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  1. I have a shop that doesn't deal with shipping at the store level customers must either pay e transfer , credit card or cash n carry, once they've paid a delivery time will be made via a phone call,, so I need the store set up that they pay, its a butcher shop site, so items are in lbs, also I need it to only deal with one province so anyone outside this province cant buy from the site, customer doesn't have PayPal and isnt interested in getting it,
  2. Not sure (* whether this item appeared on your admin Order Notification email) I'll have to check tomorrow with the guys.
  3. Version v6.0.12 Hello everyone Had a order go threw where the calculation dropped one of the products in the order which calculated the cost of the invoice (see in image amount wrong) so I check the inventory button and it was wrong there also, at the bottom of the inventory list next to the Total is a refresh button, so I clicked it to see what would happen and it corrected the amount and it now reads right, but in the meant time this customer was able to check out, and pay the wrong amount.
  4. so today Canada Post Tec called me, we messed around for a bout a hour n a bit, finally he had me contact my Server Support to re check 30000 port, they did and emailed me back. All is good and the CPM is working again Thank you all for your help, have a Merry Cgristmas and a Happy New Year. Dear Tim, We have enabled 30000 port for TCP outgoing traffic. Could you please check it from your side and notify us if the issue persists.
  5. well I got this but the sites still aren't working with the CPM I do have them at less working with the AIOS so far
  6. I agree a new module should be made to go with the new CP API, I'm sure this Glitch is Canada wide, although there isn't much on the CP Forum about it. and other than the reply on the 8th I haven't heard a thing from Sell Online about it. as for the AIOS I can figure out the setting up of it, but it's the shipping cost that has me scratching my head, as in the shipping cost , the hat would be shipped from Quebec to B.C. ... CP cost on their site is $0.85 per 0.000g - 0.030g
  7. it's me that has the 5 stores and been working at the AIOS since yesterday, it isn't that easy to set up and try and match the shipping cost to be some what the same as the CPM was charging at the end of the order. And I can't believe how unprofessional CP Sell Online are being I haven't heard anything back from them other than that one reply 3 days ago
  8. I have been trying to set this AIOS , trying to put in the price to come somewhat close to what the previous Orders are for shipping cost, do you know when you set the $ per kg/lb << what is it lol KG or LB, the store is set to kg but there is no option in the AIOS to set it one way or the other or is it design to follow what your store is set to?
  9. Not as of yet, Brian what do you think? 'm still waiting to hear back from my Server support and sell online support, I have 5 Stores effected by this, none are selling and people getting upset, i'm thinking of having them set to a flat rate
  10. is there any other Canadians having trouble with Canada Post Mod?
  11. well the Developers weren't any help Hi rocktim, We had an unexpected outage this morning which has just been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience, please let us know if you are still having issues. Btw. please note that the Developer Forum supports Developer Program API only, not Sell Online. For any Sell Online related inquires, please contact 1 866-511-0546 or email at [email protected] Many thanks, The Developer Program team
  12. I did get a reply from Sell.Online, and I posted on Canada Post Developer Forum ( no reply yet), this isn't directed at one of my stores but all the stores are giving this error on my server. Hello, Thank you for contacting the Sell Online helpdesk. • Your complete mailing address • Browser and version you are using (even if multiple types) • Error message you are receiving • Permission to access your account if required • Operating system and version you are using. • Telephone number to reach you at if necessary Regards, Sell Online Helpdesk 81 [email protected] 1-866-511-0546
  13. They messaged me back Dear Tim, It was closed. We opened port 30000 per your request.
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