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  1. checkout is not displaying after upgrading to version 6.02 from V4.0 please hel. http://londondigitalworld.co.uk/index.php?_a=checkout regards r kharel
  2. i can log in from own computer in the website but can not log in from my friend's laptop. the login section can not even clicked. do u know what exactly the problem is??
  3. No problemo! thanks but what if any student wants to use this shopping in his/her project what s/he needs to do? need to inform or buy this software coz it comes with copyright thing u know still i couldnt figure it out how to use . regards!!!
  4. Just wondered, whether this is free for students to use on their projects? coz normally oscommerce site is free it has the gnu open source licence free for all to modify and use it. what about cubecart? regards!
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