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  1. Thanks a ton Technocrat! That totally worked, everything is all good now. And kudos on the wicked fast reply..that was like less than 10 minutes...you guys rock!
  2. I was playing around in CC5 setting up a new store and I set the store to offline and proceeded to edit the Offline page contents...just putting in a simple image and leaving the other text about the store being offline. When I save it it seems to include a bunch of extra characters and I can never get the page to diaplay correctly. I dont know if I am doing something wrong or if its just broken. It seems to be inserting \" into the code and breaking the clean code that is there before I save it. Code Before I Save: <p> <img alt="" src="/images/cache/SkinHealixFront.270.jpg" style="width: 239px; height: 270px; " /></p> <p> Store is currently offline.<br /> Please visit again soon.</p> Code After I Save and source in the browser: <p> <img alt=\"\" src=\"/images/cache/SkinHealixFront.270.jpg\" style=\"width: 239px; height: 270px; \" /></p> <p> Store is currently offline.<br /> Please visit again soon.</p> Anyone know how to get past this or even better, where this is stored in the database or file structure or cache so I can go in and manually fix it myself? Or manually edit it in the future? Also, not to push my luck here but the image I uploaded was resized and cached as 270px wide and this is the only version I am allowed to select for display when choosing an image in the editor. Once again, I'd just manually repoint this to the original graphic I want saved somewhere (and I've tried) but when I save my code the editor adds a bunch of characters and breaks it everytime. Any help or insight would be appreciated.
  3. I had this same issue with 4.3.2....turns out it WAS Outlook 2007 and some mail rules I setup that were causing the duplicates. I ran a test through my Gmail account and it showed up with one email each. So chalk one up for Outlook mail rules being the issue..at least for me. :blink:
  4. Not that this has anything to do with the topic at hand, but just FYI...as of April 2007, between restricted PHP functions and stupid cURL proxy servers, using Authorize.net AIM on GoDaddy is completely horked still. I agonized over the magic PHP string that would let me use the AIM module with GoDaddy's weird CURL proxy setup but I never did figure it out, probably because I am not really a PHP person, but I knew enough to try to take a shot at it. I know it can probably work and may revisit it in the future with some PHP gurus I know, but its broke for now. My solution was quitting GoDaddy and going to the host advertised at the bottom of these forums. Everything works like clockwork right out of the box now. Just FYI for those beating their heads against the wall in the future with trying to integrate this particular CC payment module with GoDaddy. )
  5. OK...time for me to give back to this community. I ran into an issue where UPS was displaying the most expensive shipping options (Next Day Air) first and the least expensive options (Ground) last, and hidden at the bottom of the shipping dropdown list. This can be a real turnoff for customers when it is displayed this way and I was looking for an alternate display method or a way to rearrange the shipping options to my liking. I searched all over these forums and google and found several posts on this same topic (and for USPS too) of people with this same issue but no replies to their calls for help. So since I was stuck I tracked down a solution myself and it works and works great and this forum posting is to serve as record of how I fixed this issue just in case other people run into it in the future and need help. Below are my personal notes I saved on this topic while I worked on it, they may not all be accurate, but its a start. (like I'm not sure how close this might be to helping USPS people with the same issue as I am only using UPS and not USPS at this time, but maybe someone else can check on that). The dropdown shipping menu by default with UPS (and maybe USPS) is designed to display the most expensive option first with the least expensive shipping options hidden by the dropdown forcing you to click to see options such as "Ground" This mod will help you rearrange the way items are displayed in the shipping dropdown box so that you can rearrange the option to your desire, usually from cheapest to most expensive shipping options. Shipping works this way: When you activate a shipping module such as UPS, you need to enable specific shipping options such as ground and next day. After you choose these options and click to update the module, CubeCart generates an array for that shipping module in the database that stores your newly chosen options. This array is stored in the database in the table "yourstorename_CubeCart_config". There is a row called "UPS" and the array is the data stored in it. This might also apply to USPS, but your mileage may vary...someone else needs to test on this to see if its true or not. As far as I can tell this array is generated using the PHYSICAL ORDER of the shipping options in the HTML of the index.php of the UPS module in the admin section. This same list is also located in the calc.php for the UPS shipping module in the public_html side of the cart. I dont think it has anything to do with the array, but I havent been able to do testing so it might, but since I didnt have time to mess with it, I changed the lists in both the admin/modules/shipping/UPS/index.php and the public/modules/shipping/UPS/calc.php files so their shipping options matched. Once someone places an order, this array is called by the calc.php and UPS.php modules somehow and fed to UPS which spits back a shipping quote which then populates the shipping dropdown box on the frontend of the cart during checkout. Everyone following along still? HOW TO CHANGE ORDER: NOTE: BACKUP YOUR FILES before attempting any changes. 1. To change the order of shipping, you should figure out what shipping options you want to use and then rearrange them in the order you want, I did cheapest (Ground) to most expensive (Air). Then I went into BOTH admin/index.php and public/calc.php and deleted the options I didnt want to use first and then rearranged the options I did want to use in the code in the order I wanted them to physically appear in the dropdown box. Pay special attention to making sure the php code matches when you rearrange rows in the index.php. Once you are done making changes DO NOT UPLOAD YET. Here are some hints of what you are looking to delete/rearrange: In public/calc.php: ---------------------------------- case "GND": $desc = $lang['misc']['ground']; break; ---------------------------------- In admin/index.php ---------------------------------- <tr> <td align="left" class="tdText"><strong>Next Day Air</strong></td> <td class="tdText"><select name="module[product_1DA]"> <option value="1" <?php if($module['product_1DA']==1) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Enabled</option> <option value="0" <?php if($module['product_1DA']==0) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Disabled</option> </select></td> </tr> ---------------------------------- ****SPECIAL NOTE on index.php: The above code will select/move an entire row in the UPS admin module. For whatever reason, the very top visible option in that module is missing a <tr> tag at the beginning. Well OK, its not missing, its just caught up in the code above it. So in that case I manually just changed the top visible option to what I wanted it to be in both name and with the product code in the PHP string. Use the above as an example and you should be OK...just make sure you put the right product_*** string in to match the listed option.*** 2. Once all my files were changed and saved, Then I went into the admin backend of the cart and disabled all the UPS shipping options and erased the zipcode and packing preferences, updated those changes, then I went back and disabled the UPS module all together and updated that. So now UPS is off. This step maybe redundant, but I wasnt sure if it was going to actually wipe out the array so I was being extra careful. This step may have been unnecessary. 3. I went into the database using PHPmyAdmin, did a search for UPS in the database, selected the "yourstorename_CubeCart_config" from the results and in the only UPS row there, I went to edit the array (which looks like nonsense code stings), I copied the array as one long text string and pasted it locally into a text file for safe keeping just in case. Then I deleted the text string/array and saved that and exited phpmyadmin. Once again, I'm not sure if this step is needed either, the array might have been disabled or cleared out in step 2, but I was just being extra careful and making sure the array was recreated from a null value. 4. I uploaded both the new admin/index.php file and the public/calc.php to the server in their respective places. 5. I went back into the store admin backend and reenabled the UPS module and the specified shipping options (of which there should only be the rows I wanted and they should now be in the order I want too). I did notice a weird error string at the top of the module selection page as well as the UPS specific module page in the backend when I tried to set it up, but once I enabled my changes and closed out and went back into the admin section, the errors were gone and everything appeared normal. I chalked this up to CC freaking out because I didnt have a UPS array or entry anymore, but by re-enabling the UPS module, it seemed to re-insert a new entry and all was fine after that. 6. Tested an order and UPS now shows up with Ground first and then Air at the bottom of the dropdown menu. Success! So thats it. I'll keep an eye on this thread and if I hear feedback from others I'll re-edit this post to reflect new information. (Like maybe one of you people want to try this with USPS too) In the meantime, I am also attaching the 2 files I changed that are live on my site so you can see how the finished mods work. Good luck! :) index.php calc.php
  6. I have looked for a couple items like this...none for printing directly to UPS right from within cubecart...but you might look into T-Hub (google for it). It is an order management piece fo software that will connect to cubecart directly and suck down orders into it and it also supports printing directly to UPS label printers...might work for you. Granted...I havent actually set this up yet, but in thew research I've done..this is the way I am goign to try to rig my store cause printing labels by hand sucks...good luck
  7. Thanks so much for this attachment. I am setting up a store on GoDaddy and I was having this same issue with the UPS shipping module. I downloaded the above file and changed it to ups.php and uploaded it to the server replacing my old file and UPS now works and calculates correctly. Thanks a bunch!
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