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  1. Hello, The meaning of 46/7 refers to the somewhat controversial statistics related to the 'survival rate' of children diagnosed with cancer, ie: Every School day in the US 46 Children will be diagnosed with cancer, and every School day 7 Children will die from cancer(s). This is a horrible statistic, and those of us who are living in the 'World of Childhood cancer' and who are AWARE of this fact know that so much more needs to be done to approve more 'less toxic' treatments, as well as more funding for research. Did you know that out of every US Government National cancer Institute dollar ONLY 4 cents is dedicated to the research of ALL childhood cancers? This too is not acceptable, and more needs to be done to fund Childhood cancer research. Being the Father of a childhood cancer SURVIVOR, I have dedicated every waking hour to promote awareness any way I can. As far as an explanation re: what 46/7 means........please see the video on my Awareness Shop: CLICK HERE Thank you for asking, now you too are AWARE, Bill
  2. Thank you for your quick response, I will certainly look into your suggestion. Thank you as well, for your quick response, I will certainly look into your suggestion for integration into my Awareness Shop.
  3. Hello All, I am running a Childhood cancer Awareness Shop on CC 6.0.6 @ Forty Six Seven Childhood cancer Awareness Is there a 'testimonials' plug-in available or in the works? and is there a site for 3rd party extensions / plugins? Thank you, Bill
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