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  1. Still looking on how to hack this. But from your description in the OP, comparing how you describe what you are after, it seems to me there is some confusion. You want the coupon to apply its calculations to the subtotal? Or (I think actually) you want the coupon to apply its calculations to one or more of the line items' "full retail price"? The "What he needs" detail above seems to suggest there is to be a discount applied to Product Z (whatever you wish Product Z to mean). I am focusing on the AIOS module.
  2. As for the Document Root, is it just to be understood that /home/aac/ is actually part of the root path and so need not be displayed, or might that part of the path actually be missing that should be showing the full path to the site's document root? But the admin is still working fine?
  3. Please do not confuse a sub-domain with a sub-folder. "ccstore." is a sub-domain (technically, so is www., but that is a universally understood situation). Earlier you said that the admin side of your store is working fine. Denied permission would still happen when requesting the admin PHP script if this were really the issue. Reviewing earlier statements, an error referenced: /home/aac/CCstore.aeronca.org/classes/db/mysqli.class.php Ok, so now we assume that CubeCart has been installed in /home/aac/CCstore.aeronca.org/, where the folder /CCstore.aeronca.org/ is considered as the site's "root" or "home" or aka "public_html" folder. That means, the web server configuration may have an incorrect designation as to what is stated as to where CubeCart is located. But the admin is still working fine???
  4. For the store that is not in a subdirectory: RewriteBase / And near the end: ### Default store 404 page ### ErrorDocument 404 /index.php Also, try to find the web server's error log in your hosting site's control panel.
  5. The .htaccess file may have a disagreement with the name of the category "/aeronca.org". The other site is in a subdirectory "/aac-toc-cc". So for that other site, there will be a Rewrite Base directive telling the web server that everything is to be considered located in that subdirectory. Is there a Rewrite Base directive in the .htaccess file for "ccstore"?
  6. Interesting question. Having given it some initial thought, I think the best approach is modify the shipping module, rather than the sequence CubeCart takes in processing the checkout vis-a-vis the coupon discount. What shipping module is being used?
  7. A bug report has been posted to the GitHub referencing this conversation.
  8. Here are some maths: 1059 = 962.73 x 1.10:GST 909 = 826.36 x 1.10:GST 909 = 730.09 x 1.24 Diff: 96.27 150 = 136.36 x 1.10:GST 150 = 40.09 x 3.74 Diff: 96.27 96.27 is the GST of the Full Price. So, I see that GST of the full price is being subtracted out of the Absolute Price of the selected option. A definite bug - somewhere. I wonder what would happen (as regards AUD) if you set the product's options as: Deposit: Negative 909 Not Absolute Balance: Negative 150 Not Absolute
  9. Please post the Options details of the eSpinner product. There is this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/show-prices-with-and-without-tax-/-vat
  10. I really cannot fathom how PayPal (or any payment gateway) would get involved when one is just viewing the basket (index.php?_a=basket). I am reviewing this issue in the Github: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2566 But the major conundrum is where the Shopping Basket flyover shows correct, but the View Basket page shows wrong. I playing with maths to figure out the relationship between $150 and $40.09. (Please verify about the inclusion of tax in displayed prices.)
  11. Interesting. A 'Full Price" option shows as $962.73 at checkout. But the Shopping Cart flyover (above the Search bar) shows the correct amount. So I doubt this has anything to do with how CubeCart calculates how options affect prices. Maybe it does. Do you have any plugin or code snippet installed that would affect the price (actual or displayed) in any way? Does AUD require that prices shown include the tax being paid as part of that price? That is, does $1059 include the 10% tax, such that: $962.72 + (10% of $962.72) = $1059 Need to figure out the $150 to $40.09 problem, though. What version of CubeCart did you upgrade from?
  12. Please try this edit. It adds a text entry field to the Email Log table whereby the admin can enter an email address (or comma-separated list of addresses, or leave blank for original address), check a box for resending, select "Resend" from the "With Selected" chooser below the Log listing, and a 'Go' button to start the resend process. I suggest you read through the instructions completely before making the edits. These edits will not survive an upgrade. New Email Address for Resend.txt
  13. In looking at your site: Using the original 'standard', non-seo-friendly URL pattern: index.php?_a=product&product_id=67 Works, but CubeCart should 302 bounce you to either: https://cacaokingdom.biz/shopping/chocolate/34-peppermint-white-chocolate.html or: https://cacaokingdom.biz/shopping/chocolate/34-peppermint-white-chocolate Additionally, using what should happen with the rewrite rules in the .htaccess file: Works: https://cacaokingdom.biz/shopping/index.php?seo_path=chocolate/34-peppermint-white-chocolate.html Does not work: https://cacaokingdom.biz/shopping/index.php?seo_path=chocolate/34-peppermint-white-chocolate Additionally, Works: https://cacaokingdom.biz/shopping/chocolate/34-peppermint-white-chocolate.html.html Note the double .html suffixes. This suggests the 'path' column in the database table 'CubeCart_seo_urls' for all rows has an .html suffix. This then suggests that an upgrade to one of the latest versions of CubeCart did not succeed in applying changes to the CubeCart_seo_urls table where the .html suffix was stripped off. In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, what is the first entry in the Upgrade History table? In the admin Dashboard, Store Overview tab, what is reported as the CubeCart version?
  14. The database server (which manages your database data) that CubeCart (and anything else) wants to talk to is not recognizing the username and password that CubeCart is using. Using your site's control panel, examine what the database has for you as regards the user, pass, and host (most often 'localhost') for you on your new host. Then, in Cubecart's file /includes/global.inc.php, make sure these data items are correct.
  15. The solution I came up with will take some editing to the core code and admin template. Allow me to ask: is this a 'guest' customer? If a regular customer, they have these download links in their customer profile, Downloads page.
  16. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable Debug mode. Also, enter your local IP address (www.showmyip.com) in the adjacent text entry field. When you next request a page from CubeCart, at the bottom, there will be a grey debug section. In the SESSION: section, there will be a '__basket' array. In that array, there will be an element named 'By_Category_Shipping'. What is the numeric value associated with that element? Depending if it has a value, or if it is zero, we eliminate a good amount of code that may be causing the problem.
  17. Interesting, that the Per category would offer a rate that would otherwise cause it to be ineligible - in my opinion, I'll have to check the code. Try using GB instead of UK on the module settings screen. Again, I will check the programming code to find out if that (to use GB) is a restriction.
  18. Welcome Ahmed! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, Taxes, there may already be a few Tax Classes. If not, enter a name in the Add Tax Class text entry field. The name can be something like "Standard Tax". Save the form. Now, on the Tax Details tab, enter values in the Add Tax Detail text entry fields. Save the form. Now, on the Tax Rules tab, to Add a Tax Rule, choose a Class and a Detail. Fill in the rest of the form fields and Save. When editing a product, on the Pricing tab, choose the Tax Class required and Save. (If your taxing authority requires that the displayed prices to include the tax, check the box.) Clear CubeCart's cache and you should be good to go.
  19. There is this (customer's point of view): https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/file-uploads-attach-files-as-product-options There is also this (admin's point of view): https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/attached-documents Noodleman and Havenswift modules require ionCube for PHP. The "loader" is easily installed by the hosting provider (and yet, a few hosts are reluctant). So, if you are hosted, examine the features of your hosting environment to see if ionCube is already operational. https://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php
  20. Please confirm that this product has, as its primary category, the subject category for which you have 3.00 entered on the category's Shipping tab. For the Per Category module's settings, are there any countries entered on the General tab, and/or countries entered on the Allowed Zones or Disabled Zones tabs? Then, because CubeCart has already collected the calculated shipping rates, please empty the shopping basket and then re-add that product to the basket. This should re-collect the re-calculated shipping rates.
  21. Please see: https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003794018-I-can-t-login-to-the-admin-side-of-my-store-and-the-password-reset-tool-doesn-t-work-
  22. When creating options, there is a chooser to select what type of option this option is going to be: drop-down selector, radio buttons, a single line text entry field, or a multi-line text entry box. So, the same way you created the option for color, choose a text line or text box for the customer's text, radio or drop-down for the font, and if there is a limited choice of clipart, radio or drop-down, but if the choices are numerous, a text line with the name of the clipart which is displayed elsewhere.
  23. The only thing I can think of is that the shipping charges were entered maybe using a currency symbol. But I think CubeCart is smart enough to have stripped that out.
  24. Please try the following - but I have not tested how this behaves (and I expect only Foundation as shipped with CC62+ to do it right). https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1870 In admin, Countries & Zones, Countries tab, find United Kingdom and from the drop-down selector, choose "Enabled - Zone Disabled". Save and clear the cache.
  25. I'm working on a solution. Lots of aspects to work out on how to implement this.
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