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  1. Hi, can anyone help me with an API integration? I will pay of course.
  2. has anyone integrated cubecart with salesforce?
  3. ah apologies, the file is box.navigation.php (tech support told me main.php) Thank you for your help so far, so I have this but it is not creating the sticky menu, do i need to populate data-topbar="" <div class="sticky"><nav class="top-bar category-nav" data-topbar="" id="box-navigation" data-options="sticky_on: medium,large"> <ul class="title-area"> <li class="name"></li> <li class="toggle-topbar left"><a href="">{$LANG.navigation.title} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-caret-down"></use></svg></a></li> </ul> <section class="top-bar-section"> <h5 class="hide">{$LANG.navigation.title}</h5> <ul class="left"> <li class="show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$ROOT_PATH}" title="{$LANG.common.home}"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-home"></use></svg></a></li> {$NAVIGATION_TREE} {if $CTRL_CERTIFICATES && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <li><a href="{$URL.certificates}" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}">{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li> {/if} {if $CTRL_SALE} <li><a href="{$URL.saleitems}" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}">{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li> {/if} </ul> </section> </nav></div>
  4. thanks did you add the nav class line? i dont have that in foundation? assumably it needs closing too.
  5. re this thread: Has anyone got this working? its not as simple as just adding div class="sticky"
  6. yes, can i just set it to be the same as the featured text?
  7. Can someone tell me how to make the text the same - the current category view product text is way too big and not enough characters: https://wonderland-fancy-dress.com/store/make-up.html
  8. Hi, how can i reduce the vertical spacing on the drop down menu?
  9. that is how it is set up, but i think the user permissions change when an update it applied
  10. FYI anyone looking to use a sym link for multiple stores, I did it by installing cubecart so it creates its image folder structure, then creating the sym link afterwards to the source folder. I then updated the product images using the g7 data pump addon. its 40,000 images so I didnt want to have it copied on every website but typing it out... yeh thats probably why it goes wrong lol
  11. they have come back now and confirmed it was an issue with the link ownership. I might look into other options though, particularly hosting all the images seperately for google feeds etc so if it goes wrong again its not both websites and feeds all knocked out in one.
  12. my hosting company are being utterly useless at telling me why.
  13. no the database is not shared, has worked fine for years I dont know about the mod_rewrite
  14. Hi, I run a few sites that have shared images, I have always done this via sym link but it is causing issues recently. rather than that, or repeat the images for each website - is it possible to redirect the images to be sourced from another website location rather than the folder images/source?
  15. I get " Extension has mising or corrupt config.xml file. " in admin view Ignore that I had installed it in plugins not affiliates..
  16. Yup thats fair enough, I would say though that facebook pixel tracking is a basic function in most other shopping carts now
  17. Right.. Can I please reiterate my request for someone to do this paid. I am not a developer, I am a software user and business owner and have now spent another morning on this.
  18. so i need to include the facebook tracking in the google analytics loop?
  19. manually setting the product code matches it fine, so there is definitely something wrong in the export of the data (I think the same factor affects the google product reviews also) Smarty gives this: $ITEMS Origin: "Smarty object" Value Array (1) d8ae1ad510dbfcadfa2022b5ec743de1 => Array (52) product_id => "17834" product_code => "AC77145" quantity => 1 description => "Day of the Dead Serape<br><br> Male - Adult - One Size Fits Most <br><br> Con..." description_short => "" price => 20.52 name => "Day of the Dead Serape (Adult Costumes) - Male - One Size Fits Most" cat_id => "39" popularity => "292" sale_price => "0.00" cost_price => "13.38" stock_level => "339" stock_warning => "0" use_stock_level => "1" using $item or $items makes no difference - do i need to define something else first?
  20. do you know how I can export the product code on the checkout page? id: '{/literal}{$item.product_code}{literal}', doesnt work for that?
  21. one thing it has flagged is that it cant match the products to the catalogue upload, so i am just modifying the google base export to provide the product code instead of product id also, (although it doesnt work anyway as above) - the item price is not the full conversion value as it does not include shipping
  22. apologies i just didnt copy those in {literal}<script> fbq('track', 'Purchase', { currency: 'USD', content_type: 'product', contents: [ { item_price: '{/literal}{$item.price}{literal}', id: '{/literal}{$item.product_code}{literal}', quantity: '{/literal}{$item.quantity}{literal}', } ], }); </script>{/literal} is what i had
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