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  1. Does this mean it looks like it is actually a Cubecart bug?
  2. I mean, it’s GoDaddy. I would think that if it were misconfigured by default on one of their standard packages, that would get noticed pretty quick
  3. I think it’s when I switched from 7.2 to 7.4 that it broke things, and I just didn’t notice. Under my cPanel hosting, memcached is selected. It wasn’t before, and I was getting even more of those errors, then I made sure to select it, and I get much less of them.
  4. Since the store front and the admin page goes to white screen, I can’t access the admin backend. Switching to 'file' fixes it. Now...it's been working fine for years on memcached...is it a php 7.3/7.4 bug?
  5. Was on php 7.4, tried rolling back to 7.3 but similar issues: PHP Warning: Cache data not written (Memcached). in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/tingyen/classes/cache/memcached.class.php on line 255 that section reads: //Write to file if ($this->_memcached->set($name, $data, (!empty($expire) && is_numeric($expire)) ? $expire : $this->_expire)) { return true; } trigger_error('Cache data not written (Memcached).', E_USER_WARNING); Any ideas?
  6. Yeah, seems that way. The upgrade tab says I'm on 6.2.5, and I used the backup utility to make a file and db backup.
  7. Ok, i don't understand why, but I tried running setup again, and it worked fine!
  8. There must be a mismatch. It seems to think I'm on 6.2.0-b1, but the upgrade tab says I'm on the latest version
  9. Is there any way to force the DB to upgrade?
  10. ok, got the Zip option set in CPanel. Now, if i change the language to English (US), and click next, the page refreshes, nothing happens, and I get this in the log: File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Los_Angeles'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Los_Angeles' File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/Los_Angeles'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/Los_Angeles' If I leave it at English UK, I get this error: File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [70] "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS MIN(`live_fro
  11. Looks like: [Exception] /home/XXX/classes/db/database.class.php:263 - Class 'ZipArchive' not found
  12. When I try to do an upgrade, or file backup, it just goes to a white screen and stalls out. Any idea how to fix?
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