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