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  1. You can't run them both from the same database. if you have the option to creat a new one then do that and install V4 where you want it for testing. Alternativly chose a prefix for the new install on the database you are currently using for V3. Once you have your skin working fine on V4 you can download and save it then just do an upgrade on your version 3 install. After its done upload your skin. Backup everything first.
  2. When I try your link it takes me to the store is offline page. So is it working ok now?
  3. i had this problem before and if I remember I was told to make sure these files from v3 are in the includes folder of your v4 files: inlcudes/global.inc.php includes/ini.inc.php
  4. Sorted the htaccess file. I have to own up now and say I fixed the site docs problem, I had a previously working mod installed that made alteration to the viewDoc.inc file, Its removed and now everythig is ok. Slightly embarressed but happy its sorted. thanks guys.
  5. I found some other problems, when clicking buy from the catagory page, items with product options did not go into the basket, instead it produced a 404 error page. I did what you suggested for the SEO and this has rectified that problem, thanks for that we are getting somewhere. I still have no data appearing on the site docs though.
  6. I am using the SEO module and a custom skin, but it makes no difference when I change the skin to one of the default cubecart skins.
  7. Yesterday I upgraded from 4.02 to 4.11, everything went ok and is working apart from my site docs. Everything that I wrote in them does not show on the pages. All the information shows in admin - site docs. If I create a new site doc, the link shows and so does the page but no information that I put on it? Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
  8. Can you not install a fresh copy of 4 into another directory, check its working on your server properly before upgrading.
  9. It means delete them from the old installation on the server.
  10. V4 has quite a few improvments and functions, well worth having.
  11. I had similar problems with cubecart 3, it was down to shared SSL, but if you are not using SSL, it may be MySQL collation.
  12. What do they look like in admin-currencies, you can edit them there if they look wrong.
  13. Thanks Al, got it working fine now, I hadn't entered it in the first place First impressions, I like very much, cheers all :D
  14. Yes I was just searching through the knowledgebase and found a referal to zend, I re uploaded and it apears to be ok once I can solve the new message. License key error 5. Your license key has expired. A new license key is required which you may be able purchase from http://www.cubecart.com. I think I forgot to put it in on install, can I do it now?
  15. I am about to upload my new version 4 via ftp, do I use ascii, binary or auto setting?
  16. To get to admin its URL of your store with /admin at the end, then enter username and password.
  17. Ausy

    Bye Cubecart

    I too had numerous pear/paypal problems untill I moved host to the ones advertised at the foot of the page, since then no problems at all. Worth a try.
  18. Check with your host that pear is installed on your server. Tell them the error message your getting.
  19. Try / after /home/www2deg/public_html so '/home/www2deg/public_html/'
  20. Ausy

    SSL issue

    Just tried your store with both firefox and IE and its working fine for me as far as adding products to the basket. You relaise that when you click on buy it already adds the item to basket so if you then look at the details of the product and click buy again you get 2. Anyhow I cant get that part to go wrong. The some items are insecure apears to be coming up because of the image in the bottom right Bizrate customer..... Check and make sure that image is in the same directory as the others. Nice site by the way :huh:
  21. Well I am not a programmer at all but I managed to find all the answers to any problems I encountered on the forums somewhere. Also the support if paid for is exemplary. Its not costly and if your serious about your store worth every penny.
  22. I don't think you need to be quite as offensive, for me everything works fine as it does for thousands of others. You made your point and are happy with something else thats all. Before Cubecart I had numerous problems with other carts, it happens. Good luck.
  23. In general setting the default currency should be set to british pounds. Under currencies, GBP value set to 1.0 and dollar rate should be set to 1.9900 or whatever the rate is, not 0.57704
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