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  1. Working on it.


    In the admin skin template 'products.index.php', find:

    Near line 109:
    Add after:
    Near line 75:
    <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.price}</th>
    Add after:
    <th nowrap="nowrap">Sale</th>

    This is a quick solution. As such, this column is not sortable, and reflects only what the product's sale price is specific to the product. That is, this sale price is not a calculation based on the global percentage sale mode.

  2. The SFWS products are not available anymore.

    Without a copy, the best I can do is create a difference report, specific to what affected the GA code, for Foundation from the version that matches CC625 to the version that matches CC653, then we work on trying to apply those changes to the SFWS skin.

  3. The error notice posted above might have been from Amzin. There was found to be a syntax error in version 1.05 (that took PHP8 to reveal it). Amzin 1.06 fixed it.

    I do believe CBurst has been made to work with PHP8. And Basix I haven't tried recently, but I believe it should work as it has the new capability of ElasticSearch.

  4. If the traffic chart on the dashboard does not have a comparable way to limit the results to Customers Only, then perhaps your solution is to rewrite the custom code to add more to the WHERE clause:

    AND `session_last` > `session_start`


  5. I would think you would have the same problem.

    "I would like to weed out any sessions that I don't need to track."

    Where are you tracking sessions? In admin, Statistics, Users Online tab? If so, is there a link above the table to Display Customers Only?

    The database table CubeCart_sessions gets trimmed of records that are older than seven days.


  6. I have no idea why 'location' is varbinary. CubeCart uses that column to store the web address used to access the site, including any querystring. Nothing in that textual string would require the table column to handle binary (that is, non-textual) data.

    Let's review what you actually need to accomplish.

    What is the nature of the content that is in the 'location' column that contains 2022?


  7. Using CubeCart's Database class, the statement would be:

    Database::getInstance()->delete('CubeCart_sessions', array('location' => "~2022"));

    The third parameter (false) is not necessary. It defaults to an empty string. That third parameter limits how many records get deleted.

  8. The phrase "Please enter a value less than or equal to" is from the skin's jquery.validate.js vendor plugin. It's a message related to the quantity input form element that has a max attribute, which appears only if there is in the product's details specify a "Maximum Quantity Purchase" value, and that value is greater than or equal to the min attribute's value.

    However, in admin, the product details screens, Pricing tab, the "Maximum Quantity Purchase" says to 'Leave blank to disable'.

    And the database table CubeCart_inventory has a default value of null for the 'maximum_quantity' column.

    However, for me, at least, my database shows that column has a zero as the value - which is what shows on the Pricing tab. Blanking that field does cause that form element to POST as a zero-length string, but still ends up in the database as a zero, not a null.

    So, still researching the situation.



  9. Looking at the comments in the PHP documentation for imagecreatefromjpeg(), it says:


    If imagecreatefromjpeg() fails with "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg()", it does NOT necessarily mean that you don't have GD installed.

    If phpinfo() shows GD, but not JPEG support, then that's the problem. You would think that --with-gd would do the right thing since it does check for the existence of libjpeg (and finds it) and add that feature to GD, but it doesn't in v4.4.4 at least on RHEL v2.1, RHEL v3, CentOS v2.1 or CentOS v4.3.

    On those platforms, it's *important* that --with-jpeg-dir be *before* --with-gd. If it's not, GD won't build with jpeg support as if --with-jpeg-dir had never been specified...

    That comment is from 17 years ago, and it may be referring to PHP4.

    In admin, at the bottom of the Navigation pane, click PHP Info. Scroll to the GD table -- if it exists. Note whether JPEG Support is enabled.

  10. If your site is hosted, you probably have a control panel to manage your site.

    If so, there will be a file explorer. Find the folder /images/cache/. This is where CubeCart codes the HTML links for the web browser to fetch the images to display on the page.

    The control panel's File Explorer should allow you to View the images. If so, do the images display properly?

    The File Explorer should also allow you to download a WEBP image to your computer. Once downloaded, have your computer display the image - but do not use a web browser to view it. Does the image viewer show the WEBP image properly?

    The above test is to determine if the problem is with your web browser not being capable of displaying WEBP images.

    May we have a web address to view a malfunctioning image?


  11. Ok. CubeCart (as of several versions now) will show the index.php page whenever there is a file not found (404 response). You can see this at the end of the .htaccess file in CubeCart's main folder.

    What is probably missing is either a directive in .htaccess to load and use the mod_rewrite extension, or there is a misconfigured web server configuration statement that allows .htaccess directives to override directives in the main config file. So, verify that the .htaccess file has the following directives:

    ### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality ###
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteBase /

    Then research the Apache documentation to learn about AllowOverride All.

    The SEO rewrites are necessary because friendly web addresses, such as www.example.com/friendly-name-of-product does not exist and the web server will issue a 404 -- but then the 404 directive in .htaccess tells the web server to send a page anyway -- ErrorDocument 404 /index.php. The rewrite puts the friendly web address into a format that CubeCart actually uses.

    If there is still a problem, you may have to edit the RewriteBase statement as: RewriteBase /champcoclothingtestnew/

    Otherwise, the rewrite may erroneously include the subdirectory as part of the friendly web address.

  12. Good. Getting somewhere.

    According to the info in /includes/global.inc.php, review where your database is at and the username and password to access it. Let us assume that your username and password is correct.

    That leaves accessing the database using 'localhost' is being tried, but the database is not aware of any user having the name 'peterp' trying to access it by 'localhost'.

    In my experience, 'localhost' is different than '', which is different than using any other IP address. (One can also use '*' to permit 'peterp' to access the database from any manner: localhost, IP address, unix sockets, whatever.)

    Somehow, you will need to look at the database and access the list of users it knows about for that database.

    Does the info in global.inc.php suggest that CubeCart is trying to communicate with the database located on the production server? If so, that database is not local to the development environment. If the target database is on the local development environment, then there must be a user created on that database named 'peterp'.

    What program do you use to access the database on the development environment -- assuming this is the database you are reading the records from CubeCart_system_error_log?


  13. How is the above different than what was posted earlier?

    According to that error message, the Manage Extensions is what is being asked to show. This implies to me that you are logging in to admin, then clicking the Manage Extensions link in the Navigation pane.

    If you are not finding an "Exception" logged in CubeCart_system_error_log, look for PHP's error log.

    It will help to read this:



  14. If that is the case, that config setting is stored in the database table CubeCart_config, the row named 'config'.

    You might be able to override this by adding the following to /includes/global.inc.php:

    $glob['ssl'] = 0;


  15. This is a Notice and will not cause a blank page.

    This error is coming from a PHP script that is the compiled skin template, "common.search.php". At the bottom of the template file, there is a foreach loop that will paste additional search forms to the slide-out panel currently showing text entry boxes for items to search for. The array $SIDEBAR_CONTENT will need to be assigned from plugins having custom content - I cannot find in the core code where custom content gets assigned to 'SIDEBAR_CONTENT'.

    That foreach loop used to be wrapped in a {if isset($SIDEBAR_CONTENT)} condition, but was removed as being unnecessary in CC6.1.11.

    Look for a database table entry showing 'Exception'.

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