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  1. Hi , can someone tell me what the 'status' field in 'cubecart_category' is to do with ? ManyThanks ..
  2. Yes I did the same - but do not wish to modify this part of the store - My plug-in would stop working every time an update occurred ..
  3. Yes, its the order history page. I was running without the cache, but have now emptied the cache too. Running the curser over the anchor show that I am opening the correct page, but I'm still getting the same result. I have noticed something strange, if I change the request string around a little so the variables are in a different order - You would expect the result to be the same, but its not because I get redirected back to the homepage .. Anyway 'notwithstanding' all of that - I found that the data I need is in the 'session object' so can ignore the above. And Thank You for pointing me in the right direction. Chris.
  4. In the hook - class.cubecart.print.receipt.php I have - print_r($_GET);die; Which returns - Array ( [_a] => receipt [cart_order_id] => 151020-123959-6761 )
  5. I am adding an option to allow customers to print using PDF. I will use a hook at class.cubecart.print.receipt. The problem is that I need to pass the option to the hook. Normally to print a receipt the anchor tag looks like - But I need to change it to do something like - i.e. with extra pdf variable .. But CubeCart strips of the extra pdf variable, which I guess is safer. Is there another way to pass additional variables from an html page ? Thanks.
  6. On production server its all good - But still no dice on test server (windows xampp) - Still I don't really care anymore. Chris. ps. By the way I tried out the hooks system _ Its brilliant
  7. I am also getting this error - cannot login to ADMIN and users cannot login - Clean Install, Problem only in IE ? Tested successfully with simultaneous logins to the same admin account from Safari, Firefox and Opera ? Ok can live with it on local systems but will be a problem when store gore into production ? There's nothing in the request logs .. Upgraded to 6.0.7, using firefox. Tried to access store admin using IE - same problem ? Problem is that if its a server problem why is it allowed through non-IE browsers ? I have tried BillSmithers fix but it does not work for me ?
  8. Well you may be correct, but if migrating from another DB and a lot of images and products need to be uploaded say 1000s then it's not so simple, unless you want to type them all in one by one. There is a better, quicker way using php but it's not straightforward. Chris.
  9. OK - If the screen is the same size as the skin (1024*768) the mouseover works as it should. If the screen is bigger say (1360*1024) then the mouseover appears a long way left of where it should be -- Clearly the co-ordinates for the mouseover have been taken from the wrong point . If the PC has two screens and the window is dragged from one screen to the bigger one then the problem occurs - The screensize needs to be refreshed in javascript. ChrisColeman.
  10. I have the same problem -- i have written some php to do the transfer - Not fully working yet but looking ok. It hooks into the DB of the old store and transfers the products, catalogs and images. I currently have one difficulty to solve but it looks like it could be an error in the CubeCart code, or an incompatibility with latest MySql release, really I'm not sure but the problem occurs even before I transfer any data to the new store - IE. a vanilla installation from CC. Any way let me know if you want help. Regards, ChrisColeman.
  11. Hi With IE8 - Go to a product's page. Run cursor over main image - Magnified image appears. Runcursor over thumb next to main image, then back over main image - Magnified image does not appear - Just an annoying image loading grey box which covers the main image ? - in FirFox it works as designed. ChrisColeman.
  12. Hi, I have about 10 cc3 versions to upgrade to cc4. A few months ago i installed a cc4 version on a local server, modified it and then installed it, so far no problems. Yesterday I fired up the local version and only when accessing ADMIN it gives me a "licence error" .. With cc3 I could run local and live versions of each store using a single licence, I'm sure that the same would be true for cc4. How can make my local version work again ? Many Thanks, ChrisColeman. ## Problem solved, cubecart support added localhost to my domain access list, must have got removed somehow. Thanks, ChrisColeman.
  13. Hi, my current wholesale store has a must login mod ... IE. customers must have an account and login before being able to view prices. Does anyone know if such a mod. is available for CubeCart 4.0 and if so where from. Many Thanks, ChrisColeman .
  14. Hi, am planning v3 to v4 upgrades. Cannot use the migration tool because of local mods. I.E. will need to install and test the local mods. on V4 before going live, but during that time the v3 store will receive a lot of transactions which will have to be migrated to the new v4 store. The simplest way would be to migrate the v3 db to the v4 store just before going live. Can anyone advise on the best way to do this. Cannot use the migration tool because that would overwrite my local mods. Many Thanks .. :D
  15. Have several sites awaiting upgrade and a new one to start, but I guess will have to stay with cc3 for the new site .. Pity. Have now requested HSBC module twice in three months, no response yet. In my opinion and I realize it might b dificult but should not the payment modules have a high priority ? Also paypal module ? Chris.
  16. We too need HSBC module. We really need CC4 but cannot until HSBC module is ready. www.ClothingCheckout.com
  17. Hi, I also need to be able to display several products on a single page and the ability to add several products to the basket (almost) simultaneously. I am considering doing this mod. myself, I don't think it is too difficult to do, but rather than change CubeCart code I will probably make some new pages for those parts/categories of the store which lead to several product groups / page. At the moment I am still thinking about this but let me know if you have any interest. Regards, ChrisColeman.
  18. Hi, several of my websites use CubeCart and are currently being upgraded to V3. At the moment the sites have two separate mailing lists, the CubeCart v2 customer mailing list a seperate mailing list from the website home page, ie. nothing to do with CubeCart I have noticed that the mailing facilities of CC-V3 could be used instead of those I currently use on the non-Cubecart parts of the sites. In other words I would like to add a "subscribe to CubeCart mailing list" box on a non-CubeCart page, has someone already done this, any advice appretiated, I am a PHP user. Thanks. */*
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