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  1. I put up a short tutorial on how to add a box by renaming and modifying an existing box. You might be able to figure out how to do what you want to do from the info in that file. http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?s=...post&p=4051 If the URL disappears, go to CubeCartForums and search for "Add a box for the Security Emblem".
  2. bsmither


    I'm viewing the contents of the left column in both IE and FF, and in FF the lettering is right there at the border of the box. It appears you are using a modified Killer skin, but still, open the styleSheets/style.css file and look for the "li" group of settings. I changed mine to this: li { list-style-position: outside; margin: 0px 0px 0px 2em; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; } Your mileage may vary. Also in layout.css, look at the .boxContentLeft class. My store has a padding-left value of 5px. Yours has zero. Maybe if you add some, the graphic might come off the edge of the box container. CubeCart doesn't specify a font size for product descriptions. In style.css, look for the class .txtDefault and give some thought to adding a font-size:12pt; to it. The reason for that is because, apparently, IE renders text with no size info slightly bigger than FF. FF also doesn't position your Search box correctly. Other than that, I see no problems with the lettering. Issues 2 and three is probably solved by a third-party mod. Issue 1 gets involved because your skin designer may have removed your Homepage Document placeholder {HOME_CONTENT} in the styleTemplates/content/index.tpl file. In your Administration page, do you have anything entered in the Documents, Homepage section?
  3. Um, no. my investigations show that *all* passwords in the CC system are MD5 hashed. No actual passwords are stored. But you can go into the database, administrators table and add an e-mail address to any row that doesn't have one. Then you can try the "Forgot password" function.
  4. Well, unless you also change what's really causing the problem, when you switch SSL back on, things will not work right again. (And you will want to switch on SSL if you are going to do any credit card work.)
  5. However it is that you control your hosting space, start by looking at the settings within that control panel for your MySQL database: *host address *database name *user name (many times the same as the database name) *password Don't trust whatever notes you may have made. Look for the current access info as displayed to you in your hosting site control panel. Then look at a copy of your /includes/global.inc.php file. Make the data here match the info above. I do not recall seeing any database related info in any of the database tables (kinda a Catch-22). Is your database managed by your hosting provider, or is it on a local server to you? If you are managing your MySQL installation, then be sure there is a User (other than root - create one if necessary) that has sufficient privileges to work the tables in the cubecart schema (specific collection of database tables). How to do that in phpMyAdmin, I don't know. But if your database is being managed by you on a server you can get at, I might recommend you get and install the MySQL Administrator from MySQL AB (mysql.com) - that is, if you don't already have a database management client.
  6. Ah! But did the "absolute path" to your store change as well? Look in the "includes/global.inc.php" file and see what you have for "$glob['rootDir']". You might ask your host if the change to a new server brought about a change in the absolute path to your store's hosting space. Hopefully, you can still get into the Admin pages of your store. If so, click on Server Info. Scroll down 4/5th's towards the bottom of the list to the section called "Environment". Look at Document_Root. This, with $glob['rootRel'] appended, is what "$glob['rootDir']" should be. I *think* Strict Mode came into existence in MySQL 5, but I'm really clueless about it.
  7. Well, not so fast. Within the config table stashed in your store's database are two variables that are domain and/or subfolder dependent: $config['rootRel_SSL'] $config['storeURL_SSL'] These are declared in the store's general settings but not stored in the "includes/global.inc.php" file as are the non-SSL versions of your addresses. Switch on the SSL setting in your "multiple stores using one set of tables" and it might break.
  8. Just a shot in the dark, but take a look at your database superstructure: if we're talking about having upgraded to a recent version of MySQL, you will want to find a setting that changes "Strict Mode" on and off. If your MySQL control panel or query client can't examine this superstructure setting, you may have to contact the provider of your database and ask if they can determine if Strict Mode is on or off. You will want it off. But as I said, this is just a shot in the dark. Strict Mode caused other problems for me. Incidentally, while I was tracking down the cause of these other problems, I stumbled across that phrase, but it wasn't the cause of those particular problems. This was with MySQL 5. Edit "my.ini", find "sql-mode", and remove "STRICT_TRANS_TABLES". Just a shot in the dark.
  9. Oh, sorry. I thought if I showed you what I found, it would have jogged a clue and you would have said, "Oh, yeah, I did set up a redirection in my .htaccess file." Or, "Darn, I just knew that when I created that redirect in my hosting control panel from URL "A.com" to URL "B.com/yada/yada/yada/yada/yada/" it's gonna cause a problem." In the "includes/global.inc.php" file, show us what these variables are set to: $glob['rootDir'] = $glob['rootRel'] = $glob['storeURL'] = Do you recall turning on the SSL setting in the Admin panel? I want you to find in these forums the file "editconf.php" and upload it to: <your hosted site>/loja/ Then request it in a browser and make sure all the settings point to "<site>/loja/" and not just "<site>/". If that all checks out, remove editconf.php from your hosted server space. Let us know what you find. If you didn't set up these redirects, contact your hosting provider and ask them if they put one in place.
  10. First, have you told us what the Admin, View Products, EditProduct page for your candle says about the "Stock Level"? Higher than zero? Next, because these are apparently custom "Image Not Available" images, are you sure you put the correct image in the appropriate skins folder? "Temp008/styleImages/nophoto.gif" on the product page, and "Temp008/styleImages/thumb_nophoto.gif" on the front page. Where's the "thumb_zerostock_nophoto.gif" image? You might also be working with a third-party mod because I'm not familiar with CC being able to overlay (or edit) a product picture with a humongous red "Sold Out" banner. By the way, yours is one of the more intriguing skins I've seen. Kudos.
  11. It seems that you have some redirection going on. http://www.loja69.com/loja/admin GET /loja/admin HTTP/1.1 Host: www.loja69.com HTTP/1.x 301 Moved Permanently Location: http://www.loja69.com/loja/admin/ ---------------------------------------------------------- http://www.loja69.com/loja/admin/ GET /loja/admin/ HTTP/1.1 Host: www.loja69.com HTTP/1.x 302 Found Location: /admin/index.php?&ccUser= You see how the 302 response gives to the browser the address based on the root of your site, as opposed to the subfolder "loja". And I am giving you a ccUser cookie, so there might be an issue with the contents of your global.inc.php file.
  12. What version of CC did you install and how did you get it onto your server? Check to see if there might be a ".htaccess" file somewhere in your store. Let us know.
  13. It might be a recent update to your anti-whatever program that's destroying your javascript as it's arriving in your browser.
  14. Well, "Normal" is default, but I have not a clue as to what actually sets the font size for any of the Text Size settings. But since you have now specified a font size, to override that, a user of IE will have to have made certain settings in their browser options that, in my opinion, they don't know enough about to change.
  15. In IE (hopefully 7 is the same as 6), click View on the menu bar, then Text Size, then select "Smaller". See if the text lays out better. My initial impression is that IE shows unspecified by size fonts bigger than FF. In /skins/Killer/styleSheets/style.css, look at around line 142 and 147. Add a font size in points and see if that will lock the lettering to a size that won't cause problems.
  16. OK, well, failLevel is in the _admin_users table, third column from the last. blockTime is next to it. There should be at least one row in this table - you. If you don't see these columns in the _admin_users table, then maybe your SQL client manager program (phpMySQL, for example) may have "pre-dropped" tables prior to the script putting them back in place. Look for these columns. You can set the values for that row in those columns to 0.
  17. Hopefully, you've renamed or removed the "install" folder or the upgrade.php file. In your admin pages, have you put any information in there that might be more than expected? --Such as HTML code where there's no indication that it's allowed? (Like, in the Meta Description, Meta Keywords, or Browser Title?)
  18. I got something called RemoteBuy. Which is cool - something I was meaning to add to my Web site anyway. Added: Heh... My bad. All's good.
  19. Before doing any mods, the recommended procedure is to back up your current store. But what I did was to copy the entirety of the "store" folder to "store1". I made a few changes to some files in the "store1" version, nothing serious, then swapped the folder names: "store" to "store-orig", and "store1" to "store". But now the script (includes/content/index.inc.php) cannot find "language/en/home.inc.php". It's there and has 644 permissions. It also cannot find "classes/cart.php", but it's there and has 644 permissions. What could copying a root-level folder to a copy of itself, then renaming the copy to the original folder name cause this kind of problem? Might it have something to do with any kind of server-based code optimizer or server-level cache system?
  20. Help us help you by always including relevant information about your system and how you installed your software. 1. What operating system are you running on your server and did you install it yourself. 2. What version of PHP is on that server and did you install it yourself. 3. What version of MySQL is on that server and did you install it yourself. 4. What version of CubeCart is on that server and did you install it yourself. 5. How did you transfer the files to the server: ftp? drag-n-drop at the server box? some sort of hosted web space control panel? 6. Did the install routine finish successfully? (Probably yes.) 7. What did you do, if anything, between the successful install and the first time you tried to see your new store in a web browser. From this information, we can start asking some better targeted questions.
  21. I've seen sage advice regarding updating: if you don't have the "changed files only" package, then a true and proper install is necessary, even if one presumes the differences between versions might not warrant it (because, invariably, you're wrong). Then you can compare your skins files. Then you can import your tables from the SQL script created from the backup. If the script is accepted by the SQL parser properly, the script will just add the data to the already existing, up to date table structures, leaving blank data in the new columns. So, presuming the "hack attack" prevention measure is a new feature past version .11, then the admin users that get added from the SQL script (your backup), won't have the "log attempt" count (I believe that would be the failLevel) and the "wait ten minutes" delay (I believe that would be the blockTime). So I think overwriting a complete store with a complete "install package" without running the installer that creates the current version database structure was the wrong way to go - if that's what you did.
  22. I once had an extreme delay in getting connected to, and data pulled from my MySQL database. I filed a trouble-ticket with my hosting provider -- they said they did something and now I have no more delays.
  23. In PHP, the PHP.INI file has a list of "Dynamic Extensions". Look for the line that says ";extension=php_gd2.dll" (for Windows) or ";extension=php_gd2.so" (for Unix) and uncomment that line. Then restart your webserver in order to restart your PHP. If you are compiling your own custom build of PHP, there's a command line switch to build GD support directly into PHP during compile time. To determine if you currently have gd support active, create a file with: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Put it on your server and ask for that file via a web browser. If GD support is available, there will be a GD section in the results table.
  24. When you upgraded, did you make a note as to whether you invoked "strict mode" or not? Right now, I am studying CC3.0.16 code (and third-party mods using a 'black-box' technique) to determine if there are any problems when using MySQL in Strict mode. Based on your reply, I'll add your comments to my list. Error 1366 is kinda common in this situation, especially if you get "comma-comma for column..." indicating an empty string or null numeric value.
  25. And use what instead? I think there's a mod for that at cubecart.org. Maybe establishing a permission for non super-admins to use the FCKeditor. Otherwise, you can globally search for the word FCKeditor and comment out the PHP block wherever you find it. For example, /admin/products/index.php, look for: <?php $oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor('FCKeditor'); and wrap /* */ around everything between the start/end php tags. Haven't tried this myself - backup your store first.
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