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  1. Hello - well I have had a cube cart for many years (not sure how many) I know it's Cube cart 3 and it's finally having problems - I don't receive emails now is someone buys something - I know there is a sale when a Pay pal payments comes and I log into store to go to invoices and print off When I log in I get this message; Last login by Warning: strftime() [function.strftime]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'America/Los_Angeles' for 'PST/-8.0/no DST' instead in /home/-----/public_html/enchantedemeraldforestbridal/includes/functions.inc.php on line 437 Feb 05 15, 11:27 AM by me I deleated a bit of this message---- My Question is: Do I /Can I upgrade to a newer version of Cube cart?? Can all my products be transferred over? Can someone fix the skin I have or do I have to have a new on? How much would this cost? or am I better off bailing out and drop the whole shop all together Any advice would be appreciated Thanks emerald-fairy Lynn
  2. I just have to say God Bless bsmither for being so helpful and kind in helping me restore my stores and sanity. I just don't know what I would have done without someone special like that crossing my path Thanks Robsta for posting the link which may have been the problem as a new 3.0.20 had just been installed. Thanks for being there guys ~ it means a lot Blessings Always Lynn
  3. I have been running 3 cube carts happily for the past few years. I had 2 stores on version 3.0.15 and one on 3.0.17 when I received a message from my host Lunar Pages to update the sites. I engaged someone to do the upgrades to version 3.0.20 for me and decided to change one of the stores that had a Goober sign in to see prices mod. So the person upgrading my sites requested the mod which was installed on the new store. Then the worst happened a couple of days later, some one hacked into my store now all my sites hosted with Lunar Pages are infected. 4 cube carts, 2 wordpress blogs and one soholaunch web site. This happened before my eyes last Wednesday and Thursday and I immediately put in a help desk ticket to Lunar Pages, they originally got back to me with a list of infected files which look like jumbled text along with lots of references to the Mod. I am not sure what caused the problem. Now Google has listed these stores with warning messages - when you go to EnchantedEmeraldForestBridal.com you get a big red sign saying waring stay away from this site as it may download bad things to your computer - it appears this has happened to all my sites and I don't know what to do!!!! Please Help ~ I need some advice - what are your suggestions I wondered if Lunar Pages could do a premium restore back to before my sites were hacked - but I don't know because they haven't got back to me. Is this a common thing on the web? My thoughts are to close down and delete every store and web site and start again - the reason is once they have been effected I think there may always be a problem is this a good idea? I am asking before I make any rash move, because it means getting rid of 5 years work. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  4. Can you put a business logo on the top of the invoices and if so how would I did that Also I only have two payment gateways, Pay Pal or Direct Bank, if they choose direct bank they are taken to the invoice with the details but there isn't a link to go back to store, how can I inset a link to go back to store Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Lynn
  5. I can answer my own question, just for anyone who may read this and ever have the same problem It was something to do with Internet Explorer as when I changed to firefox, the fck editor box with all the images came up, so I was then able to put aditional images in my shop...but then the next time Internet Explorer worked ok...must have been a full moon!! :(
  6. Hi there, I was putting some products in my store. I clicked on the little yellow image box which usually pops up another box that says browse server to choose an additional image to put into the description box. But when I clicked on it it was blank. There was a folder at the top and another folder down the bottom that says add new folder. I don't want to add a folder I just wondered how to fix this and get all the images back in the box? so I can add additional images to my page I do hope you understand what I am trying to say and I would appreciate any help Thanks emerald-fairy Lynn
  7. guess what!! I did it..see you do learn something new every day!! , except it was a jpg not a gif for Legend. It's a bit big and I have to fix it but at least I got a banner up. Now can I change that grey background? Love from the learner and thanks for your Patience, it is appreciated Love Lynn
  8. Hi there Burgensteen. I thought of doing that, but then how would I learn. I learn something new everyday and now I need a next step help. I managed to get the smart ftp to go to my site, I saw my files, opened up the images, draged over a logo I had renamed topHeader.jpg. Then I realized I had put it in images not in logos..so I did it again and put it in logos file I saw there was a file in there cc.logo.gif so now under that is my topHeader.jpg. The Next step I should imagine is to open the skins/legend/stylesheet/layout** file and change the logo from cc.logo.gif and put in my logo topHeader.jpg in its place. The thing I need help with is..do I drag that file** over to microsoft front page (easier for me then dreamweaver) to do the change and then drag it back and upload back to server? I hope you understand what I mean and any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lynn
  9. Sorry I posted in the wong place before I have been reading and reading and still I am trying to figure it out. I read this about changing the logo, but how do I save it to this folder, where is it the folder? Is it something I have to do in smart fpt? How do I save my logo to this file? ------------------------------------------------------ First rename your logo to topheader.gif now save to this folder skins\Legend\styleImages\backgrounds The part in red is the name of the skin u r using eg classic/legend or killer
  10. Hello Again, well I want to change the logo from Cube Cart to my logo. I have read the tutorials and one says change your logo image name to topheader.gif another says .jpg one says topHeader (capitalH) where do I save my image to, in my images in cube cart? or in images somewhere in C Panel? I don't go near C Panel much as I don't understand it Now here is the real hard one. I have smart ftp and I presume I need that to change the logo, is that correct? so the big question is how do I do that, Connect with the Host Server (ftp.mydomain.com???) is that right User Name; is that what my data base name is for that domain that has cube cart Password; one I use to get into control panel in my server Port standard 21 I asking all this as I need step by step instructions, not knowing FTP I think thats all for this minute appreciate the help Lynn
  11. Back Again I know I need FTP to change colours but do I need it to change the cube cart logo? or can that be done via C Panel? again on the sizes and I said in first post which size would be best? Thanks again Lynn
  12. Hi there once again I just had a look at that site and I do understand it, I just looked at how to change colour. I do know that all the places top bottom sides and category boxes etc..all I have to do (I think) is change all the blue codes to pink or green, on my server there is a FTP thing, I guess thats what I have to learn to do use ftp next, then I can change the colour and the logo. Thanks Lynn
  13. I have a cube cart shop (Legend) but of course I would like it to be another colour. I do understand about changing the colour in the css sheets and know a bit about html..so I will go now and look at the site you suggested..Thanks Lynn
  14. Hi there, I love cube cart, Now I would like it to be another colour other then blue. I would like Pink or Green so can I change the colour or do I have to buy a Skin from someone. If I buy a Skin from someone and cube cart does an upgrade later down the track would I loose that skin? Also putting in your own banner logo, what is the best size for it to be? I have three banners/logos to choose which one would be best 750x175 204x106 174 x 51 Thanks Lynn :)
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