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  1. Ok, I am thinking the simplest way would be to hook into an admin hook and run the code in settings.currency.inc.
  2. Ok. Would this be something that could be easily setup with a plugin and a cron job?
  3. Is the currency fetch rates still a manual process or am I missing something?
  4. This would be relatively easy to fix client side as you could add another field. You could then change the jQuery Validate code to make sure that the 2 fields match and then the customer would be able to proceed. You could simply hide this extra field with CSS, and display it with jQuery. This would not solve the server side validation however.
  5. Delete the file from your server and then upload in binary.
  6. In includes/content/viewCat.inc look for: $orderSort = false; Change to: $orderSort = sprintf(' ORDER BY name ASC');
  7. Yes. There are only upgrade scripts if there are database changes.
  8. Whats that favicon? I see that on loads of sites these days.
  9. There are no database changes therefore no need for an upgrade script.
  10. Forcing users to not use Internet Explorer is very bad web practice.
  11. You would have to assign the code to a template tag and then put the code into your template file!
  12. You could redirect using some html and the refresh tag in meta.
  13. Where is your admin folder located? /admin? You do know you can rename the folder to anything you want and change it in the config.php file?
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