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  1. Hi Alex, Any progress on the mod development regards Henry
  2. Hi Noodleman How is your work load progressing? I have attached a requirements document as a start. Please let me know if we can progress with this mod shippingspec.xlsx
  3. Hi, Any ideas why this does not wotk
  4. in settings..admin...general tab ...geo settings ...country set to Australia.
  5. thanks for the reply.....will wait to then
  6. Hi I have installed the free Per Category mod . I have enabled the mod, setup Australia as a country. I setup a $20.00 shipping fee for the category. when i purchase and add to basket. It shows $0.00 per category. It seems very simple to setup but I must be missing something. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/per-category Web site is www.clbls2.com.au/henry Appreciate any help regards Henry
  7. Hi Noodleman how is your schedule going.... Still looking for someone to develop this mod......if there are no takers I will need to consider other options.
  8. HI, Any developers out there that can help with this mod. I also believe that once developed this can be sold on the CC extension market. Appreciate help..
  9. Hi Bsmither, Thanks you saved my skin again
  10. HI, any feedback to the above regards Henry
  11. Web site is https://www.gforceproducts.com.au/online After adding to basket the all in one shipping mod adds a default shipping cost to the basket. (I think it chooses the shipping cost that is the lowest value) This change chances once the customer logins in or adds a billing address. This is confusing to the customer. Is there a way to set default to the value zero and only when the customer logins n or enter billing address the correct cost is displayed based on state
  12. Hi Noodleman Thanks for the prompt reply. I wish I had the knowledge to do this myself...but scared I could break something..... Before I get back to my client (on the month delivery), could u recommend any one else to develop the mod.
  13. Hi Noodleman Thank you for responding. Please could you proceed with the shipping rate table mod. How do I pay you I have attached a sample of the rate table. The cart must use the product code prefix eg GF-xxxx or DSW-xxx and County in the billing address to lookup the table for the rate. If there is no match for product code then a message must be displayed on the cart "Please phone for shipping quote" Let me know if you need any further info and do u have an estimate time. The url is http://www.clbls2.com.au/gforce/online/ regards Henry Freight Costs.xlsx
  14. Hi, Thanks....let me check with my customer....will get back to you
  15. to add if the product code is any other code the message must be displayed on cart saying "Please call for shipping cost" any feedback on cost to develop this mod