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  1. [17-Dec-2015 19:40:40 UTC] PHP Warning: substr() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in /home/marvso/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 1292
    [17-Dec-2015 19:40:51 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_f() in /home/marvso/public_html/includes/extra/snippet_2226bc0f7fa998a22abf552e7451d276.php on line 4


  2. Is there a way to "loosen" up the settings for searches? If you don't type in the name or product number exactly, the search engine on the webpage won't find it. For example I stock music strings brand "D'addario EXP74".  If a customer types in "Daddario " without the "'" or "EXP 74" with a space between "EXP" and "74".  It won't find it. Trying to make my website as customer friendly as possible.




  3. I tried adding my email as you described above but still I do not receive or send any emails as far as orders are concerned. Not sure what changed in the last couple of updates. Do I need to input info into SMPT?

  4. It used to do it automatically before last couple of updates. Not sure what has changed. 


    The Email settings in Store Settings Advanced are"


    Sending Method:    PHP mail() Function


    Use SMPT Authentication (normally required):  No


    Everything else is blank


    Do I need to set this up with my store email address?



  5. OK. I am a bit confused on how to setup Email templates. I used to get emails when someone placed an order on my website but no longer get any notification. Nor does it send an email to the customer. I think this is part of the reason that when folks place orders for gift certificates they don't receive them. I can see all of the default email templates but not sure they are activated or how I activate them. Thanks.

  6. I had issues updating from 5.2.8 to 5.2.9 and had to restore my 5.2.8.   Waiting to see if 5.2.10 is stable before updating again. I am pretty much a novice on stuff like this and had my hosting company do the restore. I was wondering if I could ftp the cube cart folders from my cpanel into a folder on my desktop and the just recopy them onto my website in the event that my next update goes bad? I assume it would be the same folders and file that are included in the manual update folder for the latest version of cubecart.



  7. There is a file called includes/global.inc.php-dist  I removed the setup folder.  My website is down. Here are contents of global.inc.php-dist


    text-x-generic.png global.inc.php-dist 
    PHP script text
    $glob['dbdatabase'] 	= '';			// e.g. cubecart 
    $glob['dbhost'] 		= '';			// e.g. localhost (Can be domain or ip address)
    $glob['dbprefix'] 		= '';			// e.g. store_1_ prefixed on to table names
    $glob['dbusername'] 	= '';			// username that has access to the db
    $glob['dbpassword'] 	= '';			// password for username
    $glob['installed'] 		= '0';			// set to 1 if store is installed
    $glob['adminFolder'] 	= 'admin';		// Change this if you have changed the admin folder name
    $glob['adminFile'] 		= 'admin.php';	// Change this if you have changed the admin file name
  8. It shows 5.2.9 as the last entry in the history table.  YEs I did upgrade to CC529.   I was unable to access my admin page after that. So I read on the forums to manually install 5.2.10   I uploaded all of the folders and when I run setup, there is no option to upgrade but only to install. 

  9. I used Forklift to manually upload CubeCart 5.2.10 to my website. After I uploaded everything I went to my setup page. It gave me no option to upgrade my website but only to install 5.2.10  How do I just upgrade it without reinstalling everything? i don't want to lose all of my products.


    I am upgrading from 5.2.9 which caused blank admin page.





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