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  1. Today I upgraded from 5.0.7 to 5.2.0 and had all sorts of issues like Store settings all missing The License and Removal keys were absent causing a 'Cube Cart Lite' error All products were out of stock! I have re-added the settings and used the fix provided by bsmither to sort the out of stock issue Still testing!
  2. Thanks for the replies chaps and sorry for the delay in getting back been busy on a big job. Yes I did manually remove all files from the cache and also tried public $php_handling = self::PHP_ALLOW; but still don't work When I get back to it I'll research the Smarty site and report here when I find out how.
  3. Just upgraded from 5.0.4 to 5.0.7 and my template no longer works because Smarty no longer includes /$GLOBALS['smarty']->allow_php_tag = true; Please can anyone point me towards a solution. Thanks
  4. Hi Does anyone know how to prevent the customer getting duplicate emails when the order status is changed? I've found some posts on this subject and a reported bug but no fix. BTW I don't use Outlook Express
  5. Thanks it did eventually go but I had to empty the CC cache, clear all temporary files from IE close the browser and reboot the PC before it disappeared - odd!
  6. Hi All Working on a new store with custom skin but have found what looks like a bug in the advanced search category options Seems to be specific to Internet Explorer as it doesn't happen in Firefox, Chrome or Safari In addition to the current categories listed is an additional option which appears like this 1{@}1 here's the output code <select name="category[]" multiple="multiple" size="10"> <option value="4">/Brolly Mate</option> <option value="1">/Cleaning Products</option> <option value="0">1{@}1</option> </select> I tried changing styleTemplates/content/seach.tpl and /includes/content/search.inc.php from a working site but still get the bug. Anyone had this or knows how to fix?
  7. Hi One of my Cubecart 4 site customers has mentioned that some Switch cards do not have issue numbers. Their site uses the built-in Manual Credit Card Capture option which requires an issue number for validation. Does anyone know if there's a mod which allows Switch with and without issue number?
  8. Hi I have enabled credit card capture, configured SSL - which works OK, but after several tests I don't see any credit card details in the Customer Order window - am I looking in the right place? The customer payment form seems to be ok and I get an order confirmation. Anyone know what's wrong here?
  9. Nearly forgot to add... ...one way to add a home page link to siteDocs, albeit a bit numb as the language option doesn't work without hacking the php code. add this line to /skins/SKIN-NAME/styleTemplates/boxes/siteDocs.tpl <!-- BEGIN: site_docs --> <div class="siteDocs"> <a href="index.php" class="txtSiteDocs">Home Page</a> <span class="txtSiteDocs">|</span> <!-- BEGIN: a --> <a href="{DATA.doc_url}" class="txtSiteDocs" {DATA.doc_url_target}>{DATA.doc_name}</a> <!-- BEGIN: sep --><span class="txtSiteDocs">|</span><!-- END: sep --> <!-- END: a --> </div> <!-- END: site_docs --> If you can figure out the code tweak to activate LANG_HOME use this line instead <a href="index.php" class="txtSiteDocs">{LANG_HOME}</a> <span class="txtSiteDocs">|</span>
  10. Having created custom skins for several sites using CC3, where changes to categories.tpl are instant after uploading the file, this had me confused for awhile. Whilst hacking my first skin in CC4.0.2 I found any changes to skins/SKIN/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl don't become active until the skin is reloaded in Admin >>> General settings. I'm not sure why as I just got my first copy if CC4 but I suspect the contents of the file get read into a table or file - I'll investigate when time permits, but hope this is helpful.
  11. DOH!!!! Absolute SECURE URL to store: https//www.shopdomain.co.uk missing colon Absolute SECURE URL to store: https://www.shopdomain.co.uk
  12. I have looked at many topics about SSL intallation problems but can't see a fix for the issue I am experiencing. When SSL is enabled the https address gets appended to the http address eg http://www.shopdomain.co.uk/https://www.sh...o.uk/cart.php... Similarly for the same reason I then cannot get into admin whithout using the editconf.php tool to disable SSL I checked and rechecked my settings but all seem to be ok Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store: / Absolute SECURE URL to store: https//www.shopdomain.co.uk the settings in global.ini.php seem to be right I'm using a dedicated certificate and the site checks out ok if called manually using the https://www.shopdomain.co.uk (with SSL disabled). Any help would be appreciated.
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