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    Please Review My Site

    Where is CubeCart installed?
  2. Do you mean viewCat.tpl? It's the same template file as used for products listed in categories.
  3. It's probably a few users using unreasonable amounts of resources. Or... It could be a hardware issue. I'd seriously consider asking them to move your site to another one of their servers. You won't need to change anything - it's seamless and should take them only a few minutes.
  4. ok here's the thing. i own the hosting company and checked with my techie people, it's definitely part of the PHP install. my client had an economy hosting plan, which was not as "flexible" as the deluxe with as many options. so i upgraded her. my tech guy went through the buy process with me. he got the error and said it was impossible based upon her hosting plan. so, i looked at my cubecart 4 which was a fresh install. my gateway module is vastly different than hers, which was an upgrade. mine has authorize aim, hers still has the old authorize.net and the new authorize aim. when i removed the authorize.net (which is no longer supported in v.4) the order went through fine, no errors. HOWEVER, in the payment screen where you can choose betw. let's say the Order Form or Credit Card, the words for the choice "CREDIT CARD" were not there, even though the radio button to make the choice was. so how do i fix this? seems i'm like two steps away but what do i do???? Could be a bug with the gateway module. Have you submitted a support ticket?
  5. Some hosts don't have it. It is certainly worth checking. The script is reporting that it doesn't know the mhash function. The only reason I can think of is you host did not compile PHP with the mhash extension enabled.
  6. I've heard that ASO is a very good host. They've got mainly good reviews. I'd give them a chance. Ask them to move you to another server due to the downtime.
  7. I'd check with your host. I think that mhash is a PHP module that needs to be installed.
  8. Sorry, I think that the CC4 JavaScript used to add an item to the cart is actually the same as CC3. You need to delete the cache. The template is cached and so you will not notice changes unless you delete all the files in the cache directory. FTP into the directory and delete all the files in there.
  9. jQuery is very good (if you're ok with javascript)
  10. Have you changed it in the template? and... Have you deleted your cache (not browser but files inside the cache directory)
  11. Personally, I think that it is better to 'alert' customers that a product has been added. A page refresh does that (it's what people expect). If you want to use AJAX, I would suggest that you notify the customer that the item has been added (perhaps via a on-screen notification).
  12. I know that there may be a problem with the SSL switch (though I can't be sure). The issue experienced was when a user tried to view his account or logout. The (temporary) solution was to revert the SSL Switch file back to the SSL Switch file used in CC3.
  13. Check over at cubecartforums.org (there are a few).
  14. You could just remove the feature from the template for the time being...
  15. Possibly. You need a dedicated IP address to install a SSL certificate. Therefore, it is likely that you did not have a dedicated IP address before and so your IP address has changed. If this is the reason why, your PageRank should go back up to where it was eventually.
  16. Can you create a new user using the config tool?: https://www.cubecart.com/site/helpdesk/inde...d=9&nav=0,5 Otherwise, you could create a new superuser using phpMyAdmin. I think that you'll need to enter an MD5 hashed password.
  17. This is very strange - it shouldn't happen. I have run many CC3 stores on the same domain. All that was needed was a new database and changes to the global.inc.php file. Did you export the database contents from your 1st store and import it into the 2nd (new) database? If you did, try use a new clean database (using the CC3 install files). Try also clean your browser cache and also try on a different computer.
  18. You could try using a clean database and ensure that global.inc.php reflects the settings for the new store!
  19. The best advice I can give is to take a look at the skins included with CubeCart. You'll notice tags such as {SHOPPING_CART}. Basically, you'll need to add these tags to your template and save the file as a .tpl file. Note that you'll need to create many .tpl files like the included skins.
  20. Homar, even in Admin where it says "Absolute URL"? Sorry. I didn't explain very clearly. When added an item to the cart and clicked 'View Cart', SSL was active (worked fine). If a page contains both SSL and non-SSL components, the visitor will be notified - 'This page contains both secure and non-secure items - do you want to continue...'. To avoid this notification, you must ensure that all the components of your page are able to load via a secure connection (https://). If you set (let's say) an image to display and set its path to http://www.example.com/image.png, the image will NOT load via a secure connection (due to the http:// and not https://). If you set the image's path to be relative to the current page- e.g. /image.png, the image will load via a secure connection. I took a look at your source code and tried to find where absolute paths were used. I found that you were using google analytics. This loads a javascript from Google through a non-secure connection. Therefore, users will be notified that the page contains both secure and non-secure elements. Just to clarify, your SSL certificate and implementation seems to be working fine. The only minor issue is the use of a non-secure item (and hence the notification).
  21. best to post on cubecartforums.org
  22. Works fine for me in FireFox. Just a note, avoid using absolute URLs. This will cause browsers to notify the user that some content is not secure. In your case, I think it's the Google Analytics that's causing this.
  23. I'd read somewhere that Google effectively ranks each link's value to your site. A good link is one-way (inbound) is much better than 'back links' (exchanges). I would suggest that you do not participate in link exchanges. Google will pick up on the fact you have 50 links to your site but also link to those 50 websites from your site. Is it worth being penalized? You can read about Google's page rank formula by doing a Google search - 'Google PR formula'. You should see what I'm talking about. I'd say try and keep the number of external links to 5 (max) per page and avoid site wide external links. Think of it this way. Google's aim is to suggest pages relevant to a search term and rank the pages according to which it feels has the content the user is searching for. Therefore, Google will penalize your site by trying to purposely manipulate your ranking. Having a site with good unique content will get your natural inbound links. That's all you need. Get the word out about your site by placing a link in forum signatures, using AdWords, submitting a Press Release etc. If your site has quality content that people find useful and enjoy reading, people will link to you from forums, blogs, websites etc.
  24. The lesson here is to avoid link exchanges! I.e. Google won't like it if you link to a site and they link back to you. You want 1-way links from relevant sites that don't have pages of external links.
  25. I don't think that you have enough contrast. Pink and Red are pretty close in the colour wheel... You could try do something with the background and make a clear division between the page's content and background. There's also a mod here that will prevent the short product description from including a fraction of a word (http://www.songofthesiren.co.uk/index.php?searchStr=&act=viewCat&Submit=Go).
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