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  1. I have a list of my product id's all the necessary product options are assigned to the products i just need to add new prices to all of the options. My excel file is eg PROD ID 100cm 80cm 60cm 50cm 789 £5 £4 £3 £2 and so on.. I have my option value_id matched from the cubecart options mid table. Does anyone know a quick way of importing product option prices via product id...I just just need prices updated. ( new price =) Many thanks for any guidance.
  2. Thanks Cherryaa for posting this... I found it really helpful. If anyone is wanting to do this on version 4, I used this guide but with the following amendments... and it all seems to be ok! Instead of adding the include code to /index.php add it to /includes/global/index.inc.php and change to require_once"includes".CC_DS."boxes".CC_DS."testinclude.inc.php"; $body->assign("TEST_INC",$box_content); And in includes/boxes/testInclude.php change line 6 to $box_content=new XTemplate("boxes".CC_DS."testinclude.tpl"); Hope that helps! Rachael
  3. Allow dispatch to address other than invoice address? This used to be on the store by default now it seems to have vanished. I have this ticked yes.. and there is still no option on front end for the customer to do this. Is there a new setting on 4.2.3 I have missed? Has anyone on this thread found the solution. Thanks
  4. Does anybody know if it is possible to list the products in a category in the category box in the left column? ... the link would go straight to the product detail page. Thanks for any help! Rachael
  5. I also need the CPI.. where HSBC capture the card details.. Has anyone got any news on this? Thanks
  6. Is anyone working on this? If so can you please give some feedback. An awful lot of people are following this post, surely this must be a priority.. :w00t:
  7. Hi Does anyone have any info on a possible timescale with this? Many thanks
  8. HSBC module for version 4..... Anyone? In fact is there a developer can offer this - offer a price/quote? ...it seems a lot of people need it
  9. I would like to upgrade to version 4.. but we need to hook up to hsbc ..not currently supported on cubecart 4 Can anyone possibly help with this?
  10. Hi Mysty, Sorry if I wasn't very clear in my explanation. I would like a link on the site docs menu to have a specific class when it is the current page. IE when I am on the About page, this link in the menu bar will have different colour properties to highlight it. Yes I can create a class for this in the css, but what I really need is the php to detect what page I am on, and then apply the css appropriately. Hope that's a bit clearer! thanks, Rachael
  11. Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to add a class to a link in the Site Docs menu, if it is the current page? eg if I am on the About page there would be a class of "current" on the link in the navigation. I am using the 'Show Hide order site documents' modification, but I'm sure this shouldn't make too much difference. I've had a good look through the forum and can't find a fix for this that does not rely on Javascript, I would prefer to use a php solution. I have also been in touch with Cubecart support and they said that although they don't currently offer this as standard, with enough php knowledge it would be fairly simple to code. Can anyone give me any advice/help with this? Thanks, Rachael :on2long:
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to add a product description in the featured / random product box? Thanks!
  13. Hm its' okay now.. ..clear cache/new browser and it is all hunky dory...
  14. I am also having problems with GBP as default currency.. British pounds is not appearing in the drop down menu in general settings or the front end.. yet it is added in the currencies section. I thought it was something to do with my db being in swedish default - changed to utf8 and still having problems. I am using a cleanish version of 3.16 - any ideas anyone.. ?? the only mod I have is the category description add on.
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