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  1. Just an update.... this was resolved by support - something about my database having a quirk in it. Thanks guys!
  2. When going through checkout, the payment methods that show are: Postal Order(printable order form Postal Order(printable order form again!!) Paypal credit/debit card I am not sure why on earth I have the two postal order form options showing. I only have the one module for it in my cp and I have it enabled and set up. The other methods are fine and correspond to how I have it set up. I am wondering though... I had to do a fresh install of CC, but I used my original database. Could this be the problem? Any ideas on how I can fix this? TYIA!
  3. I realise there is a bug concerning the advanced search, but I am not getting any errors and I am using the latest version.... it just isn't showing all the categories. I have tried to do various repairs to the database through admin cp to see if it would work, but no joy there. Any ideas what/where I might need to change something?
  4. Yes thankyou.... I did some more searching last night and found some answers along that line. Deleted the cookie in FF and it seems to be working .... fingers crossed! :sourcerer:
  5. I have installed the latest version of CC3. When I log in, I am taken to the admin control panel without a problem. I can even click on the navigation to go anywhere I want to, all except for Store Config. Instead of allowing me to view this section, the log in panel appears, and everything in the navigation is greyed out except for Admin Home and Store Home. If I log in, nothing will happen - the log in box will stay there on the page, but if I go ahead and click on Admin Home, the navigation is accessible again.... that is, until I try to go into the Store Config section, and then I am taken back around in the loop all over again. This has been happening in Firefox only.... I just tried it using IE and don't seem to be having that problem... yet. I only experienced this problem once yesterday, and then it seemed to go away until this afternoon. Now it's just being stubborn. Any ideas on this one?
  6. Oops... sorry about that.... But..... what exactly did you need to change in the code? because I don't follow what I should do. I don't do PHP, but if someone gives me instructions on 'look for this', 'replace with this', etc I can follow just fine.
  7. I want to be able to allow the customer to enter a QTY as a decimal. I sell fabric, so a customer might want to order a 1/4 yd, 1/2 yd, etc. I would be using inventory control as well, so I would want the inventory to reduce accordingly. Is there an easy way to modify the cart to allow for this? TYIA!
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