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  1. Welcome VeggieBoy! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language your store is using. When the next page displays, use the drop-down selector to choose the "Common" phrase group. There will be a list of phrase keys shown. Scroll to 'information' and click on the actual word 'information'. This makes the associated text entry box editable. Change the value "Information" to whatever you desire, Click Save at the bottom of the list. There will be a flashing button at the top-right of the admin screen that acts as a reminder that CubeCart's cache will need to be cleared before the change will take effect on the storefront.
  2. And if you log in as yourself? (Customer, not admin)
  3. Correct. The programmers coded CubeCart that way. (I do not know why.) Logged-in customers go straight to the page where they verify their addresses (choosing which delivery address from among several possible) in the checkout process. The logged-in customer can still add/remove items from the Cart, and resume shopping as desired.
  4. With the invisible reCaptcha, there should be visible a small-ish 'tag' at the lower-right corner of the web page. If the javascript from Google that makes the determination that the visitor should, or should not, be shown a grid of images is malfunctioning or did not get loaded into the web page (a browser plugin that stops some or all javascript from being fetched - such as NoScript or uMatrix), then the verification code might not be getting sent to your site for comparison - resulting in CubeCart issuing that warning to the visitor. If the visitor's browser is interferring with javascript as a whole, then the PayPal gateway code might also be failing. From above, the 422 log entry has an associated issue in the GitHub: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2896 I will try to come up with some code edits that will reveal exactly what entity is unprocessable.
  5. Please visit this URL: https://www.MY_STORE_DOMAIN.com/setup/info.php where MY_STORE_DOMAIN is the web name of your server (however you access CubeCart). In the top table, you will find the location of the Loaded Configuration File. In this file, in the [mysqli] section, you will find the details PHP is expecting to use. Then, scroll down to the mysqli table. Here , it will show the specific details that PHP is expecting to use, if any are stated. Unfortunately, I cannot make suggestions on where to find the Maria database configuration file. It might be at: etc/mysql/my.cnf In that file, the [client] section, will be the details on how to connect to the database -- I assume.
  6. When entering the details of where and what to use to connect to the database, are you entering something other than 3306 for the "database port"? If anything at all? If not entering anything, then there should be a relevant directive in the system's PHP.INI file, [mysqli] section.
  7. The latest Foundation (since CC640, I think) is using reCaptcha V2 (or OFF). This choice is made in Store Settings, Features tab, Bot Protection section. (You will need to get your own keys). The skin template code is testing for choice #2 or choice #3 (or zero for OFF). Both choices are for Google's reCaptcha V2 -- the difference is just in how the reCaptcha appears on the browser page.
  8. The immediate things I notice are the net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT message, and the 4XX response codes. Please verify that your browser is not blocking anything from PayPal by using a plugin, whole computer-based "web protection" (Avast, Norton, MalwareBytes, etc), or anything that could interfere with the proper transmission and reception of communications from and to the browser. You may have the ability to see what is blocking the request. On the menubar of the developer tools, there could be a mention of a plugin that is doing these kinds of things. For example, AdBlock Plus. Viewing what AdBlock Plus is doing may give a clue as to what could be causing these problems. I also find interesting the "Couldn't find the user-provided function: reCaptchaCallback". Please remind us of the skin the site is using. Examine the skin files content.recaptcha.head.php and content.recaptcha.php. In both files, there should be the statement: var reCaptchaCallback = function() {
  9. It was this: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56865-exporting-best-selling-products-to-excel/ and I sent the module directly to the OP. Please post a PM to me with your email address and I will send it to you.
  10. Then, maybe the problem is coming from the javascript that the module loads into the HTML presented to the customer. Using your browser's Developer Tools, open them to the Console tab. Click the trash bin icon to clear the Console screen. Start working through making an order with this PayPal module. The Developer Tools Console page will start filling with notices, warnings, and errors. Save the list to an external file for later analysis. Are there any items in the Console Log list that catch your attention?
  11. In the PayPal_Comerce module, paypal.class.php file, I find the only location where Unspecified error. occurs. This coincides with the following messages logged in CubeCart's Transaction Logs: The combination of liabilityShifted, authenticationStatus & authenticationReason was unexpected. and 3D SECURE FAILURE Those three items listed above can have a few values for each, but when there is a combination of these values not planned for, these messages get logged. Do these messages show up in the Notes column for this order's Transaction Log?
  12. Please see: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57097-disable-maximum-purchase-amount/ We would like to know what skin you are using (if that could make a difference).
  13. Updating the stock level is not the job of the gateway module, but indeed, if CubeCart is not reacting to PayPal's notification (whatever that may be), then several things should not happen: an email sent to the customer that payment was received, an email sent to the admin that an order has been placed (see admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Order status for admin email notifications"), reduce stock levels (other than when going to pending), record logged in Transaction Logs, emails sent logged in Email Logs. I think I understand you to say that some of these things do happen. If you haven't enabled the error_log, do so now and keep it enabled until this problem happens again. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  14. As I see how the code operates, it is the gateway module's responsibility to log the transaction in the CubeCart_transactions database table. (You may want to verify, using an external database viewer, that there are records in the CubeCart_transactions table for this order - which, for some reason, may not be getting queried successfully when viewing the admin, Transaction Logs listing, or the admin, Orders, Edit order, Transaction Logs tab.)
  15. We would like to know what payment gateway module this transaction used, and what is the setting in admin that states at what stage the inventory is decremented (admin, Store Settings, Stock tab, General Stock Settings section, "Reduce stock levels").
  16. From my analysis of the code: We can bypass the code in the admin script that checks for this giftcard product_code condition. Then, as long as the giftcard product_code is way out of range than a regular inventory item product_id, for example 999999, you should be safe enough. (Can't really use '0000' even though the inventory table will never have a product_id of 0, CubeCart does use 0 (if I recall correctly) for the admin-entered non-inventory item(s) when editing an order summary.)
  17. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2502 I haven't gone through the code to explain this to myself, yet.
  18. "If I wanted to move all the records from the site_full_address table to the sold_locale table..." Is these actual tables, or column names in one specific table? Are you planning to keep 'site_full_address'? If not, think about just renaming the column name.
  19. CubeCart can run under any web server that can accomplish URL Rewriting (but is only "supported" with Apache). CC5 has as optional the "friendly" URL feature, but CC6 made it required. NGINX does not use the .htaccess file that Cubecart will create if not already present and containing the required rewriting statements. The following are the relevant statements in the server-block file for the site: location = /favicon.ico { access_log off; log_not_found off; try_files $uri =204; } location = /robots.txt { access_log off; log_not_found off; try_files $uri =204; } location ~* \.(gif|jpe?g|png|ico|css|js|svg)$ { log_not_found off; try_files $uri =204; } location / { try_files $uri @rewrite; } location @rewrite { rewrite ^\/(.*)? /index.php?seo_path=$1 last; } I haven't tried it, but this server-block file may have the ability to include a file located where CubeCart is installed, or NGINX could already know to look for a server-block file at the root path, thus making it easier to avoid getting into the restricted areas of the server computer.
  20. Find the file named admin.php (or admin_anything.php) and rename it to admin_bPvY5R.php. If you don't have any PHP script file that starts with admin, download the CubeCart 6.4.4 package, unzip it, and FTP that file to the site. Rename it to match what Cubecart is expecting to use.
  21. Using a text viewer, examine the contents of /includes/global.inc.php. The file will indicate the name of the administrative PHP script and the administrative folder name that CubeCart expects to use. Be sure those names appear in CubeCart's main folder.
  22. There is 'sold_locale', an array of one element where the key is customer_id '865'. The key 865 is the 19th element in the 'status' array. (The screen grab earlier only shows 18 rows. Not a problem - just noticing.) Did you try to also change - at the same time as 865 - the cell contents for customer 864 (the next row)? If so, please post the edited line made in the admin template customers.index.php. For the queries, #12 is the insertion into the error_log regarding the variable $result - which is expected. Do queries #13-16 relate to CubeCart_customer?
  23. In the above reply, I see you are using the spelling "site_full-address" while all previous replies are using the spelling "site_full_address" (dash vs underscore). Please verify the spelling of the database's column name. Turn on CubeCart's Debug mode (and be sure your local IP address is in the adjacent field - www.showmyip.com). After clicking the Save button, the bottom of the returned page will show the POST contents and probably the SQL queries that updated the CubeCart_customer database table. (There will be two major sections of debug data: 1-processing the POST, and 2-gathering the data for the page display.)
  24. Are you saying that once you first click in the Customer List, in a table cell, which switches to a text entry field, to add/change the data there (if any data is there to begin with), you cannot click in another table cell (same column, different row) - which should switch to a text entry field just like the first time - and add/change the data this second time?
  25. The HTML to show the customer list vs. the HTML to show the form to add/edit a specific customer, even though in the same file, is controlled by Smarty {if} blocks. Thus, the two parts do not conflict with each other. The code posted just above will not be present when viewing the Customer List. You said: "I have instead created a field in the order summary database called site_full_address." You didn't actually say that you created a new column 'site_full_address' in CubeCart_customer. I assume you did because where else would you put this data when entering it in that customer's details screens.
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