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  1. Backup everything including your database first. If you upgraded as per instructions it would overight all your files including the skin styles so... With only one mod I would upload everything accept the skins folder , run the upgrade and then re-apply/install your mod. After that I would check your saved modded skin against the new skin from version 4.4.1 using winmerge and make any changes needed to the skin. Upgrade instructions are included in the download package.
  2. Works for me with IE8 also, did you fix it?
  3. Too many differences apparently so you will have to check each file, best to use something like winmerge.
  4. Ausy


    Yes you can go straight to 4.4.1
  5. Now fixed. http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=2119#c3591
  6. The only changes I can find in each skin is \styleTemplates\global\index.tpl and cart.tpl where one of the lines is changed. For example line 23 index.tpl in the KitaBlue skin. <script> is changed to <script type="text/javascript" > What skin you using, or what is it based on?
  7. I found for me the following works. Apply the bug fix as described and then edit each product that is still affected, scroll down to "Specific Product Meta Data" and you will see that the error message shows in the browser title box, remove this, hit edit product and all should be well.
  8. You need an SSL certificate if you want to take debit/credit card payment directly on your site. You can use PayPal IPN where customers are taken to PayPals website to use their credit/debit cards and they do not need a paypal account. For Google checkout they would need to own or create a google account.
  9. You would have to enable sale mode in General settings - locale settings. Set it to individual sale prices by item. Then edit each product affected by the sale and enter the reduced price in the sale price box just underneath the normal price box.
  10. If for example you use PayPal Pro, that allows debit/credit cards or PayPal express checkout to be used. You can also enable the google checkout module, so all three options you asked for are possible.
  11. You need to upload and overwrite the includes and images folders too. I take it you backed up everything first.
  12. There is nothing built into cubecart to allow this automatically. The only option would be to create the coupons as you said and email them. Actually some major stores do it this way and they give you a time frame to use it which encourages the customer to visit the store frequently if they want discounts.
  13. You can change this through admin. Languages - en - front end phrases - content - payment pages phrases.
  14. Try these settings. HTTPS Root Relative Path: / HTTPS Absolute URL: https://inetsrv4.gahost.com/~dlowman/www.pr...rednesshelp.com HTTPS Root Path: /~dlowman/www.preparednesshelp.com/
  15. Check permissions on your cache folder, they should be 755 or 777
  16. Afaik recommending hosting is against the rules I beleive. Better to ask over here http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?
  17. Yes its safe you can jump to the latest version. If you have a custom skin make sure you make the skin changes. These you will find in the release posts.
  18. Ausy

    Cubecart slow

    Can you give us a link for your store? You are on a quiet old version but that should not cause any speed issue. You should upgrade but before you do make sure any mods and the skin you use are fully compatable with the latest version. Make sure you backup your original store and database before upgrade.
  19. If you dont have any mods installed just upload all the files from version 4.3.8 and overwrite your old files on the server, then visit your website url/setup and choose upgrade. Make sure you backup your current installation and the database before you proceed.
  20. Its not possible without a modification. if you want the mod google "Sort Product Options CC4"
  21. You just need to rebuild the thumbnails through admin - maintenance - thumbnails
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