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    google checkout

    Not a standard feature of CC3. Check over at cubecartforums.org :cry:
  2. Must be an issue with your browser installation.
  3. FF3 works great for me (with Thawte). Who issued the cert? Who's the CA?
  4. My guess is that you should have been emailed the file. Nevertheless, you will need to contact the developer directly.
  5. Contact that developer via his website. This forum is not intended for 3rd party modification or skin support.
  6. Might also be world adding rel="nofollow" to all links - as a further deterrence. Captchas can be broken!
  7. With regards to the JavaScript, I would certainly group the files. The fewer HTTP requests, the better. In fact, I would go ahead and group all your JavaScript documents into a single document. It would then be advisable to pack the JavaScript (http://dean.edwards.name/packer/). Packing and gZip'ing your JavaScript in this way should significantly cut loading times. Please note that packing your JavaScript is pretty much irreversible. Therefore, you should always have source files at hand.
  8. It is a feed for submission to Google Base (formally Froogle) that lists your products in the Google Product Search: http://www.google.co.uk/prdhp?hl=en&tab=wf
  9. You might be interested in this: http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?sh...ic=4284&hl=
  10. It should get fixed in CC4. However, I doubt that it will get fixed in CC3. My only suggestion is to visit cubecartforums.org.
  11. Totally agree regarding multiple payment options - and I wasn't suggesting otherwise. When I visited the cart area, I wasn't sure how to progress. The only reason I eventually realized that the credit card logos were buttons was due to the pink "button-like" background (in FireFox). This is a clear usability issue. I like the "-----Or you can also use-----" divider that you have added. However, I still think that you should remove the PayPal button from that page. You can still offer PayPal via the usual checkout process. If you really want the PayPal button there, you should consider repeating the procedure you did for the Google Checkout button by adding another separator and aligning the button to the right of the screen (below the Google Checkout button). It would not be hard to remove the User Registration/Login feature. That is if you don't want to allow users to register. In fact, you could skip the whole "step1" (https://www.madshears.com/index.php?_g=co&_a=step1) altogether. You could then remove the ability to create a password and hide the "I Do Not Wish To Create An Account" option (with it being enabled automatically). You should "move" (NOT REMOVE) the SSL and Credit Card icons to the bottom of the screen. Then, remove the whole "MADShears!" section. You should also amend your use of typography - i.e. don't use a range of fonts, italics, bold, the whole rainbow etc. in your writing. When you take photographs, try to ensure that they are consistent in their background color (white is good). You should still remove: "That means we get really MAD when people copy our stuff!" - and center the copyright text rather than aligning it to the left. You also have "Enter Code:" to the right of your checkout page, but the description, "Got a gift certificate or promotional code?", is all the way over to the left. I would also go ahead and remove the "Information" side-box as there is little use for it. Your site has very much potential. You just need to utilize CubeCart to its full potential!
  12. I haven't worked with CC4, so I can't be specific. However, it is likely that the button is being displayed using a tag e.g. {PAYPAL}. Or... It may be that a single tag lists the available payment options (including Google Checkout) - in this case, you may need to modify some PHP files. There may be a much simpler way of doing this...
  13. That may be... but it is a fault of your design rather that CC4. I've taken a look at your design from the cart end and it is rather confusing. Firstly, you offer 3 methods to checkout: PayPal, Google Checkout and Credit Cards. I would remove the PayPal button and use CubeCart's Gateway feature for PayPal and Credit Cards. Secondly, I would not have the credit cart logos as a button. Instead, I would have a normal button with the text: "Checkout". To the right/Left/immediately below this button, I would display the credit card and paypal logo (not paypal button) - implying that customers can pay using these methods by selecting that button. Below the checkout button, add some kind of separation, for example: ====== OR ======= Then place the Google Checkout button below the separator. This clearly implies that the customer has the option to choose between the payment options provided. This is about as simple as you can make the checkout process (if you offer multiple payment gateways).
  14. I don't think you understood what I was suggesting (regarding the category layout). If such a structure was implemented, you would not loose any details. It would simply make the navigation more intuitive. With regards to the checkout area. This is a fault of the design rather than CubeCart. I cannot comment on the shopping cart "bug" you are suggesting as I have never experienced it. EDIT: CC4 has the ability to sort by price in the category view. There is no need to create categories for price ranges.
  15. Listen... All I am doing is giving you advice. Advice that is a product of my experience as a website designer and developer. In this instance, you are right to differentiate your products. However, the core point I was making is to reduce the amount of text on your website. I highly doubt anyone is going to read through all that text. Your product names should include only enough text to define the product - nothing else. Do this for every single product where possible. Your categories are a mess. Again, there is careless use of text within the category names. Because you have so many categories, I would consider manually structuring the category display rather than having CubeCart do it for you. For example, you could have a category group - "Hair Scissors". Within that group, you could list the following categories: - Professional - Personal - Charmer - Kenchii etc. You should leave some structural space between each category group and clearly (visually) define which are the category groups and which are the categories. You also need to add spacing between the products listed in the "Popular Products" area. Get rid of - "MADShears is about Professional Hair Stylist Shears, Cosmetologist Student Scissors...". All that text (the entire section - including RapidSSL/CreditCard logos & your satisfaction logo) need to go. You can add Credit Card and SSL logos to the footer of the page. Contact information and details about your company, shipping policy and returns policy need to go into the relevant site documents. Remove all the text: "Copyright © 2008 MADShears.com Reproduction in Part or...!". Replace with "Copyright © 2008 MADShears.com". Remove the CSS validation logo. You can always add a small (discrete) text link to the page footer if you really want. Think carefully before styling text using the WYSIWYG editor. The majority of your text should have the same font attributes (size, colour, font etc.). You should also consider having a designer do something about the site document navigation.
  16. Ok... but why the need to add "No Sting Just Bling"?
  17. They are images. The images reside in the styleImages directory of that skin.
  18. So... essay over then? You'll need to deal with one issue at a time. I don't think anyone has the time to answer all your questions. I simply suggested CC3 as there are no bugs and hence no need to apply updates. You could get someone to port your design over to CC3. I highly doubt that you will be able to fix all the issues you are having by yourself. As I said before... you should approach a genuine developer to thoroughly test your store and fix any issues. That way, you will be able to raise any concerns you have with the developer. Think of it this way. If I bought a house and then personally did reconstruction work (with my D.I.Y skills), the house might collapse. Could I then shift the blame over to the original builders? Apply this to CubeCart. If there is a issue with the core software, inform Devellion and they will include a fix in the next release. There are bugs with CC4. However, some of the issues you list have nothing to do with CC4's core features. In fact, as far as I can tell, you have listed just a single "bug". Your other issues are due to the way YOU or your developer have modified or used the software. Because CC4 has bugs, you may need to update the software occasionally. You would not have this problem with CC3. If you are serious about your business, your 1st step should be to contact an experienced developer. That developer will then be able to correct any issues and provide valuable advice with regards to your store's design. EDIT: Further, I don't know how much you think a professional website costs? I can tell you this... $179 doesn't cut it - if you don't have the technical skills. Many website designers/developers will charge $3000-$10,000 for a basic ecommerce website. With advanced functionality using bespoke code, you could be looking at well over $20,000. Remember that a website is an investment. What you get out is directly proportional to what you put in! As for the text. Let me give you an example (from your website): Could this not just be: You could add additional details as a short product description. Furthermore, I don't see a need to write about your company on the index page. This information could be added to the site documents. With all this text, you are making it hard for visitors to navigate and find the product they want. There are many other issues pertaining to how your design separates each product.
  19. Yep, it is possible. Best to post over at cubecartforums.org though.
  20. I'll reiterate what Alan said - test, test & test before production. CubeCart V4 currently has (and always has had) bugs. I'm surprised that you didn't read about this before you purchased the script (since you said that you did your research). If you asked the developers over at CubeCartForums.org whether they would recommend CC4 as a production system, you'd get a unanimous response. CC3 is (and has been for some time) stable. Further, your developer has done a poor job on your front-end interface. Your potential sales are stunted to a much greater extend by your store's design rather than AOL incompatibilities. Your pages contain far too much text. My personal advice would be to switch over to CC3 and approach a reliable & genuine developer with a good portfolio any many years of experience. You won't have to worry about upgrading your store either! In addition, you can purchase mods to include all the functionality of CC4. In fact, I would suggest that you could have added all this functionality for less than the cost of a V4 license. However, I recognise that this would involve a large sunk investment. Your other option would be to again approach a genuine developer to fix those issues that you are currently experiencing. You would also need to contact this developer to test any updates before they are applied to your production model. Thus, this would result in ongoing costs prior to each release until CC4 becomes stable and production worthy (my opinion).
  21. It may be more complicated than this if you want the category highlighted when you are viewing a product within that category. Your best bet is to go over to cubecartforums.org.
  22. That would be your host's server. Your host should have supplied you with a FTP account. You will need to use a FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) to upload the skin into the 'skins' directory. If you need help, try contacting the person who sold you the skin.
  23. You should validate: - The Home Page - A Product Page - A Category Page - A Site Document Page - The Registration Page - The User Login Page - The Cart Page - CSS validation for any page. Then, so long as you use valid code in the product descriptions, you're site should fully validate. Note that if you use the standard 'short product description' feature for products listed in viewCat.tpl, then special characters (e.g. &) may get truncated. This will cause any pages listing this product's short description to fail validation. There is a solution to this problem here: http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry129096
  24. The right column being wrapped to the bottom of the page seems to be a problem with the skin itself. I had exchanged quite a few mails and phone conversations with the Projeto Andrews team trying to figure out if it was a problem of resolution. However, it is simply that the template won't work properly in IE6. I guess it should be a simple CSS fix and perhaps the solution can be cascaded to all the purchasers of this particular skin. Regards, Amit http://www.holyrudraksha.com This happens when the columns are too large to fit inside the parent div side-by-side. This is often an issue with IE6 due to the way padding and margins are treated I believe. It can be fixed relatively easily through a little trial and error. The last statistics I read showed that IE6 is still the most popular browser. It does not make sense not to support IE6. It may take a little extra work but is certainly worth the time input. The makers of the skin don't provide a list of known supported browsers. Therefore, you may not be able to claim this as a "bug".
  25. Nice, simple clean design. You really should change your "add to cart" button style. There is very little contrast at the moment (blue with red => poor contrast).
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