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  1. I had some problems with products disappearing from my website but still show up on my admin page and show as being active. By using sql Queries I was able to get the products back in the categories but I am not sure what caused this in the first place. According to my admin view products page I have 1033 products but the count on my webpage is only 974. I cleared cache and used the rebuild Rebuild category product count. It seemed to rebuild the category count but not total product count. Any ideas? Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  2. I can confirm that I've just had a customer telling me this. When they clicked on checkout, the basket emptied. No further information I'm afriad. I'm running CC4.2.2. I think it's important that the developers test older browsers when posting fixes - Not everyone bothers or realises they need to update their software. I've mentioned this before, being told "Hardly anyone uses that browser any more". Well, hardly anyone does, but a paying customer who couldn't place their order did.
  3. I have been having this same issue since I upgraded to 4.x.x Cube Cart. Some people call me to tell me the have added things to the cart and when it was time to check out or view cart everything would be gone. Makes me wonder how many people just decided to not order because of this problem and didnt contact me. 3.x.x was flawless in this area. Hope a fix come soon. Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  4. Just makes one wonder how many out there are having problems and not notifying me.. Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  5. I am running version 4.2.2 I just upgraded to this version from 4.1.1 about two weeks ago. I wasn't aware of this problem. How many others have this problem? Marv
  6. Yes I should be able to find that out. What would this tell me? Thanks Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  7. One of my good customers called me today to tell me that he could not order from my website because when he clicked on the "Buy" button it would not add anything to the basket. While on the phone I asked him to refresh his browser to see if that changed anything...nope. I tried it on my computer while on the phone with him and the products added just fine. He tried it again and it still wouldnt add. He was using Internet Explorer. I tried it on both Firefox and Internet Explorer and it worked just fine here. Any ideas? This makes me nervous about other customers not being able to order. Thanks! Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  8. When I go in to add a new order manually. I notice the only option I have for the product is where I have to manually add the code. The problem is, when I do this it doesn't subtract from the inventory. Is there a way of having a drop down selection, where I can select a product from my inventory instead of manually adding it? Thanks! Marv
  9. I have recently upgraded from ver 3 to 4 and am having a lot of problems moving over to a new server. But beyond that, on my present server, I am having problems with add order. I also sell things on my ebay store so from time to time I manually want to add an order to Cube Cart to keep track of inventory. WIth CC3 I had purchased an "Add Order" mod that really worked great. Add Order was included with CC4. The problem I am having is when I enter all of the Customer Data manually (Name, Address, type of payment, item, cost) eveything disappears as soon as I click edit order. If I go into customer and type the information in their first, I can save them as a customer. Then I have to go back in and re enter everything in Add Order. It seems odd to me there isnt a drop down menu for the products as well. I can type in Product Description and Part number, but it will never decrease the value of my inventory after I save the order and process. I have to manually go in and view products an edit my inventory. I am thinking something must not be set up correctly. One shoudlnt have to do 3 seperate data entries for one order. Thanks! Marvso www.marvsmusic.com
  10. Ok I know I am not very smart with Computers but I feel really dumb! I have went through these forums looking to see how I can edit my Front Store page to not say YOUR STORE anymore. When I read the forums they are talking about going in and editing files in the skins folder. I cant for the life of my find my skins folder. I dont have cube cart 4 installed on my local computer. I had cube cart upgrade for me from version 3 to version 4. I have been all through my admin page to look for settings and also looked through my cpanel and I cannot find any Skins folder or anything like that. I could use a step by step approach to getting this resolved. Thanks! Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
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