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  1. Hi Noodleman


    You were recommended to me on this thread:

    Do you have any advice on this? I am a PHP coder by trade so I could probably put something together from scratch if needed, but if you've anything that can be customised then it might save me some time and effort. Thanks.

  2. Does anybody know if the following is possible with CubeCart Version 6.1.5 ? My client has a variety of products in his store (wymeruk.co.uk), which are for sale worldwide. However he has a couple of products that are currently subject to copyright dispute in the United States, although they have been cleared for sale in Europe and the Rest of the World. Is there an extension or code mod that can be installed, that will pop up or issue a warning message, preventing a customer from checking out if he/she orders one of these items with a delivery address in a certain country or group of countries? We are using the All In One Shipping module with Paypal and Sagepay payment gateways. I know that with the All In One Shipping module, if you order for delivery to a country that’s not in any shipping zone, you get a message telling you that the store cannot ship to that country – that’s the sort of thing we need, just something that prevents these two products from being purchased if your delivery address in in a particular zone. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. We had this error message pop up today in our 6.1.5 store. I installed bsandall's fix and it seems to have resolved it.
  4. I can't say that this has resolved the issue, although we haven't had it happen again (so far). Yes we are using weight based rates, as we have a number of different products in our store (Books, CD's, etc.). What I have done won't fix the problem of having a £0.00 sub-total, but it will prevent the customer being charged postage for a non-existent order.
  5. We had a similar, if not the same problem recently. Here is an email from a French customer; we have added a zero postage rate for basket wights of zero grams as a fix: From: Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 5:59 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Mistake in my order Hello A problem with : Votre commande: #160603-162813-8066 - En attente Historique de vos commandes Information client Adresse de facturation B;;;; Ga;;;;; 41 r;; d; M;;;;l L;; Saint Maurice Val de Marne France Adresse de livraison B;;;; Ga;;;;; 41 r;; d; M;;;;l L;; Saint Maurice Val de Marne France Récapitulatif de la commande PrixQuantitéProduit £0.001(£0.00) £0.00Sous-total £4.32Expédition £0.86Charges totales £5.18Montant total Imprimer récépissé I choose this book but apparently my article was not registered when processing the command,
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