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  1. I got real busy for awhile there and have finally gotten back to troubleshooting this.... Making that change to the shipping.class.php file killed the FedEx module. I am thinking the CC team probably needs to update the FedEx Module so it calculates properly. For the clearance entry fee (the issue with shipping to Canada), I did some digging and found users of Zen Cart's FedEx module were having the same problem. Then someone mentioned this on one of their forums: "Fedex does not add the customs clearance fees because according to approved tariff structure for ground shipments, the receiver can choose to clear the package themselves through customs instead of allowing Fedex (or UPS). Until the time of delivery, Fedex/UPS has no idea whether the receiver will choose to clear the package themselves. Most consumers do not know this or how to do this... SO, Fedex or UPS ends up performing the clearance and then billing your account. According to Fedex, there is no work around, except to NOT offer Fedex ground to Canada. All Fedex, other than ground, includes the Customs Clearing fees. Our solution is to not offer the Fedex Ground service to Canada. Canadian customers must either choose USPS or Fedex International Priority or International Economy. Actually, there is another solution... the customer must be billed for the Customs Clearance after the fact. Most, if not all, customers will tell you to 'pound sand' when you send the bill for additional charges." I believe this may be accurate and would explain why the fee is not calculated. Needless to say, FedEx is now deactivated for Canada and I am going to try using USPS instead for shipping across the border. I have heard this is cheaper for Canadians ordering products from the US anyways, so hopefully I can get it to work. Thanks for looking into this by the way!
  2. Unfortunately it's not fixed. Calculated based on order total. They may still be considered customs fees of some sort.
  3. The customer I am working with said they weren't necessarily customs fees but additional handling fees. I'm looking into this more at the moment. One thing I noticed is the Rate Service WSDL file (from FedEx) used with this module may be out of date. Even in the latest release of CC it is RateService_v13.wsdl but there is now a RateService_v14.wsdl Not sure if this is part of the problem or not. Customer is also not getting accurate shipping fee calculations and currently has to add a $4 handling cost to offset the charges.
  4. Perhaps someone else has ran into the problem I am having... When shipping from the US to Canada, the FedEx module is not pulling the additional shipping fees from the FedEx site. According to FedEx support, the "total customs value of international shipments to canada" is not being submitted in order to calculate the fees. Anyone know of a fix for this? Currently running v5.2.12
  5. I can confirm that the updated FedEx shipping module in version 5.2.1 does finally work! So it looks like for us in the USA, UPS, FedEx and USPS are all functioning, although I am not using USPS at the moment. The FedEx module is a bit confusing so I figured I would share how I got it working today: First, you must go into your FedEx account and sign up for FedEx Web Services in order to obtain a production/test key/meter number and password. IMPORTANT: Password and meter number will be different than what is on the main account, so you'll want to be sure to enter the web services password/meter number on the module config in Cubecart. If you have questions on this call FedEx and ask for Web Services support, I had to a couple times. Second, before enabling the FedEx shipping module, verify both SOAP and OpenSSL are enabled in your PHP config. It will not work unless they are. Hope this helps!
  6. I have finally resolved this issue. Both the Response/Receipt URLs and the Relay Response URL must be blank in the Authorize.net account for the SIM payment method to work properly. I naturally thought there needed to be a Relay URL specified since there was for the old CC3 site that was upgraded. I removed all relay/receipt URL info and the Authorize.net checkout now works fine.
  7. Hi, I'm having issues with Authorize.net SIM in CC 5.1.4. Can someone confirm what the relay URL should be set to on the Authorize merchant account? My customer is getting the following error: Authorize.Net Merchant, Your script timed out while we were trying to post transaction results to it. Transaction ID: 4692293228 Transaction Result: This transaction has been approved. The following message was displayed to the customer: ------------------------------ An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card. This transaction has been approved. It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service. ------------------------------ The charge goes through fine but it seems to hang when transferring back to the website. It is not the server as it always worked perfectly back when the site was still using cubecart 3. My best guess is the relay URL may be wrong. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.
  8. I fully understand that and above I did mention I had already contacted Cubecart support with this issue they are aware of it. I posted this to let other users aware of what I have told the Cubecart team, and to let them know that it is very disappointing as a user to purchase software that is advertised to support a shipping method when in fact the module was either not tested or not paid attention to upon the latest Cubecart release. In my case, we did a full upgrade to Cubecart 5 from Cubecart 3 solely due to the fact the newest version was listed as supporting FedEx, as the old CC3 FedEx Module add-on from KGB stopped working a few months ago. The client I am working with is not happy, so I will be doing what I can to ensure this issue is resolved in a timely manner. With that aside, Bill has been very responsive so far and since I am such a nice guy I will be contacting FedEx to push them to work with the Cubecart team to fix this issue as soon as possible.
  9. It is very important that the Cubecart team get the FedEx module working soon, I know others are very frustrated with this like I am. What was disappointing for my customer is he saw on the Cubecart website this page http://www.cubecart.com/tour/shipping-methods that states FedEx real time is supported and I had to tell him it in fact does not work. Please move this up to the highest priority as this is what the website stated when the software was purchased, I have notified Cubecart support already, archived the page and if this is not resolved soon, I (and likely other Cubecart users) will be filing a complaint with the UK Advertising Standards Authority (asa.org.uk) as this is considered false advertising since FedEx real time is not supported, and it has been a known issue since May. If found guilty, you may be required to refund the purchase of Cubecart to many users as well as pay additional fines. I will withhold my complaint for 30 days, if it is not resolved by then I will be contacting the ASA and encourage others to do so as well. If this wasn't a big deal before, I just made it one. :angry2:
  10. I like CC4 over CC3 but it still needs some improvements. Product Options are still a big pain, I actually add options in phpMyAdmin and it's much faster than using the administration interface. Seems like there's got to be a better way to set them up. Also wish there was an option to add a shipping/handling charge on each product (I think there was a CC3 mod for this). I still don't like that there's not much automation built in, like duplicating a product or adding duplicate product options to another product (again there may be a mod for this but it's so common Al should build it right in next time). The latest Zen Cart is a nice system as well but only problem is it's not actively updated like CC. I'd love to see Zen and CC merge together somehow, that would be a pretty sweet shopping cart.
  11. I think I solved my own problem - I had to run TRUNCATE CubeCart_lang; on my SQL database to reset the customer emails. I do wish I knew what caused this though so it never happens again...
  12. I had this problem too, fixed it by changing the search mode to 'boolean' See details here - http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=29999
  13. Okay I've spent several hours going through the language files and resetting them, going through my SQL database, etc. and I cannot find anything out of the ordinary that would cause this. The only somewhat weird thing I've seen is under the Admin panel, when I go to Languages and to the emails it has "Revert" boxes for things I did not even modify. Tried clicking "Revert All" and it did nothing. When testing, my order acknowledgement email is blank even though there is in fact text in the email.inc.php file. I had modified this file, but thought maybe something I changed caused an error so I replaced it with the original email.inc.php. Still received blank emails. Next thing I did was change the email setting to mail() instead of SMTP. This also did not make a difference, I am still getting a blank order confirmation email. And when I mean blank I mean totally blank - no subject or body. It does still say the store name in the from field. I'm almost to the point of completely reinstalling CC4 from scratch, but if anyone has any clue as to what could be causing this let me know. I am using version 4.0.2. Thanks!
  14. Is there any place where there is a simple list of upcoming features in CC4? I checked out brooky.com and saw some of them, but it would be nice to have a bulleted list somewhere (if there is I missed it). I'm hoping for a built-in Fed-Ex Module (this is really a must have - many people use Fed-Ex) and built-in discount code/gift certificate module. An easy to use database import/export would be nice too. I have someone interested in opening an online shop soon and if CC4 is near I'll prob. wait till that's out. People should stop complaining about the estimated release price too, that's quite reasonable - I've used X-Cart, Zen Cart & OS Commerce and Cubecart has by far the best user interface which I expect will only be improved in CC4. Also as a side note, (and yeah I know it's the wrong forum) is there any way to set up shipping in CC3 where I can have the following: "any single box less than 35 lbs will be $12.00. any single box over 35 lbs up to 55 lbs will be $24.00. any single package 55 lbs to ups limit will be calculated according to ups rates." Confusing as hell I know, but sorry it's a client's request. This is a paid licensed version I'm using by the way, the site looks sweet but it's not online just yet. Shawn Hall Shattered Media
  15. I think I figured it out - Yahoo is filtering mail from my hosting IP (which is my own IP, not shared) as bulk for whatever reason, however when sending through Outlook the originating IP is different because it goes through Comcast, and therefore it is not filtered. I will contact my web host on this but FYI everybody else should check theirs by test ordering with a Yahoo email account.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions Scotsman, but still having no luck. I sent an email to a Yahoo account using the same email address with Outlook, and it went to the Inbox. When an email is sent to the same Yahoo account through CubeCart, it goes to the Bulk Mail folder. Bulk Mail filter settings are set to Yahoo's default. I'm stumped on this one, but I will continue to work on this and report back if I find anything. I really think something is going in the header on those emails that's triggering their spam filter, I just don't know what...
  17. The subject doesn't seem to matter, at least not for Yahoo email. Tried your suggestion and a few other things, still goes to right to bulk mail....seems like there's got to be a way around Yahoo's bulk mail filter. The scary thing is Yahoo has an option to automatically delete bulk mail, so customers would never get any store messages. Any other suggestions? Shawn
  18. Hi - I'm new to CubeCart but I have been toying around with it lately for a project I am working on and I have had past experiences with OSCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart and a few others but still have never found an 'ideal' e-commerce system. I like the ease of modification and simplicity of CubeCart and I would love to be able to use this for all my stores someday, although I have one issue... While testing, I found that emails sent through the store tend to go into the bulk email folder for email account providers such as Yahoo. A lot of people use these free email accounts so I consider this a fairly big issue because many ignore their "Bulk" folder. I am using SMTP for sending email so it doesn't make sense that they are getting filtered as bulk unless there is something in the header of the emails triggering this filter. Does anybody have a fix for this or can you point me to the file I can edit to possibly fix this problem? Thanks! Shawn
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