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  1. Well it worked for a while then quit??? I have removed the coding to make the iframe adjust for now, if anyone has a working code to make an iframe height on the same domain adjust to page content, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
  2. HI All, This store only has one of each product and I have it set so that when the product in in processing it shouldn't show on the site since it is no longer available, it still shows, how do I fix this. I don't want a product that isn't available to still show on the site? PS. I had to remove the product by manually disabling it.
  3. OK, I think it will be OK, I will just disable comments. Other than that it is working like a charm. Thanks for your help.
  4. OK, I did find one little issue, not sure if it can be fixed ... when you are looking at a product and click on the specifications tab, it is lengthened by java so the frame doesn't adjust and the customer reviews are getting cut off, do you know of any way to fix that?
  5. Whooohoooo ... Thank you bsmither, I actually hadn't noticed that in the header but after your reply and my removing it, it is working!!! It was driving me crazy for hours yesterday. Thank you again.
  6. I am trying to use an iframe to embed the shop into an existing site, the iframe is working BUT a javascript code I have used in numerous sites to to have the iframe resize so there are no scroll bars has worked in every other site I have used it on but won't work here. Is there some coding in the cart to prevent iframe usage?? The store is on the same domain so that is not the issue. Site is not live, still working on it: http://romanianrescueappeal.org/page/shop/
  7. Ian, I have contacted you via the website as requested.
  8. Thank you bsmither, got the shipping plugin, still need upload feature!
  9. I need a file upload feature for my cart, is anyone interested in discussing this? I also would like the option to set my own shipping prices, either by number of items or weight and allow free shipping if a certain dollar amount is reached.
  10. This is the first time using this cart. Like it a lot, easy to work with and the CMS feature is excellent, my previous cart didn't have that. Didn't customize too much but happy with the way it came out. Don's Vintage Audio Feedback welcome!
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