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  1. Just upgraded from 5.1.x to 6.0.x and everything appears okay except the sitemap won't generate. As I uploaded the 6.x a .zip and unpacked it in cPanel IMHO I'm not looking for an incomplete upload of a permissions issue; what are the other most obvious reason for this? Thanks
  2. Hi, Where, in Order Summary or Order Inventory, do customer selected product options for pending orders appear? I have the options set up and they're mandatory and the front-end store flags an error if they're not selected but when I come to fulfill the order I cannot find them in Admin. With thanks, Jules.
  3. So far as I'm aware the import catalogue function does not import images. Images uploaded to the server are placed in /images/source/ (you can ignore the /images/cache/ folder; that belongs to CC5). Imported product details only really have two places in the database to go to, _inventory and _image_index; _image_index only holds the image file name so my best guess is that you don't need anything other than file name in your import csv file. Try this; 1. Admin => Advanced => Maintenance => Clear image cache (this purges /images/cache/) 2. Upload your images to /images/source/ (overwrite anything that's already there) 3. Admin => File Manager => Images => Update File List (that should write the contents of /images/source/ to _image_index) 4. Admin => Import Catalogue (set this to overwrite and replace the existing inventory) My logic being that so long as CC5 knows about the images (step 3) then it should cross-reference to them in step 4 (that is write product_id and main_img flag). My best guess is that the import itself cannot populate the _image_index table itself. Try that and let me know if it helps Jules
  4. Hi, I had similar issues and at the time abandoned the import function as just too painful; I recall I resorted to running a single entry import then manually attached an image to the product record. Finally I exported the catalogue (one entry), deleted the entry then imported the export file. And still it failed to pick up the image. (I also tried import/overwrite and that failed too.) Thinking about it subsequently I'm sure it has to do with the maintenance and caching of images. My guess is the CC5 front end does not use the images you upload, it uses the maintenance, image cache function to create thumb and main images predicated upon the skin in use (so, say, according to the config.xml parameters). For a image to show on your pages you need it to be cached; that may call for uploading you images then importing your catalogue then running maintenance, update image cache to have CC5 build the site copies. Then you may need to close your browser to fully refresh your browser cache too, relaunch and see how that goes. If you've FTP access the thing you need to be certain of is that there's cached versions of the images that'll appear on the site. I hope that helps. J
  5. The developer's position on Zones in CubeCart Admin is "Zone term depends on area used. Zone as county in Countries/Zones used is not as the same as Allowed Zone, Disabled Zone either Zone in shipping area used." So, a bit like "glory" in Wonderland: ;-))
  6. I received a reply from the developer on this. If both tabs have null values then all Countries are allowed. If Allowed has >1 selected then only the allowed countries are allowed. If Disallowed has >1 selected then only the disallowed countries are disallowed. Prioritisation is unclear (ie what happens if a country is both allowed and disallowed at the same time). For some modules, like shipping-by-weight, the zones function is unclear. So, if you select a country by ISO Code yet that country is disallowed then the function of the specific module (shipping by weight) should over-ride the functionality of the generic module (counties/zone). It's still a bugger's muddle though. e & o e Jules
  7. What happens if I allow a country and disallow the same country? What happens if I do not allow any countries? Best regards
  8. I was wondering what ZONES are. I understand the concept of Countries but then it gets messy; there's a tab under Countries/Zones called Zones but this merely shows a list of administrative areas (US = States, Canada = Provinces, France = Departments, UK = Counties, etc); are these "(Z/z)ones"? Certainly if I want to add a Z/zone I need to select a country first, suggesting that Z/zones are administrative sub-units of countries - but that's a supposition. However when I go to, say, Admin => Modules => Shipping Methods => By Weight I'm faced with Module Settings, Zone # and Z/zones ... Zone # are groups of Countries (as identified by their ISO codes); might they better be called Areas to disambiguate them? Then there's Z/zones; there are two tabs for Z/zones, "Allowed", and "Disallowed" but both provide functionality to include Countries. So, is a Z/zone now a Country? And if a Country in excluded from both Allowed and Disallowed does it allowed to disallowed. What is the current understanding on this topic? With thanks Jules
  9. Hi, I'm having trouble with my logo. Initially I had modified my theme folder to create a default.png file and that seemed[*] to work for the front end but the logo was missing from templates; essentially {$DATA.logoURL} wasn't returning the correct result. I went to Admin => Store Settings => Logos and uploaded a logo file (renamed to themename_default.png) and made this file active. It appears that the front end has now stopped using the theme default.png and is instead using the uploaded themename_default.png image instead but {$DATA.logoURL} is still not returning a valid result at the back end. What's the current level of understanding on this, please? Thanks, Jules
  10. Mark, Could you clarify your note on permissions stating whether these are folder or file permissions and setting out which folder/file need the permission values you have identified? With thanks. Jules
  11. I'm getting a configuration burp after upgrade (i.e. wasn't there in 508) Hosted on a mediaTemple GridServer. I'm also seeing this through the plugin panel; Anyone got any thoughts?
  12. I totally agree that v3 & 4 are end-of-life and it's great that there's an after-life community writing add-on code for them. My concern is only with v5.x
  13. Will do; thanks. However as this software is published by a UK company am I being unreasonable in suggestion that the developer might write and therefore optimise and support the necessary feature, function or code?
  14. The ICO's current solution is inelegant but I'm sure not too difficult to implement? <div id="banner"> <strong>The ICO would like to place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. To find out more about the cookies, see our <a href="/Global/privacy_statement.aspx" target="_blank" title="Opens in new window">privacy notice.</a></strong> <br /> <br /> <input id="ctlCookiesBanner_chkAcceptCookie" type="checkbox" name="ctlCookiesBanner$chkAcceptCookie" onclick="return clickButton(event,'ctlCookiesBanner_btnAcceptCookie');" /> <label for="ctlCookiesBanner_chkAcceptCookie">I accept cookies from this site.</label> <input type="submit" name="ctlCookiesBanner$btnAcceptCookie" value="Continue" id="ctlCookiesBanner_btnAcceptCookie" class="button" /> </div> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> if (!navigator.cookieEnabled) { var banner = document.getElementById("banner"); banner.style.display = "none"; } </script> </div> </form>
  15. I have a shop running v4 with a license and copyright removal key. I'm slowly migrating to v5 but with different templates, a 4.x=>5.x upgrade script i refuse to use (the resulting database is so fundamentally different to a stock v5 database i don't want to face issues in the future when cubecart "forget" they've got database layout fragmentation in v5) and an export/import function that stinks (but is maybe better in v508+pro => there's no import in v508+lite) it's taking me a long time to build a 3,500 item shop with seo and everything. btw this v5 shop is using a trial key, copyright removal key and the site is off. if i go to 508 (which includes features i want like upc fields an import script that might possibly import images too, etc) i understand my trial key will go and i'll be dumped out of what is now called pro, into what's now called lite, and i'll never be able to complete my build before turning off my running shop. I hope i read that right because every day devellion scare me more and more. anyone else got the faintest idea what's going on? Thanks J /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UPDATE: As a footnote to this Al came back on a support ticket and said existing users deploying trial keys to migrate sites can either continue to request them through the customer panel or by contacting the support team directly.
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