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  1. Can you not start again from the beginning, delete the installation from your server and make sure your database has nothing in it or use a new database. Then upload the files and start again, check each step to see if the install is telling you its ok to proceed. Unless your server is not compatible in some way, cubecart is easy to install. Have you run the compat-test.php file to make sure?

  2. Navigate to view products and under the thumbnail picture of the product click manage images, then just choose an image to add. you must of course first upload the images through, admin, filemanager, upload images.

    Doh, beat me too it */*

  3. You should not change any file names! Only the permissions. In step 2 of the installation it checks to see if the files have the correct permissions.

    The following files should be writable.

    images/uploads/ Writable

    images/uploads/thumbs/ Writable

    images/logos/ Writable

    includes/global.inc.php Writable

    includes/extra/ Writable

    cache/ Writable

    Writable should be 777

  4. I am sure an expert will answer but I presume they have to check you have a valid liceince. I doubt this particular issue is going to happen again. With regard to Cubecart.com ever closing, I am pretty confident that the people involved, no matter what, would not leave there customers in the **** and render stores un un-usable. I don't know the people personally but I do know they will do their upmost to help when you need it.

  5. Sounds all good. The only tricky part for most people is importing all of the database correctly, I would hire the services of an expert over at cubecartforums.org for that bit. It would be well worth it in terms of getting it done correctly and without hassle.

    The other thing you could do is back up you existing CC3 and install that into the directory where your new CC4 will reside, then upgrade it to CC4 using the facility within the installation procedure, that way the upgrade script takes care of everything. You can then carry out mods and tweaks to it before going live.

  6. Ask your host if they are using PHP 5.2 or above to run the latest versions of Cubecart 4. The upgrade is pretty easy and instructions are included but you will lose all your CC3 mods. If you have a modded skin, that will need to be upgraded to work with version 4. Make sure you back everything up before you attempt the upgrade.

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