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  1. the url i have the license on back in 2007 has a new shopping cart system instead of cubecart i have a new store that is on a differnet url is there a way i can transfer the existing license to move it to the other url ? calvin email me thanks
  2. i signed up with pay junction but for some reason it does not work on cube cart system and i cant cancel my account with pay junction so i am one ticked off person about this so i am forced to going to a different cart system since no one seems to look into this problem !!
  3. hi all have got approved for pay junction but for some reason i go in the mod that is installed already and try to take off the test mode it goes and resets to yes on test mode why is this happening and how can i get this fixed i had customer submit a payment and its not showing up as being paid i need help on this asap cause i am depending on getting this fixed asap please help me if anyone is in the usa please call me to help me get this fixed as soon as possible my number is on domain cmsmallengines.net or send me a pm on msn messenger name is [email protected] i need to find out what to do here
  4. do you ever get test orders ? from folks cause i did today and someone in the uk according to the ip address
  5. hello all calvin here have a few problems here is a list i have first is i have numerous traffic and no sales second is i need to add some mods to store but don't know any way to do so third is need to know how to get on top rank on google and yahoo search engine with very low cost if any at all . i need some folks that know code and all php etc. to take a look at the site and see what can be done to make the site look more professional and all and not be loosing any rank that may be there now thing is i am kind of confused at the issue cause i dont understand why im getting traffic but no sales folks even dont email me half the time to tell me what they need so i also need to know is there a way to upload products in the store all at once and is there a way to do so what do i need to do on that ? next the store domain is as follows http://www.cmsmallengines.net im simply waiting to hear from you all o n this there is some extra features i want to add to store but dont know who to talk too on it another thing is i try to do a test order on my store and i get a msg that says Your shopping cart is currently empty. when i click the view basket on the main page it shows a product in the cart but when i click on that tab it brings up that error msg anyone know what is causing this ??? God bless calvin
  6. It changed from Froogle to Google Base several months ago, but the Froogle name is still used on the Google site. I'm wondering actually if Google split the Froogle concept into two, as both Froogle and Base are listed side by side in my Google account. hey robsta calvin here i need to find out i seem to be having the same problem that is search engine problems msn search seems to like my site more than yahoo and google does they have me ranked higher than others . i am seeking some help on these things cause i need to increase sales alot right now im not getting to many sales and can use some advice on how to boost sales any info will be much helpful if you all want you can email me quicker cause i seldom check here for msgs thanks calvin
  7. hi Jim i think it may be possible it just involves in a lot of work
  8. if im not mistaking the control panel you should where you have the site hosted at should have a control panel where you can log on and do a system backup or you could call the hosting company and have them reinstate the backup the last time the system did a backup on its own hope this info helps
  9. hi all vrakas once said to me that my site can be a example for others i however have been told that the grammer is not that good can someone out there help me on this issue english is not my best subject the link here My site so just to let you know i am still adding products but the homepage i need help on rewording it and the proper grammer to use including the commas and periods if someone that is good at english can help rewrite that in a pm to me it would be must appreciated alot another thing is i need to edit the topheader image there is a mtd logo that i need to remove and dont know how to remove that logo without hurting the background picture at all if someone that knows how to code work can give me some pointers maybe 1/1 pm me about it and it would be thankful for someone to help me get my site looking sharp and professional appearing i been thinking that maybe its time to try changing the topheader image to something that will work with my line of business instead of the mountain scene if this is true and could make my site look better let me know i need to find out what i can do to make visitors stay a nd order cause my locksmith business is not doing so good so i have to depend on the e commerce store to keep[ my bills paid and in order for this to happen i must have customers that order daily my goal is to have 30 orders a day so please help me get this store looking professional and easy to navigate . calvin
  10. ive been wondering about the same thing i have qb too and i have to put in things manually and yes it takes time to do that calvin
  11. hi all calvin here how is everyone today i am writing this cause i have serious problem it is that im not that good at grammer and how to word words and such my site i keep hearing from folks the capital letters are hard to read im writing this cause i need some modifications done and someone that knows grammer to give me some pointers and all of what needs to be done about my store now if you want to see the store it is located in the live stores section i need to know what to do cause i need to also remove some of the logos on the topheader image but dont know how to just remove the mtd logo which is on the right hand lower side of the header image and if anyone has any suggestions on what kind of background will go along with my line of business please give me the feedback on some ideas cause i want this site to look better than other outdoor power equipment sites out there and much more easier to get around and find the products but the wording on homepage is where im having problems at dont know how to word it to make folks stay and shop i get tons of traffic cause i am ranked on msn search engine top pages the easier way of you all finding me is do a search on msn and use the homelite parts as the keyword search i should be number 7 on first page but i need some of the coders to take a look at this and give me some ideas on how i can change the wording and use proper grammer english was never my best ssubjject in school i all the time made c 's and d's so if that says anything but math i made a and b in so i can use your alls help in making my store a better appearing professional looking store thank you and God bless calvin
  12. what is froggle and how can you get it installed or is it on google end calvin
  13. i myself have quickbooks pro and i have not found a way yet to integrate it with the cart unless its a certain way and me not knowing it calvin
  14. i would love to see a dhl fed ex module it would help me n the long run calvin
  15. hi james couple things i notice a type error on main page We are hardware and plumbing specialists, suplying retail stores and merchants with top quality products for over 50 years. the suplying word should be checked again for proper spelling another thing is may want to allow the prices be there without having a account the reason for this is folks want to know what the price of something is before they buy it see i show off my prices on my store and the pronunciation of the wording is very matched thru out the whole store i use caps on the first letter of each word i think this shows up better instead of using small letters but if you want you can view my site http://www.cmsmallengines.net notice the copyright at the bottom if you purchased the license to remove copyright i would suggest placing a copyright on the bottom this would show customers that it is a good site if you need help on placing the copyright its very simple doing so just need to backup your store files before attempting it as you can see i placed sub categories in the categories list this helps the consumers to find what they looking for much better than scrolling page after page and so on i am starting to figure things out as i go and already am on search engines with part numbers but anyway i thought i let you know these things to help you out in much ways but otherwise things look ok
  16. gospelsinger

    1st cubecart

    hey dev just wondering is that golf talking 65cc class and all im not a golfer but that is what it sounds like anyway got to run
  17. just wondering if it is mandatory for the update or not to 3.0.15 from 3.0.14 also i have a question on what it takes to put a testmonial comment section on the store thanks calvin
  18. i have usps shipping module and it works fine but im running version 3.0.14 still unless it is mandatory i install the 3.0.15 but what i had to do is call usps themselves and they had to turn my store on there live server on there end maybe you may have to do the same
  19. i have my store on the live stores on main page do outsiders from cubecart customers read them stores ? if so i rather be taken off of there cause i think thats how these spammers are attacking my forum site if someone here can seriously help me on this it would be appreciated alot i wish i can do something to ban certain ip addresses from accessing my store cause thats how they are finding my forum site is by going to my store please help me all i need to stop this non sense once and for all i dont think its anyone that has a store on cubecart i think its folks trying to spam other folks stores that is not even affiliated with cubecart themselves please i beg you to give me some advice on what can be done about this thanks calvin
  20. how do i do that on the restrict ? now the logs where do i check them at cc admin or on the servver c panel yes on the phpbb forum im using the current version cause it says no update required
  21. i have a lawnmower parts and chainsaw parts and so on store would it be worth getting a affiliate program on there how does it work anyhow what is a affiliate program ? which one will be the best one if it will work another question how do i get my store removed from the database on live stores on main page of cube cart cause i am having spammers from russia and other countries going on my site and going to my forum site and trying to spam that forum site please let me know thanks
  22. jan have you contacted the usps 800 number yet to ask them to activate your account for live server ? if not this is why you are probily having problems
  23. yes on your paypal account you have a profile tab on the far right upper corner you click on that profile tab and it brings you to three categories you go to that third category and you select shipping calculations you simply go f rom there cause see paypal is totally diffferent from the store itself . thats all i got on this one cause i had the same issue i couldnt figure out the shipping costs on paypal
  24. please rank the store for me i would appreciate it alot http://www.cmsmallengines.net
  25. i have a outdoor power equipment parts sales store and i am in the usa and i had someone send me a bad feedback i wont say what was said to me by them cause i respect others but i was hurt by there words they used apperantly they thought i was charging them 60.00 for a 1 lb package for shipping they didnt even use the drop down window is there a way i can fix this problem to where the correct shipping cost will show up i do need to find out how to set a handling fee on shipping materials and everyone knows that shipping materials cost money i normally use the bubble wrap envelopes to ship out small items it is much more lighter than boxes but they cost alot to purchase i only have a few good customers and can use some advice on what i can do to gain more as far as maybe offering free shipping on a certain amount of order i can use your alls advice on this to help my business out it seems like im starting to sale all my obselete homelite parts that i had on the shelf a long time there still in there original packages i sold two of my echo obselete items so im asking you all to help me get this shipping issue resolved i know someone out there that would know what i can do about it can actually give me the advice i need to get this accomplished thank you in advance if you like you can view my store i have the store name on the show off topic thanks
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