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  1. walter4, did this fix your problem?
  2. There might be something up with the database. To be sure, you need to visually inspect the table names of your store's database using something like phpMyAdmin. See a write-up about this here: http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....st&p=130180 Basically, if your IIS6 has a MySQL system variable set a certain way, lettercase of table names become an issue. You said you had copied your development installation over to your production environment. What OS is your MAC running? That *nix variant? And what is the value of that system variable in your MAC's installation of MySQL? Are the table names in all lower case? For a good explanation of the consequences of that system variable, "lower_case_table_names", search the MySQL developer's site's MySQL manual pages for it.
  3. Yup. That was the problem. Admin, General Settings (Store Settings), Styles and Misc: Email Address You cannot put more than one e-mail address in this field. I thought this address was to be used only to send relevant status notices To:, not From:. But I see that it's used as both. The email address specified when Administrators are created must receive something from the store???
  4. Brilliant! (And I say that in a good way!) Thanks for the response!
  5. Line 27 in /index.php is a line commented out in a block describing the ownership of this application. Same with line 28 in /admin/index.php. Is your new domain on a different server, that is, running under a different installation PHP? Maybe you've made an adjustment to how PHP runs on this new server? Have you looked at the code of these files mentioned in the error report? The line where sessionStart is called in is on line 56. And if you removed the 28-line chunk of commented out text, then the line where sessionStart is called would indeed end up on line 28. In the file /includes/global.inc.php, see what the value is for 'rootRel'. If this store is at the root, I believe 'rootRel' needs to be '/'.
  6. When editing an order's status, if I check the "Inform customer" checkbox, I always get a 500 Internal Server Error. If it's not checked, I get the order status updated successfully. So maybe there's a problem with how e-mails addresses are being manipulated here? I was also told of several 500 ISE's when customers called to say that when moving from step 4 to step 5 of checking out (step five is when the customer is asked for their credit card number, if I recall), it crashed. It happened to me (as a prior successful customer) as I was making a test run through it. Backing up and trying again, I got through. So here it might *not* be an e-mail issue. I mention e-mail because I've stumbled across several messages that pin the blame on mis-matched e-mails for customer and/or administrator when CC didn't work quite right. CCv3.0.15 hosted on Godaddy shared server, Apache Linux.
  7. Low priority question, I know, but it will help me understand how CC works... (for developing a mod) I'm looking at the _order_sum table and seeing fields that replicate fields found in the _customer table. Is there a reason why _order_sum.customer_id isn't enough? Thanks.
  8. Did this and divined a major mess-up spot in the procedure. It involves backing up (moving/copying) from/to a *nix platform and IIS6 platform. On an IIS6 platform, the mySQL system variable "lower_case_table_names" probably should be set equal to 2 as this will preserve the case of table names during a CREATE statement. I had requested a SQL script be created by phpMyAdmin of my (production) store running *nix, then executed that script on a localserver (development) store running IIS6. The table names all came out lower case as viewed in MySQL Query Browser (MySQL AB). Knowing that PHP is case-sensitive, I was concerned what problems this might cause. Apparently none. However, going the other way may be highly problematic - IMHO. If the MySQL administrator on the IIS6 system allows for the total disregard of lettercase, I see problems ahead when moving/copying a store to *nix. The MySQL system variable "lower_case_table_names" may be by default set to equal 1 during installation on IIS6 systems, which is to CREATE all table names in lowercase and to convert all queries to lowercase. (Corrections to my conclusions are welcome.)
  9. OK, so 35 fields. Is this a hard and fast number. I'm thinking of adding a mod to allow me to add custom fields that need to be included in however I manage to get data brought into Quickbooks. Once these custom fields are added, are they then seen by Order Import and presented in the list for inclusion/exclusion?
  10. Yes, but even when there's only one choice (MC/Visa in my case), I still have to click my way through the page that offers the payment methods. The OP and I hope there's an "understanding" with CC that if there's only one enabled choice, just accept it as the default and move on. Maybe a customization of the code? Now, on the other side of the fence, I can suppose that if the one and only payment method offered does not suit the customer, then the the customer, realizing this, can bail. And I can see this side of the fence clearly since if PayPal is the only option available, I will bail. Many an item on eBay did not get my bid because the seller only accepted PayPal.
  11. I messed up once on an FTP upload of my store - my FTP client has a setting that forces all transferred names to lowercase. If your FTP client has this setting, make sure it is not set. These *nix servers are picky about upper/lower case file and directory names. Maybe /store/index.php is being found, but there's nothing else gonna work if the file/directory names got changed, even by lettercase.
  12. Could you not download again the ZIP archive of the version of CC you are running, then extract just the "rte" folder?
  13. I had this problem when I upgraded FCKEditor from the version that shipped with CC3.15 (FCKeditor v2.0FC I believe) to a (supposedly) direct drop-in replacement - version 2.4.0 probably (but it's up to 2.4.2 now). Once the direct drop-in happened, the editor window wouldn't display any more. I had to put the distributed version back in. Do you have anything that may disturb javascript as the page is being loaded into your browser? Zonealarm, anti-phishing settings in your browser, privacy, pop-up blockers, etc.?
  14. Not sure if this is a misunderstanding on your part, or if there is a true problem with CC, but this is how it works on my site: If I'm looking at products listed in a category page and I click on the "Buy" button, CC adds one to the cart and also takes you to the product page where CC offers to you an additional opportunity to add to your basket a specified quantity of this product. Hit the back button on your browser and click "Buy" once again, another unit is added to the cart. While I was showing the cart to my client, both she and I fell into that circumstance. I believe this behavior is outside the paradigm of intuitiveness.
  15. bsmither

    need help

    That has happened to me, too, recently. But this was when I was really experimenting with CC. I think the problem shows up, at least for me, when I was trying to log in using the same user/pass in two separate browsers (FF and IE6) using the same IP address at the same time. I also made sure IE6 had the cache deleted. Do you have any other browser windows that may still be open and logged in?
  16. Have you modified your skin? You said your documents are in a side bar, but the three skins that come with CC put the links to the documents centered at the bottom. If you are using Legend, the over-all box lengthens to accommodate all your doc links. But the separator character kind of throws off the effect. Killer has a definite height limit unless you modify \skins\Killer\styleSheets\layout.css to allow it (grab your CSS text books and image editing program!). The code at (or near) line 49 in \skins\Killer\styleTemplates\boxes\siteDocs.tpl checks for the last link and doesn't put a separator after it. If you do want the siteDocs box contents to wrap after x number of links per line, change out lines 49-51 for something that uses a MOD function. You may have to have a PHP guru figure that one out for you. As a second option, in \skins\Killer\styleTemplates\global\index.tpl, you can move the placeholders (called blocks) to wherever you need them. Like, move {SITE_DOCS} into the left column of the table code that's higher up in the template. So, you'll have to change your layout to accommodate a large number of site documents.
  17. From what I'm able to make out, there's a section called "hidden".
  18. Well, text() can save the result to a variable. The problem then becomes how to reintroduce the contents of that variable back into Xtemplate for another go around.
  19. Didn't work. Ended up with two copies of the document. I wonder what text() does...
  20. OK, I've examined the XTemplate class and made a cursory look through the parse() function. More importantly, I looked at the assign() function and now I see that this function is not making any text substitution when called, but rather using the placeholder as an index entry in an array and giving the text supplied as the value in the array at that index. Then it's all parsed. Which means, it's batched. That is, the illustrative code earlier would end up with: vars["VAR1"] = "Make{GLOBAL2}" vars["GLOBAL2"] = " {GLOBAL3} Day" vars["GLOBAL3"] = "My" and when parsed (I believe), would result in: outString = "Make{GLOBAL2} {GLOBAL3} DayMy" My next experiment is to run the outString through another iteration of assign() after the parse() function.
  21. Good info about what the parse() function is working on. Where is that function? The question I was really asking was, is the assign() function sequential or batched? That is (forgive the bad PHP coding): // Global variables persist across session var2 = " {GLOBAL3} Day"; var3 = "My"; // Local variables for this page only var1 = "Make{GLOBAL2}"; outString = "{VAR1}"; $outString->assign("VAR1",$var1) // So now outString should contain "Make{GLOBAL2}" // If I were to do this: $outString->assign("GLOBAL2",$var2); // $outString should now contain "Make {GLOBAL3} Day" // Next: $outString->assign("GLOBAL3",$var3); // I should have "Make My Day" But I don't when I worked on the following experiment. I put {VAL_LAST_NAME} in one of my site docs, then copied the code from the profile.inc.php that replaces {VAL_LAST_NAME} with the data from the database record. The {VAL_LAST_NAME} was still visible in the site doc. Assign() did not replace it. And I'm sure I coded it correctly. The question is, as seen in the code above, can these placeholders be 'nested'?
  22. I found in \includes\content\viewDoc.inc.php where the replacement process takes place. Now I need to figure out how to recurse $view_doc. Do I need to create a new XTemplate? How long does an XTemplate persist? I'm hoping ccUserData[x][y] is globally valid across all pages once logged in.
  23. I have in mind to use the profile data from the currently logged in shopper to send via querystring to a third-party feedback form. So, in the file \skins\-myskin-\styleTemplates\content\profile.tpl where the parser replaces {VAL_LAST_NAME} with the appropriate data from the currently logged-in visitor (for this particular session), can I also use this in a link in any of the Site Docs? When I think about it, it seems like it would not work, because a site doc is read out of a database record and is probably NOT parsed. Is there a owner/programmer-callable function call that will parse these placeholders? I know there are "Contact Us" mods available, but since I already have one, and I'm willing to experiment to transfer data in this manner, maybe someone can drop a few hints on where to get started.
  24. Are you willing to delete them? Copy the content to an archive somewhere, then in the Admin Panel, Site Docs, delete whichever docs you want to be removed from the Site Docs bar. The site docs are loaded from the database and are listed in (apparently) doc name order - that is, not in doc ID# order. Are you wanting to be able to display a site doc only if the visitor knows the precise URL for the doc? Or have a site doc only appear on the bar in only select pages? You can also google for "Show-Hide-Order Site Documents" and see what turns up.
  25. What I want is to join the two lines in the footer into one. Just playing idiot-mode for a second, there's bound to be member of my Board of Directors who will think that some visitors are going to assume my entire store's contents and descriptions are copyrighted by Devellion. So, I want: MyStore contents and descriptions copyright MyCompany. All rights reserved. Powered by CubeCart - Copyright Devellion Limited 2006. All rights reserved. By placing CubeCart's two lines into one, I'm hoping there will be less ambiguity as to what part of my store is copyrighted by Devellion.
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