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  1. Thanks Dirty Butter, I really appreciated you trying to help me get it sorted I will contact technical support tomorrow. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hi DB, Global includes correct csrf.inc.php present 2017 on line 6 We always use SSL on our store right from the beginning, so used to logging in with the Padlock closed. Our site is also HTTPS by default. Can I install the backup version of the website that I took beforehand? (Albeit a couple of weeks ago) and then try again? Sorry to be such a pain ITA! Maybe best to sign up to the support package. Would that help me sort this out?
  3. classes/sanitize.class.php on line 149 trigger_error('Invalid Security Token', E_USER_WARNING);
  4. Hi all, Thank you for your help. Yes I did back up the Admin folder but with an "old" prefix. Does that cause a problem? Yes we do have the Option_default table Sorry do not know how to check the " ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_system_error_log` ADD INDEX (`time`); #EOQ " Error log still shows: [10-May-2017 16:58:01 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 149 Checked sanitize.class.php and if definitely has the new 6.018 code?
  5. Hi, Thank you for your help. Unfortunately no joy after updating the sanitize class folder. I will download the backup up tonight on my laptop and go back to square one. Then try again. Maybe a lower version 6.16?
  6. Hi Guys, Thank you Keats for your reply, I have now got access to the admin page. Our store is full HTTPS, but cannot log in due to CSRF Warning. I thought this error was only with stores not running HTTPS? Error log shows: PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 143
  7. Hi Ian, sorry to bother you again. I have upgraded but even though I am using the new admin renamed file I am not seeing the Admin login page. No error messages, just a blank screen. Any ideas?
  8. Thank you Ian, i will continue with the upgrade
  9. Thank you DB for your reply. Again, excuse the ignorance, but on the V6.17 folder I downloaded it included the images folder amongst other things and says replace all your existing files with ones in the new file. Have I downloaded the wrong file? ( or more likely... just being stupid!)
  10. Hi, I always like to try and keep my very novice hand in cubecart. I wish to upgrade myself from 6.11 to newest version. What folders need to be overwritten if you want to just upgrade and maintain all products, images and plugins? I have taken a full backup of the store in FTP. I cannot see how you would overwrite your images folder ETC? Many thanks
  11. Hi, Could someone be kind enough to explain how you increase product prices by category? I have tried many different things under the "Assign to category" tab...but no prices seem to change? Also it would be good to also be able to increase the sale prices at the same time...otherwise do you have to alter these manually? Many thanks :)
  12. Hi, I found an error in our site which seems to be coming up with a loop argument which maybe creating large .cor files. I have looked at the last 300 errors in the Apache panel and they all seem to be codes which include the following: htaccess: ErrorDocument takes two arguments, Change responses for HTTP errors They all seem to be in an area of the store that has a 'Hide category mod' installed. Any ideas? Thank you :)
  13. Many thanks for your reply. I have read Homar's interesting piece on site compression and I have Gzipped the index and cart pages. I have also loaded his compression script which has helped. (thank you Homar) However, I know you can combine scripts into one download. I wondered whether this was a good idea? I also see you can compress the site in Apache. Is this a good idea - or does it remove the option of editing files at a later date? It seems that some search engines favour lighter data sites. I don't know what the average cubecart site is in size. Ours is currently runnning approx 82kb. Or am I being paranoid :w00t:
  14. Many thanks for your help. I contacted the host who deleted the files quoting: "The core files are usually created when the process tries to access invalid memory location due to improper coding. And the resulting core dump is the information of the memory registers and the stack pointer." WHATEVER THAT IS!! :)
  15. Hi, I have been comparing the load times of my page to our competitors, but cannot get anywhere near some of them. Are there items loading that can be reduced? It seems that the 'homepage' file affects all pages although most of the content is not on the product pages I am no expert, so any tips would be appreciated See an example here: http://bathroomstudio.co.uk/taps-and-showers/cat_73.html Many thanks!
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