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  1. Yea thats one of the first things i tried but it only shows you the php config it doesnt allow you to change it.
  2. Ok in desperation i restored the old site files and all seems to work ok now but only after removing the code the hosts told me to add to the .htaccess file "suphp_configpath /home/sexpisto/public_html AddType application/x-httpd-php56 .php " ive created a test store for now but still getting the initial " PHP 5.2.14 detected. CubeCart requires PHP 5.4 or higher" problem. Is there a proper work around for this or will they have to upgrade the php version server side ?
  3. Still the same 404 error
  4. Ok ive created an error log as per instructions error_log
  5. how would i establish if php cannot find it or being denied access to it ? functions.inc.php is 0644 and is the new file from the upgrade folder , if that helps
  6. Ok well i check the perms , they looked ok then deleted all apart from images/ includes/global.inc.php includes/ini.inc.php language/ re uploaded new files , rechecked perms .. still same issue Maybe should have mentioned another issue i had to start, i first got " "PHP 5.2.14 detected. CubeCart requires PHP 5.4 or higher." the shared host has cubecart 6.1 as a softilicious install and suggested adding "AddType application/x-httpd-php56 .php " into the .htaccess file and replacing the php.ini (attached) with one they supplied although 5.2.14 detected error did go it gave the initial error i posted :/ php.ini
  7. A site i maintain has been running CC v3 for the last few years without any issue we decided it was time for an upgrade so followed the upgrade procedure when going to setup there is an error... " Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. " if i go past that to setup.install.php i get a different error ... "Fatal error: Call to undefined function chmod_writable() in /home/sexpisto/public_html/shop/setup/setup.install.php on line 43 " JFYI line 43 is "if (!chmod(CC_ROOT_DIR.'/'.$target, chmod_writable())) { Any thoughts ?